Grants for Healthcare Workers ($178 Billion Allocation)

Grants for Healthcare Workers Grants for Healthcare Workers

What Grants for Healthcare Workers are Available?

The entire world is suffering from an ongoing Pandemic that has affected the lives of every single individual.

To ease the financial pressure on hospitals and the healthcare industry, governments across the globe have announced special packages and grants, especially for healthcare workers.

These grants are dedicated to healthcare workers or we can say frontline workers during this time of crisis.

Grants for Healthcare Workers provide financial help to such workers who are doing their duty selflessly to save the lives of the people.

About Grants for Healthcare Workers

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has renamed the healthcare workers as frontline warriors who are fighting from the front against this one of the deadliest pandemics.

The healthcare ministry announced special relief funds for such workers. The frontline warriors can receive this fund for different purposes.

The federal government has designed a special funding package and allotted $178 Billion for healthcare workers. Here is the breakdown:

About Grants for Healthcare Workers - Relief Grants

About Grants for Healthcare Workers – Relief Grants

These allotted funds would be distributed amongst the frontline warriors across the nation through online transfer to the qualified providers working in the healthcare industry.

Who can receive Provider Relief Fund?

The allotted funds can be received by the healthcare providers, service providers, and others who are working in the same industry and fighting against the pandemic collaboratively.

If you are a frontline warrior and working in the healthcare industry during this pandemic period, then you can apply for this grant to receive financial aid.

Many healthcare providers are working 24/7 in the hospitals. Many of them are not able to meet their families. To make them mentally strong, the government has decided to praise their selfless duty by supporting them with financial support.

Who can receive Provider Relief Fund

Who can receive Provider Relief Fund

Besides this, those healthcare workers who haven’t insured themselves should get the testing and treatment fees from the Uninsured Program which provides direct financial help to healthcare workers without health insurance.

This program is designed to support healthcare providers and their family members.

Interestingly, the government has decided to provide these funds with no additional conditions.

These funds are not to be repaid by the healthcare workers. However, the healthcare service providers need to meet the terms and conditions set by the ministry to receive financial help through this grant.

Grants for Healthcare Workers: How to Apply?

Providers should meet the criteria set by the Federal Department to receive the financial funds through these grants.

Healthcare workers such as nurses, doctors, dentists, Medicare part providers, behavioral health providers, etc. These people can apply for a grant to receive financial aid from the government.

Grants for Healthcare Workers - How to Apply

Grants for Healthcare Workers – How to Apply

Steps to Apply for the Grant for Healthcare Workers?

Step 1:

The applicant must come from the criteria set by the government. He or she has to be a healthcare provider.

Step 2:

After determining the criteria, the applicant needs to register on the online portal. After registering, the provider needs to enter his TIN i.e. Tax ID Number. The TIN must be validated to ensure that you are a genuine taxpayer.

Note: The TIN Validation process may take up to a few hours. If your TIN is not recognized by the portal, the portal would send your application to third parties for approval.

Step 3:

After that, the applicant can apply for the funds through the online application process. The TIN Validation will clarify the financial information to the Federal Department and that’s how your application gets approved.

To receive the desired funds, an applicant needs to apply for this grant as soon as possible.

Since there are high demands from the providers, the allotted money couldn’t be sufficient and for that reason, if you come under this category and want to avail of the grant, you need to submit your application faster.

All the required information about registering for a new account, validating a TIN, and applying for the fund are given on the official portal.

Step 4:

Once your application gets approved, you will receive a mail or a phone call from the department regarding the approval of your application. The allotted money would be transferred to your bank account.

That’s how you can apply for the grants if you come under the healthcare workers category or we can say the provider’s category. Recipients would receive the mail of the approval or rejection of their application within 90 days.

Remember one thing, the recipient must meet with the terms and conditions before he or she can receive the payment to their accounts through this grant.

For any queries, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions Page from the portal where all the queries and questions raised by the applicants are answered.

The FAQ page helps every individual understand their basic requirements to receive the grant from the Federal Department.

Take Away!

Providers Relief Fund is a good gesture by the Federal Department to encourage the healthcare workers during this Pandemic Period. The grants for healthcare workers not just provide financial support but also mental support.

Hospitals and Healthcare units can also receive grants to support their services. There is a separate department given on the portal for such people who are doing their duties from the front and providing medical and other services to the needy.


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