Physicians for a National Health Program

Physicians for a National Health Program

The Physicians for a National Health Program, or PNHP, is a single-issue advocacy organization with over 20,000 members.

These include physicians, medical students, and other health professionals.

The organization advocates a comprehensive, universal, single-payer national health insurance program.

The PNHP was formed in 1987 and has been prominent for various reforms in the US healthcare system.

Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP)

PNHP is one of several organizations in the US advocating for a single-payer national health insurance system.

PNHP and its members are tasked with educating physicians, healthcare workers, and patients about the benefits of a single-payer insurance system.

This would include lesser administrative expenses and make health insurance significantly affordable for millions of Americans who can’t afford it currently.

Physicians for a National Health Program

Physicians for a National Health Program

In addition, the organization conducts research on the health crisis and advocates for fundamental reforms in the present US healthcare system.

To do this, the PNHP coordinates forums with speakers, participates in town hall meetings and debates, and contributes scholarly articles.

The organization is also regularly seen on TV and news programs promoting its single-payer insurance system.

The organization is well-known for offering influential proposals for a nationwide universal health insurance system.

The PNHP has published articles in elite medical publications, including the American Journal of Public Health and the New England Journal of Medicine.

Apart from this, PNHP is also known for the significant contribution of its members toward scientific research.

The organization has conducted in-depth studies on the economics of the uninsured health system and the international healthcare infrastructure.

Accomplishments of Physicians for a National Health Program

Now that you know the basics of PNHP, let’s take a closer look at some of their significant accomplishments and remarkable contributions to society:

1 – Single-Payer Insurance

Single-payer insurance is also called “Medicare for all”. This system proposes a single quasi-public or public agency to organize healthcare financing.

In a single-payer system, healthcare delivery is usually provided by private entities, but insurance and payment services are managed by a single public or quasi-public agency.

Every US resident would be covered with insurance for all medically necessary services.

This insurance would cover the cost of doctor’s visits, hospital expenses, long-term care services, and much more.

It would include covering the expense of treating mental health problems and reproductive healthcare.

It would also cover the cost of vision and dental care, medical supply costs, and prescription drugs.

Funding for a single-payer system typically involves public funding mechanisms, including taxes, but does not categorize individuals as ‘policyholders’ in the traditional sense used by private insurance.

While single-payer advocates estimate significant administrative cost savings, the specific amount can vary based on different assumptions and models.

2 – Kitchen Table Campaign

The Kitchen Table Campaign by the PNHP is focused on addressing specific issues that usually crop up at kitchen tables across the United States.

This campaign aims to demonstrate how single-payer health insurance systems can address America’s most pressing healthcare problems.

Two of the major topics covered under the PNHP’s Kitchen Table Campaign include:

  • Maternity mortality crisis
  • Mental healthcare
  • Exacerbation of racial inequalities
  • Public health emergencies
  • Rural healthcare
  • Racial health inequalities
  • Surprise billing

3 – Stop Medicare Direct Contracting

The PNHP is also vocal against implementing the proposed Medicare Direct Contracting program. This program is believed to be focused on benefiting Direct Contracting Entities (DCEs).

Direct Contracting Entities (DCEs) under the Medicare Direct Contracting model manage care for beneficiaries. The model is part of a pilot program to test new approaches to Medicare payment and care delivery.

These entities receive a considerable income from private equity holders. Hence, the PNHP believes that the DCEs would have a reason to deny medically necessary care to patients without solid reasons.

PNHP has expressed concerns about Medicare Direct Contracting potentially undermining traditional Medicare.


The Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) is a prominent advocacy group. It has worked for over 30 years to ensure a balanced, beneficial nationwide health insurance program.

The organization has brought about significant reforms in America’s current public insurance system.

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