How Much Sonographers Make a Year?

Sonographer Salary – Overview

A sonographer, also known as a diagnostic medical sonographer, is a medical professional who operates imaging equipment and soundwaves. Combined, they create images of various body parts, known as ultrasounds.

The sonographer knows how to read and analyze the ultrasound images created by the imaging equipment. Further, doctors would treat their patients according to the reports generated by a sonographer.

Just like every other profession in the medical field, Sonography is also a highly in-demand field. But what about the Sonographer’s Salary? How much does a sonographer earn? Let’s learn more about the salary and pay of a sonographer in the US.

Before we jump on to the reports on the sonographer’s salary, let’s collect some useful information about a professional sonographer.

What is the Role of a Sonographer

A medical sonographer is responsible for several tasks. Per the doctor’s prescription, a sonographer generates ultrasounds of various body organs to further evaluate their conditions. A medical sonographer’s duties are…

  • Operation of imaging equipment and checking the quality of the ultrasound images.
  • Alert physicians for urgent problems.
  • Review the patients’ history by asking them to present their previous ultrasound images or lab reports, etc.
  • Discuss abnormal conditions shown in the ultrasound images with the diagnoser or doctor about the patient.
  • To make patients relax and help them know about the entire procedure, which is non-invasive.

These are the duties of a medical sonographer. They work with medical practitioners, nurses, and other medical professionals to cure the conditions of all patients, from infants to elders.

Where Do Medical Sonographers Work

A medical sonographer’s work is diverse. Sonographers are actively working in many areas of the healthcare industry and not just in a dedicated sonography center.

They are employed in healthcare facilities and big hospitals with various categories of sonographers. They can even work in general diagnostic imaging centers and start their diagnostic center by partnering with other professionals.

The working scope for a medical sonographer is many, and they can switch their work environment whenever they want.

Besides this, a professional sonographer can work in research programs or become a representative of various imaging equipment. They can work independently as per their knowledge and interest in the field.

How Much Does a Medical Sonographer Make

A sonographer’s salary in the US is quite impressive as it is a high-demand profession in the US and across the globe. Per the previous reports, a diagnostic medical sonographer made a median salary of $81,080 in 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. (1)

Furthermore, the lowest paid, 25%, made $68,580. While the highest paid, 25%, made $97,350.

Best Paying States for Medical Sonographers in the US

If we talk about the US, the salary of a medical sonographer differs from state to state as it depends on the requirements and available facilities for patients. If we talk about the US’s highest paying states for medical sonographers, look at the table to know more about which is good for a medical sonographer.

Name of StateSalary
District of Columbia$99,860

California tops the chart with the highest salary for a medical sonographer i.e. $114,480 annually. The state has many medical schools and universities for medical students who want to become medical sonographers. They can pursue their degree here and achieve their career goal within the state.

Best Paying Cities for Medical Sonographers in the US

Here, we have prepared a table with the cities of the US where a medical sonographer earns a handsome salary. The cities or the metropolitans are listed below!

Name of the CitySalary
San Jose, California$138,110
Vallejo, California$137,140
San Francisco, California$131,080
Sacremento, California$125,830
Santa Rosa, California$125,210

Since California has the highest paying medical sonographer, the state tops the chart of the cities where the top five cities with the highest paying medical sonographers are from the state of California.

What is the Outlook for Medical Sonographers

The Bureau of Labor publishes a statistical report that projects the future requirements of professionals in different fields. According to the statistic reports published by the Bureau of Labour, the medical sonographer field will see a 19% employment growth between 2022 and 2031.

As per the report, over 13,000 jobs will open up for this specific profession i.e. a diagnostic medical sonographer.

How to Become a Medical Sonographer

Three options are available for aspirant students who want to become medical sonographers. Let’s check out each of the available options.

Option 1: Earn a Certificate

One can earn a direct certificate of a medical sonographer through vocational tech schools available across the US. Vocational tech schools offer a program of 12 to 18 months to become a certified medical sonographer. This certificate helps medical professionals switch their work areas easily.

Option 2: Earn an Associate Degree

Various schools in the US allow students to earn an associate degree. An associate degree completion time is 24 months, i.e., 2 years. An associate degree in sonography makes an eligible sonographer who can perform various tasks in the healthcare industry as per the requirements.

Option 3: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

A sonographer must go for a bachelor’s degree if he wants to advance his career. A bachelor’s degree is four years, and it helps working sonographers achieve more within their field to get promoted or to increase their knowledge.

An eligible candidate must be registered through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Furthermore, they can also complete online programs to earn their bachelor’s degree in this field. Many distance universities allow students and aspirant candidates to earn their preferred degrees by learning online and completing online exams.

After this, candidates can go for the post-bachelor degree, which takes two more years. They can even go for the master’s degree, a two-year program. Many opportunities are available for aspirant candidates who want to become professional sonographers.

Final Words:

A diagnostic medical sonographer is a reputed position in the healthcare industry. The working scope for medical sonographers is impressive as they can work in many areas of the healthcare industry.

Besides working areas, they are the pillar for doctors to diagnose patients without invasive surgeries and treatments. They help doctors find the real cause of certain medical conditions of the patients and help them analyze and cure their health conditions. It’s a good choice for aspirant candidates in the medical field.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to become a medical sonographer?

If you have earned an associate degree in the medical field, you can become a medical sonographer within 18 months through a certification program of 12 to 18 months. Many schools and universities offer such programs for those with associate degrees.

Is Sonography a good career?

According to official reports, Sonography is the fifth top-rated profession in the healthcare industry. It’s always in demand field and a sonographer also earns a good salary. If you want to improve the lives of others through your profession, then sonography is a good choice for you.

Which state of the US is best for a diagnostic medical sonographer?

California is the best state for diagnostic medical sonographers, with the highest pay salary of $109,350 per annum. The top five cities that pay the highest to medical sonographers are from the same state i.e. California.

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