10 Best Cities for Physicians (USA)

10 Best Cities for Physicians

Are you wondering about the best cities for physicians? The correct answer varies from one doctor to another.

What may be an important factor for one doctor might not be consequential for another doctor. This is especially true for those at different stages of their career.

However, we have compared common factors, such as annual pay range, cost of living, the potential to pay growth, etc. to determine the best cities for physicians.

Top 10 Cities for Physicians to Work in the US

Here is our list of the best 10 cities for physicians to work:

Best Cities for Physicians

Top Cities for Physicians to work in the US

1 – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta has one of the most booming economies in the US. It also offers a higher quality of education and has excellent healthcare infrastructure in place.

In terms of physician pay and annual pay growth, Atlanta ranks at the top.

Apart from excellent infrastructure, Atlanta also has several globally renowned tourist attractions, such as the Georgia Aquarium.

It is one of the largest aquariums in the world. The city also offers top-notch hotels and restaurants and incredible art and music scenes.

2 – Jacksonville, Florida

Doctors don’t have to worry about finances much when working in Jacksonville. It ranks second-best in the list of cities in terms of physician salary and annual pay growth rate.

It is one of the rare cities in the US which fulfills these two major criteria.

There are multiple outdoor adventure spots in and around Jacksonville. You can choose to go camping, kayaking, rafting, canoeing, riding jet boats, and more.

The city also boasts the biggest metro area in the US.

3 – Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City in Utah ranks third on our list of the best cities for physicians in the US. The city offers numerous natural tourist spots, including five national parks and seven monuments.

The city also has Snowbird, a popular skiing destination close by. The Sundance Festival is also one of the major attractions of the city.

Salt Lake City also has a prominent metro area too. It offers world-class amenities and incredible opportunities for shopping and viewing sports events.

The restaurant scene in Salt Lake City is also extremely diverse, making it one of the best cities for physicians.

4 – Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte in North Carolina also ranks high on our list of the best cities for physicians in the US. The city is most famous for its immense craft brew market, eclectic shopping and amazing barbeque.

The median physician’s pay in Charlotte is significantly higher than the national average too, making it one of the top cities for physicians to work with.

Charlotte offers a variety of outdoor activities at Lake Norman and Crowders Mountain, including white water rafting. The city’s well-paid physician jobs and excellent quality of life make Charlotte extremely practical for physicians to practice medicine.

5 – Boise, Idaho

Boise ranks fifth on our list of the best cities for physicians to work. Reports show that more than 60% of doctors who complete their residency in Idaho choose to practice medicine in the city itself.

The city itself is very scenic, with huge mountains, majestic lakes, and large rivers offering incredible opportunities for adventure sports.

The city of Boise also has one of the best downtowns. It is also one of the best places to raise a family and among the best cities to retire.

6 – Austin, Texas

Austin is a popular Texan city and not just for medical professionals. There are numerous lakes and rivers surrounding Austin, making it one of the most beautiful regions too.

You can easily access fishing, jet skiing, biking, and camping within a few minutes of driving from Austin.

Although the cost of living in Austin is around 20% higher than the national average, the city does not levy income tax. This makes it a great place to practice medicine.

7 – Boulder, Colorado

Boulder City in Colorado ranks 1st out of the 150 most populous metro areas in the United States. This means that physicians can earn significantly higher in the city.

According to Medscape, physicians working in Boulder are among the happiest. The state also has a high retention rate for medical residents who train in Colorado.

However, the average annual pay for physicians in Boulder is somewhat less than the national average. Still, Boulder will be one of the best cities for physicians.

8 – Orlando, Florida

Orlando has ranked consistently as one of the best cities for physicians in the US. The city is surrounded by beautiful lakes, with the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico bordering it.

The city also boasts of the 8th highest pay growth for physicians in the United States.

The area is renowned for its impressive healthcare industry and ultra-modern hospital network. The state also does not levy income tax, another attractive factor for physicians.

The city is surrounded by world-famous golf courses and amusement parks and offers excellent weather throughout the year.

9 – Green Bay, Wisconsin

Wisconsin ranks as the 2nd best state in the US regarding medical practice. The lower malpractice payouts make the state an attractive destination for physicians to practice medicine.

Although the entire state of Wisconsin is ideal for practicing medicine, several studies name Green Bay as the best region.

The incredibly short commute to work and two major universities nearby are enough to attract certified physicians.

Apart from this, numerous popular tourist destinations are nearby, such as the Cape Cod of the Midwest, Door County.

10 – Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh comes 10th on our list of the best cities for physicians in the US. The state is already popular for its incredibly scenic atmosphere, including the ocean and mountains.

Apart from this, the commercial scene in Raleigh is also very feasible for starting a new medical practice. Raleigh is also one of those cities which have a higher average physician’s salary among other cities.

The city also ranks as one of the most educated cities in the US, with the K-12 schools capturing top rankings. The city also has a great downtown area and exciting nightlife.

Raleigh has also been named the top city for emerging music by Rolling Stone magazine.


This is our list of the 10 best cities for physicians in the US. These cities offer incredibly attractive work environments and excellent ways to kick back off work.

Make sure to do your simple research before choosing to practice medicine in any of the ranked cities on our list of the top cities for physicians to work.


Question 1: What is the best state to live in as a physician in the USA?

Multiple cities and states have a high demand for a physician. You, as a physician, can stay in those cities and states. However, if we name one, according to data released by the federal department, Hawaii state has the highest demand for physicians. The environment is also nourishing there, and you can spend the best of your time there.

Question 2: What city in the US has the best medical care?

Boston City in Massachusetts offers the best medical care. The city has 100% infrastructure to provide medical care to different types of communities. After Boston, cities like Los Angeles and New York come.

Question 3: Which city has the best doctors in the USA?

According to reports published by the officials of the medical department, Atlanta city of Georgia state has the best doctors in the USA. The city’s economy is growing rapidly, and its medical infrastructure is also developing exponentially. This attracts physicians from different states who want to see drastic growth in their medical careers.

Question 4: Which country respects doctors the most?

Doctors are precious gifts from the almighty who have the power to save people’s lives. However, they are not equally respected in every country. If we talk about the list of countries where doctors receive the highest respect, then Spain, Mexico, and the Netherlands come to the top.

Question 5: Which city is known as a medical city?

You might expect the city name from the US, but it’s not. The medical city’s name is Ortigas, Phillippines. It is a health institution that maintains a network of hospitals in the Phillippines, known as Medical City.

Question 6: What is the highest-ranking physician in the US?

A Medical Director is the highest-ranking physician in the US. A medical director is responsible for managing the entire hospital or clinic. If you wonder about the physician’s post, then it is not! It is a Medical Director who manages everything on the hospital premises.

Besides medical director, nonclinical jobs are also available for physical therapists who can give different types of therapeutic treatments to cure patients with different health conditions.

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