Nurse Practitioner Salary in the US

Nurse Practitioner Salary in the US Nurse Practitioner Salary in the US

What is the Nurse Practitioner’s Salary in the US?

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a professionally-trained individual with significant medical skills.

These professionals blend clinical expertise in diagnosis and treatment with a special focus on health management and disease prevention.

Nurse practitioners have become extremely crucial to today’s healthcare system as they bring a personal touch to the healthcare industry.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook shows that demand for nurse practitioners is set to increase considerably.

The report expects around 62,000 new employment opportunities for certified nurse practitioners by 2028, a rise of 26%.

If you are planning to become a nurse practitioner, then you may be wondering about the average salary you can expect once you get a job.

This article details the median annual nurse practitioner salary, according to each state in the US.

Top 10 States with Highest Nurse Practitioner Salary

First, let’s take a closer look at the top 10 states with the highest paying nurse practitioner jobs:

Top 10 States with Highest Nurse Practitioner Salary

Top 10 States with Highest Nurse Practitioner Salary

StateAverage Annual Salary
CaliforniaUS$ 133,780
AlaskaUS$ 122,880
MassachusettsUS$ 122,740
New JerseyUS$ 122,100
New YorkUS$ 120,970
HawaiiUS$ 120,570
MinnesotaUS$ 119,160
ConnecticutUS$ 118,020
WashingtonUS$ 117,650
WyomingUS$ 116, 030

According to BLS, the national average salary for nurse practitioners is around US$ 110,030. This is nearly double the salary for other occupations. The average nurse practitioner’s salary differs from state to state.

However, the lowest average salary for nurse practitioners is around US$ 40,000 per year, which is still more than the national average.

In the states that pay higher, the average annual salary for nurse practitioners is more than US$ 80,000 than the national average wages in the US.

Nurse Practitioner Salaries by State

StateAverage Annual SalaryRank
AlabamaUS$ 95,97050th
AlaskaUS$ 122,8802nd
ArizonaUS$ 110,75015th
ArkansasUS$ 104,30032nd
CaliforniaUS$ 133,7801st
ColoradoUS$ 111,12013th
DelawareUS$ 108,02021st
FloridaUS$ 101,10042nd
GeorgiaUS$ 106,75024th
HawaiiUS$ 120,5706th
IdahoUS$ 102,60039th
IllinoisUS$ 105,80029th
IndianaUS$ 103,20038th
IowaUS$ 106,29025th
KansasUS$ 99,43047th
KentuckyUS$ 99,79046th
LouisianaUS$ 105,43030th
MaineUS$ 103,22037th
MarylandUS$ 115,06011th
MassachusettsUS$ 122,4703rd
MichiganUS$ 106,88022nd
MinnesotaUS$ 119,1607th
MississippiUS$ 109,70018th
MissouriUS$ 102,47040th
MontanaUS$ 103,51035th
NebraskaUS$ 103,80034th
NevadaUS$ 112,54012th
New HampshireUS$ 109,46019th
New JerseyUS$ 122,1004th
New MexicoUS$ 109,81017th
New YorkUS$ 120,9705th
North CarolinaUS$ 104,10033rd
North DakotaUS$ 106,20026th
OhioUS$ 101,97041st
OklahomaUS$ 103,28036th
OregonUS$ 110,01016th
PennsylvaniaUS$ 98,25048th
Rhode IslandUS$ 108,29020th
South CarolinaUS$ 99,91045th
South DakotaUS$ 100,69043rd
TennesseeUS$ 95,99049th
TexasUS$ 111,06014th
UtahUS$ 105,84028th
VermontUS$ 106,00027th
VirginiaUS$ 105,17031st
WashingtonUS$ 117,6509th
West VirginiaUS$ 100,69044th
WisconsinUS$ 106,79023rd
WyomingUS$ 116,03010th


The top-paying states are also with a higher cost of living, which justifies the increased annual salaries in these states.

So, if you are focused on earning as much as serving patients, then you can choose to gain employment in the States with a higher nurse practitioner salary.

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