4 Private Grants for Individuals With Disabilities

Private Grants for Individuals With Disabilities – Overview

Approximately 26% (1 in 4) of adults in the United States have some type of disability. Living with a disability brings its own set of challenges, but it also offers unique opportunities for personal growth. While it may require adjustments to traditional everyday living, it also opens up many other possibilities for active living and diverse perspectives. Embracing these challenges can foster stronger bonds with family and community.

Daily routine jobs that individuals without disabilities take for granted may be very difficult for people with a disability. This is why the federal government and private organizations work to provide grants to them, to make their lives easier.

In this post, we will discuss private grants for individuals with disabilities.

Here is the List of Grants for the Disabled

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Grants for Disabled Homeowners
Home Repair Grants for Disabled
Grants for Parents with a Disabled Child
EDD Disability
Medical Equipment for Disabled
Dental Implants for Disabled
Grants for Disabled Veterans
Medicaid for Disabled Individuals
Individuals With Disabilities
Housing Grants for the Blind
Specially Adapted Housing Grants for PTSD
Grants for Kidney Transplant Patients

Private Grants for Individuals with Disabilities – Categories

Private Grants for Individuals with Disabilities

Private Grants for Individuals with Disabilities

The Private Grants for Individuals with Disabilities are mainly categorized into four categories:

  • Assistive Technology Grants
  • General or Multipurpose Grants
  • Home Modification & Housing Grants
  • Rehabilitation and Therapy Grants

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Several organizations offer financial help to disabled persons. Let’s discuss those grant options.

1. Assistive Technology Grants

Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC)

The Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC) offers refurbished mobility equipment and medical supplies to individuals with disabilities. FODAC has a strong network of volunteers and partners to provide the necessary equipment to disabled persons in need.

For more information on FODAC, visit fodac.org.

I Got Legs Foundation

I Got Legs Foundation is an organization that helps individuals with disabilities, especially the ones with physical disabilities.

The I Got Legs Foundation offers grants to U.S. residents with permanent physical disabilities who need mobility aids or technology. Eligibility requires demonstration of financial need and the potential impact of the grant on the applicant’s mobility.

You must demonstrate financial need and provide documents to get this grant. The funding is limited, so preference will be given to individuals who require prosthetic treatment or adaptive technologies for homes/vehicles.

You can use the grant money for wheelchairs and home modifications, such as installing a ramp, lift or bathroom.

For more information, visit igotlegs.org.

Wheels of Happiness

The Wheel of Happiness Foundation helps individuals with disabilities become independent.

It provides people with motor disabilities with medical equipment and supplies, psychological help, and inspiration.

The foundation gets funding from corporate and individual donors. Also, it gathers funding by doing special events.

To get more information on the Wheels of Happiness Foundation, visit wheelsofhappiness.org.

2. General or Multipurpose Grants

Byron Riesch Paralysis Foundation

The Byron Riesch Paralysis Foundation aims to find a cure for paralysis and to provide the necessary help to those suffering from neurological disorders.

It gives people with neurological disorders adaptive equipment, such as shower chairs, so they don’t have difficulty bathing.

It also provides scholarships to individuals suffering from neurological disorders.

For more information, visit brpf.org.

High Fives Non-Profit Foundation

The High Fives Non-Profit Foundation provides financial help and inspiration to those suffering a life-altering injury.

Those injuries include amputation, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or any mobility-limiting injury occurring in an athlete’s life.

The grant is for individuals injured in outdoor adventure sports or inertia-based accidents.

To get more information on this grant, visit highfivesfoundation.org.

Ian Burkhart Foundation

The Ian Burkhart Foundation helps individuals suffering from a spinal cord injury and requires funding to treat it.

Getting treatment for a spinal cord injury is quite expensive, even for those with sufficient money.

Items included under this grant are:

  • Vehicle modifications
  • Home modifications
  • Purchasing exercising equipment
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Wheelchairs

You have to explain in your application how this grant will improve your quality of life.

For more information on this grant, visit ianburkhartfoundation.org.

3. Home Modification & Housing Grants

Elderly or Disabled Living

Elderly or Disabled Living provides financial assistance to low-income seniors or individuals with disabilities for housing and other essential living expenses. Eligibility details and application guidelines are available on their website. It is a nonprofit 501C3 charity that offers help to elderly and disabled individuals.

This grant is available to people 55 or older or individuals determined to be disabled by the federal government.

You can use this grant to pay for your cable, internet, health insurance, mortgage, utility bills, car payments, and more.

Joseph Groh Foundation

The Joseph Groh Foundation provides monetary help to individuals connected with the construction industry and living with life-altering injuries.

The foundation helps pay for medical equipment or home modifications, such as reconstructed bathrooms for wheelchair access, ramp construction, and doorway widening.

For more information on this grant, visit josephgrohfoundation.org.

4. Rehabilitation and Therapy Grants

Chanda Plan Foundation

The Chanda Plan Foundation helps individuals with physical disabilities. It provides them access to therapies to improve their quality of life.

The Chanda Plan Foundation offers these services, but availability can vary; always check with the foundation for current offerings.

The services are provided at the foundation or providers’ locations.

Get more information at chandacenter.org chandacenter.org.

Falling Forward Foundation

The Falling Forward Foundation grant is to help patients recovering from catastrophic medical issues. Individuals recovering from fatal medical problems take months to recover to their fullest potential.

Recovery is possible only if they continue rehabilitation. However, some leave rehabilitation in the middle due to having no money.

Those individuals can benefit from this grant to complete their rehabilitation and move forward.

For more information, visit fallingforward.org.


Private Grants for Individuals with Disabilities aim to improve accessibility and quality of life.

The information in the post will help secure a disability grant for yourself or your loved ones. So, do read it out.

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