10 Best States for Family Physicians in 2023

Best States for Family Physicians in 2022 Best States for Family Physicians in 2022

Best States for Family Physicians – Overview

Family physicians have a rewarding career. However, there are some states which are comparatively better for practicing family medicine in the US.

The impact of the pandemic from the past two years has resulted in decreased work and compensation for family physicians across the US.

Even for professional physicians, the compensation part remains an important factor to consider. This is true if you want to establish your private practice or clinic.

To make things easier for you, we’ve ranked the top states to practice family medicine in 2022.

10 Best States for Family Physicians

Here is our list of the 10 best states for family physicians in 2022:

10 Best States for Family Physicians

10 Best States for Family Physicians

1 – Alabama

Are you a certified physician and want to increase your income? Or, are you looking to repay student loans from medical school as quickly as possible?

Then practicing family medicine in Alabama would be the best option for you.

In Alabama, the average annual salary for family physicians is around US$ 348,000.

The pay is certainly impressive, but the quality of healthcare facilities makes Alabama’s healthcare infrastructure truly excellent.

At least four specialties at the University of Alabama at Birmingham rank in the top 20 in the US. An additional six medical specialties at the University also rank in the top 50 in the country.

Besides, Montgomery, Huntsville, and Birmingham are listed among the top 25 cities with the lowest cost of living.

2 – Kentucky

Kentucky is famous for its strong efforts, especially in the education and healthcare sectors.

In reality, physicians working in Kentucky are able to bring in as much as US$ 340,000 per year as annual income. At the same time, they get a low cost of living which is lower than the national average.

Combined with significantly lower rent expenses and the plethora of nationally popular activities, such as the Derby Season, makes Kentucky is an ideal choice.

3 – Oklahoma

Oklahoma is considered to be the best location for physicians to practice medicine, especially if they have a family.

The Sooner State is listed as the 4th most affordable state in terms of cost of living in the United States.

Oklahoma City is also expanding rapidly and ranks among the top 10 cities to raise a family in, according to several surveys.

If you wish to practice family medicine as a physician in Oklahoma, then you can expect to take home around US$ 338,000 as annual income every year.

In addition, you will also enjoy around 115% more pay than the national average for locum pay in Oklahoma.

4 – Indiana

Indiana is famous for having 6 Indiana University hospitals that rank right in high-performance medical procedures in the country.

This shows just how well the Hoosier state pays its medical practitioners. A family physician in Indiana can expect to earn as much as US$ 337,000 per year.

In addition, the locum pay is around 103% more than the national average.

Apart from having a strong healthcare infrastructure and sports culture, the state is also famous for being the Basketball Capital of the World.

5 – Missouri

Missouri became the Best state for family physicians in 2021 for agreeing to pay more to its dedicated healthcare workforce.

Family physicians in Missouri can earn as much as US$ 332,000 as an average annual salary. Locum physicians in Missouri also earn around 117% more as compared to other states in the US.

According to reports, the average price of a house in Missouri is also around 30% lower than the nationwide average.

Apart from good earning potential, Missouri is also a great location to start a new career or establish your private practice for family medicine.

Reports show that 2 out of 160 hospitals in Missouri are ranked at the national level, while 7 others are known to meet national healthcare quality standards.

6 – South Carolina

South Carolina is yet another location in the US that offers family physicians to earn to their fullest extent.

As a family medicine practitioner in South Carolina, you can earn as much as US$ 332,000 as average annual pay. This could also help you to retire sooner.

You can live a fruitful retired life in a state that ranks among the top states to retire in the US.

The state offers numerous beaches and resorts, which makes it ideal for family life and for retirees too.

The Medical University of South Carolina has held the no. 1 spot for five years in a row. There are several facilities which rank among the top in the country.

7 – Florida

Florida is definitely among the most popular states to live in the US and the third most populous state.

The state offers year-round sunshine, with balmy beaches that attract young and old alike to the Sunshine State. The growing population has also raised the demand for family physicians in Florida.

The state has extremely advanced hospitals and healthcare facilities. The UF Shands Hospital has 9 top-ranking specialty departments.

Florida is also ranked as the 21st best state to practice medicine in. The average annual income of family physicians in Florida is around US$ 331,000.

8 – Georgia

Georgia ranks as the 8th highest paying state for physicians in the United States. Here, as a family physician, you can expect to earn as much as US$ 330,000 per year in the median annual salary.

Working in Florida as a family physician also gives you a chance to work with the most experienced doctors in the country too.

Atlanta is home to more than 250,000 students in various universities and the Emory School of Medicine ranks 22nd in research facilities in the US.

9 – Iowa

Iowa comes 9th on our list of the best states for family physicians in 2022. As a family physician in Iowa, you can expect to bring in as much as US$ 330,000 per year in annual income.

Besides this, locum physicians in Iowa also get paid around 107% more than the national average, in terms of locum pay.

Several surveys have also ranked Iowa as the 9th most inexpensive place to live in the United States. This makes Iowa excellent to practice family medicine.

10 – Tennessee

Tennessee is 10th on our list of the best states for family physicians in the United States.

Here, family physicians can earn as much as US$ 329,000 per year. Locum physicians are known to earn around 118% more than the national average.

The state is also known for being the 20th best place to practice medicine, according to Medscape research.

The state is home to the famous Vanderbilt University Medical Center, which ranks 20th on the Best Hospital Honor Roll.

If you choose to move to Tennessee to practice family medicine, you won’t have to worry about paying state-levied income tax. The property tax rates in Tennessee are also incredibly low.


This is our list of the 10 best states for family physicians to practice medicine in 2022. These states have been ranked according to the level of medical infrastructure, average annual salary and cost of living.

Newly-certified family physicians looking to make a strong career base should start practicing in one of the above states.

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