Why Raw Silicone Injections are Dangerous

What Makes the Raw Silicone Injections Dangerous?

More and more women are increasingly getting silicone injections to enhance their appearance.

While cosmetic surgery is advancing and continues to use new technology to avert risks, some physicians are still using raw silicone injections.

Physicians cannot be faulted for using raw silicone injections because they are legal, but the patients should be informed of the implications before deciding to go through this route.

Have you thought about the side effects of silicone injections? Well, let’s dive in and learn more about these injections.

What are Raw Silicone Injections?

Injectable silicone is different from that used during body contouring procedures.

Although it is legal, it is only approved for select cases and should not be used for purposes of breast augmentation or any other cosmetic procedures that may cause it to shift within the body.

Why get Raw Silicone Injections?

The quest for beauty has driven people to do the most absurd things. Many would opt for silicone injections because they do not wish to go through the traditional body contouring procedures.

Having to go under the knife and take considerable time does not seem appealing. In other myths, people also believe raw silicone injections offer more permanent results.

In addition, getting cosmetic surgery may take a lot of time before the results are visible. It is why some prefer to simply inject raw silicone for faster results.

The price of injectable silicone is also lower than getting cosmetic surgery done.

Why is it Dangerous to Get Raw Silicone Injections?

Raw silicone injection is not approved for body contouring procedures. Therefore, it is very dangerous and, in some severe cases, can lead to death.

1. Performed by Unlicensed Physicians

More often than not, you will find that unlicensed or nonmedical physicians are the ones who perform raw silicone injections.

As such, injuries resulting from these procedures are not reported to the FDA.

Unlicensed physicians will not let their patients know of the risks associated with raw silicone injections because they are only interested in getting money.

Unlicensed practitioners are not obligated to report botched procedures, which puts the lives of people who choose to go through this route at risk.

2. Permanent Side Effects

Raw silicon differs from one used for body contouring procedures because it tends to migrate within the body.

Common side effects of raw silicon include tissue death and permanent disfigurement.

In other severe effects, the silicone injections block your blood vessels and travel to other organs because they lack the protective shield to keep them in one place.

If you inject raw silicone, your body may never return to its original state. You will have to undergo countless surgeries to remove them, and even then, you may never fully recover.

3. Death

This is the most severe effect because it ends your life. In the worst-case scenario, the injected silicone travels to your lungs, brain, and heart.

If it travels to these organs, you risk suffering a stroke. Some strokes result in instant death, and some may have permanent side effects such as paralysis.

Not many people recover from strokes, so if you are lucky, your life will still be full of problems that will last for a lifetime.

Are Raw Silicone Injections Worth It?

The face-view benefits of raw silicone injections may seem appealing – quick results and a lower price. However, if you consider the long-term effects of the decision, you will realize you have more to lose and nothing to gain.

The procedure is often poorly executed by unqualified doctors and causes undoable harm to the body. In severe cases, it leads to death.

Physicians and consumers must unite to ensure that only licensed products are used in cosmetic surgeries.

Bottom Line

Although physicians cannot keep track of all unlicensed procedures, they must educate their patients on the effects of procedures such as injectable silicone.

Since they are not fit for body contouring procedures, criminal action should be taken against those using it for unapproved procedures.

Given the life-threatening side effects of using raw silicone injections, consumers should consider whether it is worth risking their lives for such dangerous procedures.

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