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non-surgical mommy makeover non-surgical mommy makeover

Non-surgical Mommy Makeover: How is It Done?

Pregnancy and childbirth are amazing things that your body as a woman can do. It is a miracle of life that can significantly alter your appearance.

Pregnancy and childbirth can stretch your belly, give you acne, increase hair loss, and put a strain on your vagina, especially when you opt for a vaginal birth.

These bodily changes can affect your self-esteem, and self-image, making you concerned about your figure.

If you want to bounce back to your pre-pregnancy physique, there are cosmetic procedures that can help you, known as a mommy makeover.

What is a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover is a set of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures that target the abdominal region, hip region, buttocks, and breasts.

These procedures are performed by a specialist plastic surgeon which helps reduce the risk of complications. Some of the most commonly performed procedures in a mommy makeover are:

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Lift
  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck

A mommy makeover can only be performed six months after you have given birth so that your body has had enough time to heal and recover on its own.

Are there non-surgical ways to go for Mommy Makeover?

Mommy makeover is a set of predominantly surgical procedures and, understandably, not many women may not be so open to the idea of it.

However, that does not meet you cannot achieve your pre-pregnancy body. There are non-surgical or Non-surgical procedures involved in mommy makeovers as well.

If undergoing a surgical procedure is a topic of concern for you yet you want to achieve the same results, then a noninvasive mommy makeover might be the right choice for you.

Non-surgical Mommy Makeover Procedures

These set of procedures, like traditional mommy makeover procedures, focus on the problem areas and aim to improve their appearance and give them a youthful glow.

The most commonly performed Non-surgical mommy makeover procedures include:

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Childbirth strains and stretches your vagina, often resulting in laxity of the vagina. It can also separate your vaginal skin from the underlying muscles.

To repair your vagina without undergoing a surgical procedure, you can opt for a laser vaginal rejuvenation.

For this procedure, a laser probe will be inserted into your vagina.

This is done to treat your vagina with short, non-ablative laser pulses which stimulate collagen growth in your vaginal skin.

Increased collagen helps improve the structural stability of the vaginal skin and it also increases elastin production, hence improving elasticity.

It is an incision-free, non-surgical method of repairing your vaginal laxity or looseness.

Exilis Ultra

Pregnancy stretches your uterus, and eventually, your skin, to accolade the growing fetus. After childbirth, this stretched skin can be full of stretch marks and tend to sag, ruining your aesthetics. The surgical solution would be to undergo a tummy tuck, either traditional or mini, depending on the extent of sagginess.

However, you can now go for an Exilis Ultra Procedure to significantly reduce the sagginess of your skin.

For this procedure, your problem areas will be exposed to ultrasound waves and radiofrequency waves. This exposure affects the collagen fibers in your skin, causing them to contract and shorten, which eventually results in your body producing even more collagen.

The main aim of these procedures is to increase collagen in your body as it can help tighten your skin and reduce its sagging.

Micro-Needling with PRP

As mentioned above, stretch marks are a hallmark of pregnancy. They can occur anytime when your skin is expanded rapidly and significantly, like in pregnancy.

Their appearance can be an eyesore for you or a happy reminder of your pregnancy. And whether you decide to remove them, or keep them is completely your choice.

If you opt to reduce the appearance of your stretch marks, then micro-needling with PRP is the perfect Non-surgical method to do so. Microneedling produces tiny wounds in your skin that promote wound healing in the skin.

The effects of the procedure are further exaggerated by the use of PRP or platelet-rich plasma extracted from your own body, as it has several components required for skin healing.


Weight gain is yet another common but unwanted side effect of pregnancy and losing weight seems like an impossible task.

If you are struggling with stubborn fat that just won’t go away, then you might want to look into cryolipolysis. This is a non-surgical way to break down fat in your body.

Essentially, exposing your fat cells to extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, can cause them to undergo a natural death process known as apoptosis.

In cryolipolysis procedure, your fat cells will be exposed to extreme cold which causes them to undergo cell death, resulting in significant weight loss.

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