How Much Is Dental Cleaning Without Insurance?

How Much Is Dental Cleaning Without Insurance How Much Is Dental Cleaning Without Insurance

How Much Is Dental Cleaning Without Insurance – Overview

Dental cleaning is essential to maintain good oral health. Most insurance providers offer coverage for the cost of a dental cleaning, while others may offer it as optional coverage.

However, if you don’t have dental insurance, you shouldn’t avoid going for a dental cleaning just because you are worried about the cost.

On average, the cost of dental cleaning without insurance can cost between US$ 70 and US$ 120 per sitting.

To be more specific, child teeth cleaning cost is around US$ 70 to US$ 104, adult teeth cleaning can cost around US$ 95 to US$ 138, deep cleaning can cost between US$ 135 to US$ 355 per quadrant while periodontal maintenance service can cost you anywhere between US$ 115 to US$ 200.

Factors That Affect Dental Cleaning Costs

There are several variables that determine the total cost of a dental cleaning, including:

  • State of your oral health
  • Location of the dentist
  • Type of cleaning needed
  • Having dental insurance (or not)
  • Need for prescription toothpaste or at-home product from the dentist

Need for Regular Dental Cleaning

A professional dental cleaning from your dentist helps to remove plaque from your teeth. Plaque tends to get collected naturally in your mouth. This is the case even if you regularly brush and floss your teeth. Regular dental cleaning gives access to areas in your mouth that are hard to reach using just a simple toothbrush or floss.

Dentists highly recommend undergoing professional dental cleaning at least once every six months. There are several reasons for this, including:

  • Prevents gum disease
  • Keeps teeth healthy
  • Prevents bad breath
  • Gives a whiter smile
  • Removes plaque from teeth
  • Identifies signs of early oral diseases
  • Improves overall dental health

Dental Cleaning Procedure

How Much Is Dental Cleaning Without Insurance

How Much Is Dental Cleaning Without Insurance – Dental Cleaning Procedure

Regular oral exams may involve x-rays at least once a year. As the dentist is familiar with your overall oral health, they can identify signs that indicate oral disease. This allows the dentist to recommend a dental x-ray if they feel it necessary.

Professional dental cleaning procedure requires scaling and polishing teeth. Teeth cleaning involves using dental instruments to loosen and remove soft plaque as well as hard tartar buildup from your teeth.

When you go for dental checkups regularly, your dentist will be able to recognize signs of any oral disease in its initial stages, which helps to improve the treatment outcomes significantly.

This way, you will be able to remedy the oral health problem without needing to undergo more complex and expensive dental health treatments.

Lack of Dental Cleaning Habits

Plaque formation often causes gum disease and tooth decay. This arises from the food residue that sticks to your tooth’s surface and between two teeth.

If this plaque is not removed properly, it turns into a harder substance called tartar. This often gets trapped at the bottom of your teeth and along the gum line.

Combined together, plaque and tartar can cause inflammation and irritation in your gums. As bacteria begin to grow gradually in the tartar, it causes your gums to become:

  • Tender
  • Swollen
  • Inflamed
  • Infected

However, with regular dental cleaning (at least once every six months) you can easily avoid serious dental issues, such as gum disease and tooth decay effectively. It also helps to avoid paying the higher cost of dental treatment, as compared to the cost of regular dental cleaning.

4 Types of Dental Cleaning

There are four main types of dental cleaning procedures. The specific procedure a person requires depends on their age and oral health status.

The four most common types of dental cleaning procedures are:

1 – Child Dental Cleaning

Also known as pediatric teeth cleaning in some cases, it refers to getting your kid’s teeth cleaned at least twice a year once they are 3 to 4 years old. Children are recommended to visit their dentist or dental hygienist at the eruption of their first tooth, usually when they are around 6 months old.

Pediatric teeth cleaning services are designed to care for young kids and make them feel comfortable. During this procedure, the dentist will evaluate the child’s overall dental health and discuss ways to improve it, with the parents.

2 – Adult Dental Cleaning

Adults are also advised to get dental cleaning done at least twice a year. This is true for adults who have healthy teeth and for adults who experience early signs of gingivitis without bone loss.

During the dental cleaning treatment, the dentist will normally use an ultrasonic scaler to remove bacteria, tartar and plaque from on, and around your teeth. They will also polish your teeth next.

3 – Deep Cleaning

This is also called scaling and root planning.

If you suffer from bone loss and gum disease, you may need to undergo a dental deep cleaning procedure. This treatment includes scaling and root planning. It involves cleaning between the gums, and teeth all the way to the roots.

In some instances, a local anesthetic may be administered to you. This is to prevent you from feeling any sort of discomfort or pain while the dental cleaning procedure is underway.

4 – Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal maintenance is a professional tooth cleaning procedure. It is used to prevent the progression of periodontal diseases.

During this procedure, the dentist removes plaque and tartar from above and below the gum line. They also remove any stains on your teeth and help to improve the teeth.

It is recommended to undergo periodontal maintenance at least once every 3 to 4 months, or as recommended by your dentist. This procedure may often involve teeth whitening to ensure all-around oral health.


If you don’t have insurance that covers the cost of dental cleaning then you have several alternatives to try. You can undergo dental cleaning at dental schools as these often do the procedure for free or at a considerably lower cost.

You can also find out more about the dentist’s dental discount plans or any government-aid program you can enroll in to get dental cleaning at a considerably reduced or for ‘no charge’ at the nearest location.

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