Home Improvement Grants in Alabama

Home Improvement Grants Alabama Home Improvement Grants Alabama

Home Improvement Grants Alabama – Overview

Home improvement grants in Alabama are grants available for Alabama’s low-income families to construct or repair their homes.

The Office of Departmental Grants Management and Oversight (ODGMO) of Alabama is responsible for distributing funds for housing grants in Alabama.

Alabama has an average household income of $42,666.00 per year, and only 73 percent of the population paid off the mortgages on their homes.

The remaining 27 percent population does not have the funds to do the necessary repairs to live in those homes.

Those households need not worry as they can take the help of home improvement grants to do the required repairs. Moreover, the objective of these grants is to assist low-income individuals while they look for ways to improve their income.

Although the funds under home improvement grants are for Alabama residents, not every Alabama resident is eligible for these grants.

Home Improvement Grants Alabama

Home Improvement Grants Alabama

Are Home Improvement Grants in Alabama for Everyone?

Home improvement grants in Alabama are nothing but monetary assistance to help low-income households do the required repairs to their damaged houses.

Home improvement grants are for you if you have the following:

A minimal income or don’t have any income source
Your house is in a condition where repair is the only option

You can apply for a home improvement grant only after satisfying the above conditions. Remember that many households apply for home improvement grants, and only a few successfully get these.

You can increase your chances of getting home improvement grants by applying earlier. The earlier your application reaches the home improvement grant distributing authority, the more time they have to consider your application.

Home Improvement Grants Alabama – Options

There are many organizations, both public and private, that give home improvement grants to Alabama residents.

1. Strengthen Alabama Homes

Strengthen Alabama Homes is a legislatively established home improvement grant program managed by the Alabama Department of Insurance.

This home improvement grant’s primary objective is to protect homes from high winds and Hurricanes using the Fortified standard.

Another purpose of this program is to lower insurance rates in Alabama and make communities stronger to recover from storm damage.

Strengthen Alabama Homes grant is for owners of primary residences in Mobile or Baldwin counties of Alabama. The grant amount limit is $10,000, so plan the repair accordingly.

If your expected repair costs are more than this home improvement grant’s amount, you can look for other options.

To get more information about Strengthen Alabama Homes, visit strengthenalabamahomes.com.

2. Healthy Housing Initiative

Healthy Housing Initiative (HHI) is a program run by the Neighborhood Housing Services of Birmingham, Inc. (NHSB). NHSB is an organization that helps low-income families to come out of poverty by providing them with the required tools.

Under Healthy Housing Initiative, NHSB provides housing rehabilitation, weatherization repairs, energy-related upgrades, and home improvements for low-income homeowners in Birmingham.

Eligible households receive help to improve the condition of their house and its major systems, including roof, HVAC system, plumbing, and electrical system.

The objective of HHI is to create safer and healthier homes for Birmingham homeowners and improve the living conditions of low-income neighborhoods.

If you want to benefit from this program or like to know the eligibility requirements, send an email to [email protected].

Get more information about Healthy Housing Initiative, visit nhsbham.org.

3. Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) provides Alabama’s low-income households with free weatherization services. The program’s objective is to improve the energy efficiency of Alabama homes as by doing so, the households’ heating and cooling costs get reduced.

You can apply for this program to improve your home’s electrical, heating, and cooling system. Also, you can apply for this program if you want to upgrade your energy-consuming home appliances.

To get more information like eligibility requirements and how to apply for this grant, visit adeca.alabama.gov.

4. Home Improvement Assistance to Individuals and Households

Alabama Emergency Management Agency runs the Individual and Households Program (HP). This program provides financial help to those with profound needs who cannot meet them.

A grant amount of up to $33,000 is available for households (depending on the requirement). You can benefit from this program if your house gets damaged in a disaster and you don’t have any insurance to bring a claim.

This program’s objective is to repair your home and bring it to a safe and sanitary living condition.

If your home is in a Floor Hazard Area, you may need flood insurance to repair the damages. Given below are items that can be repaired or replaced under flood insurance cover:

Structural parts, including foundation, roof, and outside walls

  • Well, or any other water system
  • Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system
  • Utilities such as electrical, gas, and plumbing systems
  • Septic or sewage system
  • Floor, ceiling, walls, doors, and windows

The Individual and Households Program (HP) is mainly for home repairs, but replacement is also available for rare cases.

If your disaster-damaged home can’t be repaired and requires replacement, the funds can be used for a home replacement. However, the maximum grant amount of $33,000 remains the same.

To get more information about the Individual and Households Program, visit ema.alabama.gov.


Home improvement grants in Alabama help low-income households repair their homes to make them liveable. The given post lists home improvement grants that can be utilized to make home improvements.

Additionally, each home improvement grant has detailed information to make the job easier.

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