7 Medical Laboratory Technician Scholarships in the US

Medical Laboratory Technician Scholarships in the US

Healthcare is one of the most important aspects of science. Studying the human body and its reaction to different stimuli has helped researchers understand a plethora of complicated body functions.

It is thanks to the diligent research studies conducted by passionate researchers that have helped us advance our medical and health science.

Hence, medical laboratories are extremely essential, especially today, when the entire world is under the clutch of the pandemic.

If you are considering becoming a medical laboratory technician, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here, you will find numerous sources that provide medical laboratory technician scholarships to aspiring students in the US.

Where to Get Medical Laboratory Technician Scholarships in the US

Here are some of the major sources to get medical laboratory technician scholarships in the US:

Where to Get Medical Laboratory Technician Scholarships in US

Where to Get Medical Laboratory Technician Scholarships in the US

1. AAMI Foundation Michael J. Miller Scholarship Program

The AAMI Foundation Michael J. Miller Scholarship Program is to support students who are passionate about pursuing a career in healthcare.

If you wish to become a health system engineer, clinical engineer or biomedical equipment technician, then you can apply for this scholarship program.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you should be a current or entering full-time college student seeking a healthcare technology career at an accredited university or college.

You will need to complete the online application process, submit two letters of recommendation, the most recent transcript and a short essay explaining how you view yourself fitting in the profession as a laboratory technician.

If your application is successful, then you are liable to receive scholarships worth US$ 3,000 every year.

2. Elekta Radiation Therapy Scholarships

Elekta, the pioneer in human care technology, established the Elekta Radiation Therapy Scholarships to encourage the brightest students to pursue training as radiology technicians through scholarship funding.

This is an excellent way for aspiring radiology lab technicians to undergo excellent radiation therapy training programs.

Elekta is highly focused on oncology and has played a significant role in creating innovative clinical solutions for the treatment of brain disorders and cancers.

To know more about this scholarship, it is advisable to visit the official website of Elekta.

Under this program, the organization awards six scholarships to deserving students every year.

3. Jerman-Cahoon Student Scholarship

The Jerman-Cahoon Student Scholarship is meant for students pursuing degrees in nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), sonography or radiology, besides being members of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.

The Jerman-Cahoon Student Scholarship includes online certifications, networking opportunities, and discounts for equipment and uniforms.

Under this program, scholarships are awarded to ten individuals every year, with individual applicants receiving up to US$ 2,500 each.

4. ASCP Foundation Laboratory Student Scholarship

The American Society of Clinical Pathology helps fund clinical courses for undergraduate and graduate students. This involves medical laboratory courses along with pathology residents and fellows.

This scholarship is aimed at assisting high-scoring laboratory students with expenses relating to their medical technician education.

To be eligible for the ASCP Foundation Laboratory Student Scholarship, you should be pursuing a clinical course and must have a minimum 3.0-grade point average.

5. American Medical Technologists Scholarship

The American Medical Technologists Scholarship is provided by the national organization of medical technologists within the US.

This organization mainly works to certify allied health professionals in the medical, dental, health education and laboratory sectors.

Every year, AMT offers scholarships to students who need financial support to complete their courses and pursue a career as a medical laboratory technician in the US.

This scholarship grant can be used by students to cover their tuition fees and also allows students to directly transfer the amount to the school.

Under the AMT Scholarship, a total of four scholarships is provided every year – one for US$ 2,500 and three for US$ 1,500 each.

6. Grosskopf Education Fund

The Grosskopf Education Fund is offered as an academic scholarship provided by the Minnesota Medical Group Management Association (MMGMA).

This scholarship is meant for those already engaged in the medical profession and looking to enhance their knowledge and skill set.

To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants should be members of the MMGMA and required to submit a formal proposal describing how they’d like to improve their experience if the scholarship is approved.

7. John Holloway Undergraduate Scholarship

The John Holloway Undergraduate Scholarship program is awarded once every year to one student pursuing a degree in the School of Molecular Sciences.

Students who have shown exceptional aptitude in the science and technology sector are given priority in the short-listing process for this scholarship.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you should have a minimum 3.5 grade point average along with a letter of recommendation from faculty or academic advisor.

The successful candidate receives US$ 1,000 as a scholarship amount for tuition and other education-related expenses.

To know the details of how to apply, we encourage you to visit the official website of Arizona State University.


Laboratory technicians are incredibly essential for the progress of medical science. Feel free to drop in a comment below and let us know how helpful the above-given information was for you.

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