Delta Dental Announced Grant for Dental Projects 

Delta Dental Foundation Special Grant Cycle for Dental Health Projects

Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation has started accepting applications from organizations that provide oral health services and education.

The organization is accepting grant applications to improve the dental health system and boost ongoing projects. Besides this, the same organization focuses on reducing gum and teeth-related diseases through this grant cycle.

The organization has allocated a total grant of $500,000. The grant’s money will be there for improving dental health in eligible organizations.

They have prepared criteria where eligible organizations can apply to receive the grant money of up to $40,000.

Those organizations have to follow the application process set by the Delta Dental Foundation. The last date to apply for the grant is August 20.

What are the Criteria for Receiving the Grant?

The organization has prepared criteria where an eligible organization can apply for a grant of up to $40,000, as mentioned above. Besides this, this funding will be distributed amongst the organizations for their new or existing programs that provide oral health education.

Education is essential to cure gum and teeth diseases. For that reason, Delta Dental Foundation has decided to provide the grant money for the organizations that provide primary education to the people.

With proper information and knowledge, many people can avoid developing oral health issues.

What are the Criteria for Receiving the Grant

What are the Criteria for Receiving the Grant

As per a recent study, most organizations are seeking funds to support such programs. However, they cannot provide their services per their requirements due to fewer resources and findings.

Such organizations should approach Delta Dental Foundation and others willing to support their noble cause through financial aid.

Besides oral health education, organizations providing dental health-related services such as dental implants, other expensive dental treatments, and preventive oral care should apply for the grant.

These are the criteria the Delta Dental Foundation set for the organizations willing to receive the grant money of $40,000.

To distribute the allotted funds to the needy organization, Delta Dental Foundation will first review the organizations’ applications. Then, the core committee will finalize whom to provide the funds to support their services.

This initiative will help the underserved, low-income, and uninsured citizens who can’t afford to insure their lives.

They aim to provide affordable dental services to every Arkansan. Many people suffer from different types of oral health issues just because of the lack of proper knowledge.

Delta Dental Foundation - Organization

Delta Dental Foundation – Organization

For that reason, the organization has decided to improve oral health education through eligible organizations.

Many institutions and non-profit organizations are active in providing oral health-related information. These organizations provide the best knowledge and spread information to minority communities.

“We fund community-focused, oral health projects that make a meaningful difference in the health and well-being of Arkansans,” said Chrissy Chatham, executive director of the Foundation. “Many people suffer from debilitating tooth decay or gum disease.

We hope our funding will increase knowledge and access to care while providing life-changing relief and improved quality of life for uninsured Arkansans.”

What’s the Procedure for applying for the Grant?

The procedure is simple, where an eligible organization can apply for amounts ranging from $ 2,500 to $40,000. The organization has to describe how well they utilize the money and other details in brief along with the application.

Applicants must be an Arkansas-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, charitable dental treatment facility, government agency, or school.

The grant’s money can be used for program-specific administrative or staffing costs, dental clinic treatments, oral health education, capital needs, and other operational expenses that are related to dental programs.

Who will be awarded first?

As noted above, the core committee will first collect the number of applications they have received before August 20 i.e., the final date for applying for the grant. The committee will focus on low-cost clinics.

Low-cost clinics provide affordable services to needy people, so the organization has decided to select such clinics first.

After that, the grant will be awarded to organizations providing oral health education to the underserved community. Oral health education is crucial, so the committee will first award such organizations.

Furthermore, organizations providing oral health services in rural areas will also be awarded first. Minorities living in rural areas can’t get proper treatment and education. For that reason, the funding will be distributed amongst such organizations.

The funding will also be distributed to community partnership programs. Community partnership programs are designed for uninsured people with low incomes. The grant’s money will help such individuals through community partnership programs within the state.

What’s the results date?

The officials say the awarded grants will be declared in early January 2024.

For more details, you can visit their official website to get all the required information about the grant and the application process.

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