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Silver Pine Medical Group – Overview

Silver Pine Medical Group (SPMG) is a Michigan-based health system. SPMG is a designated Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan Patient-Centered Medical Home Practice. It provides comprehensive healthcare services in six different locations across the state – Sterling Heights, Macomb, Lenox, Romeo Plank, Shelby and Chesterfield.

The team of highly-qualified physicians and extensively-trained clinical professionals at SPMG offer a plethora of medical services. These medical services are focused on checking, testing, monitoring, vaccinating, screening, preventing, diagnosing and managing a wide variety of health disorders and diseases that affect the members of a family.

Silver Pine Medical Group Healthcare Services

These are the healthcare services offered by Silver Pine Medical Group to patients across Michigan:

Silver Pine Medical Group

Silver Pine Medical Group – Healthcare Services


Pediatric care at Silver Pine Medical Group includes well-child visits where trained pediatricians monitor the growth and development of a child as well as provide all the necessary immunizations. Your child can receive immunization at all SPMG facilities based on your physician’s recommendation and according to the Centers for Disease Control guidelines.

Besides this, children of any age can receive urgent care for illnesses within 24 hours.

Adult and Senior Care

The family physicians and doctors at SPMG offer complete physical exams as part of your yearly visit. This exam helps to review health maintenance. It includes numerous different preventive and screening treatments, such as preventive medicine for cancer and heart disease, prostate/pelvic exams for male and female adults, respectively, as well as an update about pending immunization.

Additionally, you can also receive chronic medical management services at SPMG. These can be part of regular visits for managing chronic health issues, such as diabetes, asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression and others.

Besides, patients also choose Silver Pine Medical Group for its excellent urgent care services. You can check in to any of the SPMG facilities for urgent medical concerns, such as infections, strains, sprains, headaches, low back pain, etc.

Patient Centered Medical Home

Silver Pine Medical Group is a designated Blue Cross Blue Shield Patient Centered Medical Home in Michigan. This means that physicians here dedicate sufficient time to consult with patients who are suffering from a chronic diseases. This consultation can be a one-on-one or shared/group medical appointment. These visits allow you to discuss the progress of treatment and form future treatment plans.

There are sufficient numbers of highly-trained medical assistants and well-qualified nurse practitioners at SPMG to provide round-the-clock access to medical advice through telephone or email. This facility can also be used to get your queries answered, monitor follow-up care, etc. This way, physicians and the clinical staff at SPMG are actively involved in their patient’s care.

This is an efficient way for the physician and patient to plan treatment on evidence-based guidelines and ensure optimal health recovery.

Care Management

Care Management at Silver Pine Medical Group entails professional care managers who work in sync with your physicians to assist in patient care. This includes a wide variety of activities that are aimed at improving patient care and reducing the need for prolonged medical care. This is essential to help patients and healthcare providers manage health conditions more effectively.

Diagnostic Services

The Diagnostic Services at SPMG include a wide variety of tests and screenings, such as:

  • Blood analysis
  • Electrocardiograms
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Electromyography (nerve conduction test)
  • Cutting-edge digital X-ray imaging (at Chesterfield office)

These laboratory and imaging diagnostic services are performed by highly-skilled and certified technicians and the results are delivered in a short time to be reviewed by your physician.

Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy center at Silver Pine Medical Group facilities partners with four distinguished physical therapists from Orthopedic Edge. These highly-qualified and experienced physical therapists can help you with the following:

  • Transitional rehabilitation
  • Chronic / overuse injury rehabilitation
  • Acute injury rehabilitation
  • Post-operative rehabilitation

Silver Pine Wellness Program

The Silver Pine Wellness Program offers extensive nutritional and preventive healthcare plans to ensure you achieve your peak health condition. The highly-certified nutrition and wellness coach at SPMG Wellness Center is experienced in health coaching, integrative nutrition and preventive health care.

The wellness program includes evidence-based nutritionally-balanced weight management plans that are extremely effective for patients with metabolic disorders to low significant weight.

The SPMG Wellness Program uses cutting-edge tools and techniques that help individuals with the following:

  • Maximizing weight loss
  • Preventing a decrease in BMR
  • Preserving lean body mass
  • Providing optimal nutrition
  • Promoting lifestyle alterations

This is a completely medically-supervised weight management program that offers a safe and sensible way to lose excess body fat while retaining your lean body mass (muscles).


The Silver Pine Medical Group is a reputed health system in Michigan with six facilities spread over different locations. SPMG offers a plethora of medical, diagnostic and wellness services, including pediatric and adult care (family medicine), patient care, etc. If you want to know more about Silver Pine Medical Group facility locations, appointments, etc. you can simply check the official website here

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