Best Nursing Schools in Pennsylvania

Best Nursing Schools in Pennsylvania – Overview

The healthcare industry in Pennsylvania continues to require trained and licensed nursing professionals. The state had over 335,000 registered nurses in 2020. The high turnover rate is one of the main reasons for staff shortages at hospitals and clinics.

According to experts, this shortage will likely increase in the coming years, which means there are plenty of employment opportunities for graduates from accredited nursing schools in Pennsylvania.

If you are an aspiring nurse and want to study and practice at Keystone State, this article will help you find the best nursing schools in Pennsylvania. After checking and evaluating numerous nursing institutes in the state, here is our list of the best nursing schools in PA:

1 – University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh)

The University of Pittsburgh’s School of Nursing is recognized for excellence in nursing education and research. Founded in 1939, the nursing school graduated medical staff that served Europe and Asia during the War.

The University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing is recognized for receiving substantial NIH funding for nursing research, demonstrating its leadership in advancing nursing knowledge.

The U Pitt School of Nursing has state-of-the-art classrooms, anatomy labs, computer labs and simulation centers where students can practice basic nursing skills using adult, geriatric and pediatric manikins. Aspiring nurses get the opportunity for supervised learning situations at some of the most prestigious hospitals in Pittsburgh, including Level 1 trauma centers, community hospitals, cancer centers, outpatient clinics, rehab facilities, and long-term care facilities.

To learn more details, such as admission criteria, enrollment process, etc., you can visit the University of Pittsburgh’s official website at

2 – Duquesne University (Pittsburgh)

The School of Nursing at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh is recognized for its quality education and has been designated a Center of Excellence by the National League for Nursing. It is one of the oldest nursing education institutes in the state and has constantly ranked among the top US nursing schools in the U.S. News and World Report rankings. It is also described as one of the most military-friendly nursing schools in the country.

Duquesne University’s School of Nursing has a state-of-the-art Learning and Simulation Center designed to help students learn experientially. It has computerized manikins that teach you all you need to learn about human physiology and anatomy. Upon completing the basic nursing education, students are allowed clinical placements at behavioral healthcare facilities, acute care hospitals and community clinics all over Pittsburgh.

To learn more details about the coursework, admission criteria, and enrollment process at Duquesne University’s School of Nursing, visit its official website at

3 – Villanova University (Villanova)

The M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing at Villanova University is another excellent choice for nursing school in Pennsylvania. It is a designated Center of Excellent in Nursing Education by the National League for Nursing in Pennsylvania. Villanova University’s M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing is involved in various community health initiatives and collaborates with centers focused on obesity prevention and global and public health.

The Villanova College of Nursing is in Driscoll Hall on the main campus. It has immense classrooms, seminar rooms, reading rooms, well-equipped computer labs, and sophisticated simulation centers. Driscoll Hall houses various academic and research facilities, including spaces dedicated to nursing research and education.

After becoming competent in fundamental nursing skills, students get clinical rotations at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Veterans Administration Medical Center, the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania, and other esteemed healthcare facilities across the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

To learn more about nursing courses at the M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing at Villanova University, visit its official website at

4 – Drexel University (Philadelphia)

Drexel University’s College of Nursing and Health Professions emphasizes experiential learning, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings. The school offers the Bayada Award, an annual event that honors technological breakthroughs in nursing education and practice.

The College of Nursing is located in the main college building in downtown Philadelphia, with 10 advanced simulation centers. Here, students learn basic bedside skills with medical students.

After completing the basic education, students can practice their skills through clinical rotations at hospitals, intensive care units, emergency clinics, community health centers and other healthcare facilities across Philadelphia.

To find more details about getting enrolled in the Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professions, you can simply visit its official website here

5 – University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)

The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing is highly regarded nationally and globally for its nursing education and research excellence. It has received a top ranking at Elsevier’s QS World University ratings for nursing. The school is renowned for the best nursing education and initiatives in nursing research. It has five prestigious nursing research centers located on campus.

The school also was the first to open a virtual learning environment specifically designed for nurses in the United States. Upon completing basic nursing training, students are allowed clinical rotations at renowned healthcare facilities, such as Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, etc.

To find more details about admission criteria and the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing enrollment process, visit their official website at

6 – University of Scranton

The University of Scranton’s Department of Nursing also ranks among the best nursing schools in Pennsylvania. Besides learning basic nursing skills, students here are trained to perform mandatory 40 hours of social services as part of their graduation.

The nursing coursework sets new nursing education and training standards with integrated classroom theory and hands-on experience. Students can also participate in faculty research and hone their investigative skills.

The incredibly sophisticated nursing simulation lab exposes students to challenging scenarios in simulated hospital and outpatient environments. The campus also houses three of the finest hospitals in Scranton, where students are sent for clinical rotations in different specialty settings.

To find more details of coursework, admission criteria, and the enrollment process at the University of Scranton’s Department of Nursing, visit the official website at


These are the best nursing schools in Pennsylvania. The above-listed nursing schools were selected based on their variety of coursework, opportunities for in-depth learning, and ease of access to education through financial aid and grants. Feel free to contact the college of your choice and find the admission criteria and other details before applying.

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