Central Montana Medical Center Receives $6 Million Grant to Build New Cancer Center 

Central Montana Medical Center Receives $6 Million Grant

Lewistown’s Central Montana Medical Center (CMMC) received $6 Million in grants to cover the cost of its new cancer center building. The CMMC has released an official statement regarding the grant money they received for their new Cancer Center.

The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust provided funds of $8.9 Million for improving the quality of cancer treatments and other related services.

The Charitable Trust aimed to provide better treatments to over 50,000 residents across Montana. The allotted funds will be utilized in nine rural countries.

Medical Cancer Center

Medical Cancer Center

The $6 Million grant will help the citizens of Montana who have to travel 350 kilometers for radiation and other treatments in Billings and Great Falls.

Underprivileged patients can benefit directly from the establishment of a new Cancer Center.

The Central Montana Medical Center is forming a team of professional oncologists part-time and full-time from the Billings Cancer Center, along with a linear accelerator machine.

The building structure of the Cancer Center and the linear accelerator machine would cost around $1.9 million.

Moreover, the same CMMC will host a community capital campaign to cover the remaining funds of $1 Million.

As per the statement, the construction of the new Cancer Center will begin this year. It will begin in Spring 2021 and is expected to be accomplished in 2023.

Interestingly, the foundation has already collected $570,000 for breast biopsy equipment and two pieces of 3D Mammography. Presently, CMMC offers limited cancer treatments and services as they do not have the funds to buy advanced equipment.

The residents of central Montana receive cancer treatments from Billings Cancer Care Center. They aim to provide cancer-related services to the residents of Lewistown.

When they get such services closer, they don’t have to spend extra money and time traveling miles. They can keep up with their loved ones who are having cancer treatments.

The Helmsley Charitable Trust has committed to improving the healthcare infrastructure across Montana. They are doing exactly what they committed.

Moreover, they have also decided to provide advanced Cancer Care Treatments to the residents near the Lewistown area just to cut down the long journey.

healthcare workers

healthcare workers

We all know the benefits of having such treatment closer to your home. When you get such a care center near your area, your friends and family, and other relatives can easily reach out to you and extend their support to strengthen you and your family in this crucial time.

The residents are happy after hearing the announcement for the new Cancer Care Center around their area.

The foundation manager has stated that the residents can easily get the cancer treatments at the new Cancer Center and go home after completing them.

At home, cancer patients can get better care of themselves. Their family members are there to look after their health and they also don’t have to panic when it comes to visiting the hospital.

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