11 Breast Cancer Grants

Breast Cancer Grants – Overview

Breast cancer grants offer financial support and services to people affected by breast cancer. These grants help in paying for care to reduce economic burdens.

The costs of treatment and follow-up care can become a financial strain for several people in the United States, even with health insurance.

Besides the cost of the treatment, there are extra expenses that include traveling, the cost of treating or managing long-term side effects, medications, etc.

Therefore, it becomes challenging for most people to afford diagnosis and treatment and meet their daily living expenses.

To help people through these financial hardships, grants for cancer patients are offered by many organizations.

Breast Cancer Grants - Get the Cost of Treatment!

Breast Cancer Grants – How to Cope through the Difficult Time?

Breast Cancer Grants – How to Cope through the Difficult Time?

Breast cancer starts in the breast and grows out of control as the cancer cells begin to grow. The cells usually form a tumor that can be felt as a lump or seen on an x-ray.

Breast cancer is most common in women; however, men can get breast cancer, too.

Breast cancer is becoming the second leading cause of death in women. In the United States, more than 3.8 million breast cancer survivors, including women who are being treated plus those who have completed treatment.

It has been found that women with cancer are likely to suffer financial hardship. Many women end up exhausting all their savings, taking out loans or going into debt to pay their medical bills.

The medical expenses had a cascading effect on their future financial status.

It decreased their ability to help family members, support children’s education, and sometimes even made it hard for them to pay for basic needs.

The financial impact of cancer can be substantial, even with comprehensive health insurance policies.

Various organizations offer grants and affordable programs that provide reimbursement for medical and non-medical costs, especially for lower-income women.

Breast Cancer Grants – Sources of Financial Assistance

The financial costs associated with cancer and its treatment are often overwhelming. Even health insurance doesn’t guarantee to afford treatment. Research for the best suitable financial programs early in the process.

1. Government Assistance

Several federal and state programs provide financial benefits to individuals and families struggling with breast cancer.

These benefits are particularly set up for low-income households, older adults and the disabled with specified eligibility requirements.

The programs administered through state governments can help with healthcare-related needs. Government assistance programs include:

2. Pharmaceutical Patient Assistance Programs

Drug manufacturers might offer discounted or free medications for patients under a patient assistance program. The Medicine Assistance Tool has pharmaceutical programs and resources for financial assistance. Needy Meds can also help with costs.

3. CancerCare

CancerCare administers the Women’s Cancers Program to help female-identifying individuals cope with cancer.

The funds are provided to assist with oral, pain, anti-nausea medications, durable medical equipment and lymphedema supplies. Besides, assistance is also offered for home care, transportation, and childcare for qualified women.

For more information, visit https://www.cancercare.org/

4. American Cancer Society

Volunteer programs may be offered with the local divisions of the American Cancer Society. The purpose is to help with the cost of treatment. At the same time, offering assistance with transportation, wigs and prostheses.

For more information, visit https://www.cancer.org/

5. Komen Treatment Assistance Program

Susan G. Komen is the largest nonprofit source for breast cancer treatment. The organization has invested more than $2.8 billion in research and programming.

The Susan G. Komen, Treatment Assistance Program addresses the main challenges that are meeting daily living expenses.

It supports breast cancer patients on multiple fronts by paying for food, transportation, medication, child care, anti-nausea medication, oral pain medication, and oral chemotherapy.

For more information, visit https://www.komen.org/treatment-assistance-program/

6. Breast Cancer Charities of America – Help Now Fund

Help Now Fund program is administered by the Breast Cancer Charities. The grants are provided to young breast cancer patients (under age 40).

The aim is to ease the financial burdens experienced by breast cancer patients. These grants can be used to extend the recuperation period after cancer-related treatments and surgeries.

7. The Gift of Hope

The Gift of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation understands the importance of support and is dedicated to providing financial support to women during their treatment.

The Gift of Hope believes that women should only be worried about their well-being. The foundation pays their monthly bills such as electricity, gas, phone, and groceries.

For more information, visit https://forthegiftofhope.org/

8. The Pink Fund

The Pink Fund is a nonprofit organization. It provides financial support by paying for 90-day non-medical cost-of-living expenses to breast cancer patients.

Their aim is that patients should focus on healing, returning to the workplace and raising their families.

For more information, visit https://pinkfund.org/

9. Sisters Network Inc.

The Sisters Network Breast Cancer Assistance Program assists breast cancer survivors facing financial challenges.

The funds help pay for housing, office visits, and copays while radiation, surgery, or chemotherapy treatment is undergoing.

Sisters Network Inc. is African American breast cancer survivorship organization that aims to break the silence and shame of breast cancer.

For more information, visit https://www.sistersnetworkinc.org/

10. Team Maggie

Team Maggie is a nonprofit organization that offers a cure grant. The grant amount of $2,500 is offered to cancer patients to cover fertility preservation costs.

11. AvonCares Program

The Avon Foundation for Women and CancerCare offers financial support to under-served women through AvonCares Program.

The program assists in paying for diagnostic services for women who have had breast, ovarian, or cervical cancer screenings. It also helps with living expenses such as child care, home care, and transportation.

For more information, visit https://www.cancercare.org/financial

Breast Cancer Grants - Economic Support

Breast Cancer Grants – Paying for Care


Cancer treatments are already expensive, and the costs are likely to increase with more expensive and advanced treatments adopted as standards of care.

Therefore, if paying for breast cancer treatment and follow-up care seems overwhelming, there are grants you can apply for and get the help you need.

Breast cancer grants and a variety of resources are available to help you.

Don’t skip the treatments and get the care you deserve!

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