Where Can I Get My Braces Removed for Free?

Where Can I Get My Braces Removed for Free Where Can I Get My Braces Removed for Free

Removing your braces can be a costly procedure. Due to this, you may have thoughts like this – Where can I get my braces removed for free? There are a few places that offer removal programs to enjoy a life free of braces.

For most teenagers, wearing braces is necessary due to dental deformity. However, life without braces is a dream where you eat and drink freely whatever you want.

Where Can I Get My Braces Removed for Free?

Brace removal costs are quite high in different private clinics. However, various insurance plans that deal with orthodontic concerns offer coverage for gums, teeth, and jaw-related problems, along with the removal of braces.

The coverage of the dental plans may depend on your insurance plans and your provider. The standard coverage amount ranges from $500 to $1000 per person per year, with a lifetime cap of $1000 to $2500.

Here are the 7 Places for Free Braces Removal

Where Can I Get My Braces Removed for Free

Where Can I Get My Braces Removed for Free – Dental braces

1. Dental Schools

Different dental schools offer free dental services at their on-campus clinics as a part of their academic programs. It allows dental students to work with actual patients.

You can always go to your local dental school and have your braces removed for free by an experienced and efficient practitioner.

All you need to do is fill out the forms with the details of your insurance program and medical history. You may need to sign a consent form during the treatment procedure at specific clinics.

2. CHIP and Medicaid

Medicaid is the most popular health insurance plan for the the people of United States of America. With Medicare, you can get braces and removal services for nothing, saving so much money.

However, you must meet their eligibility criteria, submit the necessary documents, and fill out an application form to receive the benefits.

CHIP or Children’s Health Insurance Plan, also offers coverage for different orthodontic problems, including braces removal for children.

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3. Nonprofit organizations

Different dental charitable and nonprofit organizations offer financial assistance for various medical conditions, including the removal of braces. You can find affordable or free braces removal treatments here and live a life without them.

You can always apply for a financial aid program at your nearby nonprofit organization and receive financial support for your medical expenses.

4. Smile Changes Lives

Smile changes lives is a nonprofit organization that offers financial assistance to the poor, people in need, and less fortunate people, along with low-income individuals and families, for their orthodontic requirements.

The cost of the braces removal treatment depends on your practitioner and the clinic. However, the average cost of this treatment in the US may vary from $60 to $250. If you change your dentist in the middle of your treatment, it may cost you even more.

Smile Changes Lives organizes multiple fundraising events to help individuals who need financial help for different dental treatments.

You can always check their eligibility criteria and submit an application form and all other required documentation at your nearby location to receive their assistance.

5. Dentist’s Office

You can also find different programs at your dentist’s office. Some dentists offer multiple programs that can make different medical procedures, including the brace removal process, more affordable for people with low financial backgrounds.

Your doctor can provide additional advice on how to come up with a financial solution that works for both of you when it comes time to get rid of those bothersome wires in your mouth.

6. Health Center

Many health clinics in your community provide multiple options to assist individuals in paying for essential medical requirements. Your city, county, municipality, and state’s health clinics can assist you in getting your braces taken off for nothing or at a reasonable fee.

There are frequent health camps set up by various dentists and healthcare professionals where they offer free solutions to people’s concerns.

Here, you can take off your braces with their help. To remove your braces, you can, however, arrange an appointment with the dentist at a time that is convenient for you.

7. Smile for a Lifetime

Children from low-income families, foster care, or other less stable living situations can receive braces and orthodontic treatment from the charitable nonprofit Smile for a Lifetime.

They provide medical help to kids and teenagers between the ages of 8 and 19. However, one may need to pay an initial application fee of $20 and the final application fee of $480.

However, one must fulfill their eligibility criteria and submit all the required documentation to receive medical services from Smile for a Lifetime.

Some other ways to pay for the removal of your braces

Here are a few alternative choices that you may consider if you are unable to discover a suitable program to undergo free braces removal therapy –

Dental Savings Plan

With a dental savings plan, you may receive orthodontic and dental care at a reduced cost for a monthly or annual fee.

Here are some explains of the best dental savings plans that you can apply for –

Dental Payment Plans

You can work out a payment schedule with your dentist and spread out the cost of your treatments with a dental payment plan.

At Home Aligners

At-home aligners can help you to fix mild to moderate cosmetic alignment problems at your home. It may cost you around $1000. You can also buy these aligners with different payment plans.

Dental Loans

You can also apply for different dental loans for your treatment, which you can repay over time. Here are a few businesses that might be able to provide you with a suitable dental loan for your medical procedures –


Several solutions are available that provide financial assistance for your braces removal treatment. All you have to do is look around to pick the plan that best meets your needs.

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