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Duke Medical School – Overview

Do you want to get into one of the top medical schools in the United States? If so, then Duke Medical School is your ideal choice. This school in North Carolina is well-known for its research and education. As per reports, Duke Medical School ranks number 5 in best medical schools: Research (2023).

Joining this school can help you make your dream of becoming a doctor come true. The Duke Medical School aims to prepare the next thought leaders in research, medicine, and patient care. Do you want to join this school but don’t know where to start? This article will help you understand all about the programs at the university, the application process, and how you can get in. Let’s begin.

Eligibility to Get Into Duke Medical School

The Duke University School of Medicine accepts both national residents of the USA and international students. However, there are certain eligibility criteria for students. First of all, the students must have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school in the US during matriculation.

Duke Medical School

Eligibility to Get Into Duke Medical School

Students with a bachelor’s degree from a foreign university can also apply at this school if they complete a minimum of 2 years of coursework from an accredited school in the USA. In addition, the student applying to this university should have an MCAT score no more than 4 years old.

In terms of courses, there are no prerequisite courses in terms of the applying students’ UG. However, they do recommend students to have the following courses to have better-advanced preparation for courses in this university:

  • Biochemistry
  • Statistics/Biostatistics
  • Cellular Biology Or Genetics or Molecular Biology
  • Understanding the principles of Sociology
  • Physics/Biophysics
  • Understanding the principles of Psychology
  • Expository Writing in different disciplines such as History, Political Science, Philosophy, Religion, Public Policy, etc.

Medical Programs at Duke Medical School

You may be wondering which program would be available for you at Duke Medical School. After all, everyone wants to understand what options they have when it comes to taking a step forward in their dream path. There are several options available for you at this school. Some of these include:

  • MSTP (Medical Scientist Training Program): This program trains students as physician-scientists where they study with both Ph.D. and MD.
  • OTD (Occupational Therapy Doctorate): If you are interested in occupational therapy, this 3-year program can be ideal for you.
  • MD (Doctor of Medicine): You can also go for this traditional MD program of 4-years.
  • PA, MHS) Physician Assistant Program: Are you interested in going for advanced medicine and learning under a licensed physician? If so, then you can opt for this 3-year program.
  • DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy): DPT is another 3-year program you can attend at this university if you are interested in physical therapy.
  • MHS (Pathologists’ Assistant Program): This 2-year program is for students who want to work closely with pathologists and pathology laboratory personnel.
  • Medical Physics Graduate Program: If you want to enhance and gain experience in medical and health physics, this 2-year graduate program will work wonders.

You can also go for multiple specialties in the Biomedical Ph.D. programs. In addition, you can explore all the options to ensure that you select the one that is the most suitable for your desired career path in the medical field.

Cost of Getting Into Duke Medical School

There are different costs for different tuition requirements of the students. In the degree program, all the courses require approximately $63,000. Further, the fees need to be paid each semester in their respective courses. The students of the degree programs also have to pay a non-refundable tuition deposit of $500 approximately within 10 days of admission.

Non-degree students would have to pay a tuition cost of $1,500 per credit hour. In addition, they have to pay $100 as a one-time transcript generation fee. However, students also have options for scholarships under the Duke School of Medicine Financial Aid.

How to Apply at Duke Medical School?

It’s better that you take a look at Duke Medical School’s admission page to get an on-date understanding of their application processes. However, to give you a basic idea, the following are the ways through which you can apply to this university:

#1. Submit your AMCAS application along with your MCAT score.

#2. After verifying your AMCAS application, the university will send you a mail to complete the supplemental application if you are selected. Submit the secondary application (essays) as it helps you get started ahead of time.

#3. You can keep checking your application status at https://admissions.duhs.duke.edu/main

#4. If the supplemental application is selected, you will be contacted for an interview will all the required details.

#5. You would be required to submit at least 4 letters of recommendation to the Duke Medical School. 2 of the letters should be from science faculty, 1 from a clinician addressing your abilities, etc.

#6. In case you don’t get a letter of recommendation from 2 science faculties, you can get letters from the best clinical community services you know of.

#7. Submit a committee letter with which you won’t have to submit the four recommendation letters.

#8. Wait to hear back from the university about your acceptance.

What GPA should I have to get into Duke Medical School?

The ideal GPa you should have to get into Duke Medical School is approximately anywhere between 3.7-3.9. However, some of the applicants with lower GPAs can also get accepted depending on their applications.

What MCAT score would get me into Duke Medical School?

The ideal MCAT score that can help you get into the Duke University School of Medicine is between 515 and 522.

Can I get into Duke Medical School?

This university has a low acceptance rate and is highly competitive. Hence, if you want to get into this medical school, then you would have to work hard and get the best possible score in all the admission processes here.


Duke Medical School is one of the best medical schools in the USA, and it’s no wonder that students would be willing to participate. However, as good as this school is, it’s highly competitive, and preparing in advance is the best option. I hope this article helps you understand all about this school and how you can apply here.

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