Most Common Medical School Interview Questions

Common Medical School Interview Questions – Overview

Applying to a medical school? Well, one of the most tedious tasks you may come across would be preparing for the medical school interview questions. As per 2021 reports, the number of students who graduated from medical schools in the US were 28,337. So, the competition is tough.

These are the final steps to determining whether you will be accepted to the school or not. As a result, proper preparation for medical school interview questions is an essential task. However, what if you’ve got no idea where to start, what they might ask, and how you can prepare?

Not being able to prepare properly while considering these questions might seem to add a negative impression on the admissions committee. The key to success in this regard is answering confidently and knowing what you are saying. But then again, having an idea of the questions may give you a hand in making a good impression by practicing the answers in advance.

Let’s check out some of the most common medical school interview questions and how you can answer them.

Medical School Interview Questions Most Likely To Be Asked

Medical School Interview Questions

Medical School Interview Questions – Most Likely To Be Asked

Below are some of the medical school interview questions that you can prepare for:

#1. Tell Us About Yourself

At the start of the interview, the most common question the admissions committee asks is about yourself. It’s an icebreaker that can help them understand who you are. It will also enable them to understand your idea and motivations to some level. It’s one of the most open-ended questions you may encounter during the interview.

Hence, try preparing a meaningful answer and present yourself confidently. After all, you have worked hard to get to this point.

#2. Why Do We Pick You?

They may ask this question or something similar, like, “What makes you different or unique?” Through this question, the admissions committee would want to understand your values and how you can be good for the school.

You can tell them about your academic achievements or something related to the previous clinical experiences that set you apart from others. It may be a program you have done or the results you have achieved from that.

Share actual stories; if they are academically related, it would be an added plus point for you.

#3. Why Did You Apply to This Medical School?

This question is something that will help them determine if you did your research part or not. They want to understand what you found good about the medical school and if you really understand their values.

To give a proper answer to this, you would have to research the medical school you have applied to: their values, offerings, what attracts you to them, is joining that school is your dream, etc.

You may also add points like a certain physician that you wish to study under in the school, or perhaps the school is a part that can affect your dreams and future goals positively.

#4. Was There a Time When You Made a Mistake/Acted Unprofessionally?

This type of question can be quite confusing to answer, especially if you haven’t prepared the answer in advance. It’s also a question whose answers can greatly impact your acceptance into medical school.

Whatever mistake you state in the answer (even if it’s not in the medical field), they will assume you might act the same in the medical field. However, it’s not that you should just say that you’ve never been unprofessional (if you have in reality).

Everyone makes mistakes. How you make it right is the main thing. Maturely answer the question and also state how you worked on the mistake part and made things better. That will show them how responsible you are.

#5. State Your Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses.

This type of question is quite common irrespective of the field. Think of it as a trick question. You may think that saying you don’t have any weaknesses will win you the game.

However, everyone knows that no one is perfect. Hence, honesty is the key to this question. Be confident and state your most appealing qualities. When you are stating the weaknesses, the best way would be to add how you are working on them or prioritize solving them.

#6. What Are the Trends in Our Nation’s Healthcare Sector?

Although this type of question may be rare, it’s better to prepare. They might ask you questions related to your previous major subject as well. Hence, get a general idea of the healthcare systems in the nation and the basics of what you have been studying.

Through this question, they want to understand your awareness levels and if you stay updated about the medical world.


#1. What Questions Would a Medical School Interview Include?

It can be different questions about you, your academic experiences, medical field, and some questions determining your outlook in different questions. Apart from the above questions, you may also have to answer questions like:

  • Why did you get into the medical field?
  • How do you handle stressful situations or under pressure?
  • Have you done any research? If so, tell us about the most intriguing part you found in it.
  • What other schools have you applied to and why?

#2. What Are the Mistakes I Should Avoid during Medical School Interviews?

First of all, don’t dress inappropriately. Also, how you answer can have a lot of impact on the final decisions. You shouldn’t sound too rehearsed or answer without taking any time at all.

Not asking any questions at all may also not be a very good idea. If the interview tells you to ask away questions at the end of the interview, asking informed questions can be a good point in your interview.


I hope this article helps you understand the medical school interview questions and how you can answer them. The most important part here is to give yourself some time to think about the answers. Also, be honest and practice beforehand. So, dress appropriately, bring out your confident smile, be calm, and go for it!

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