Charles R Drew University Received $2.5 Million Grants 2023

Charles R Drew University Grants – Overview

Charles R. Drew University received $2.5 million in grants from HRSA administrators to improve the mental health of people in need.

As per the announcement, the Administrator of HRSA, Mr. Johnson, has visited Charles R. Drew University in Los Angeles to announce $2.5 million. Moreover, the University will receive the amount for five years to support mental care training and integration of primary care training.

Let’s talk about the Human Resources and Services Administration. The federal department has awarded over $60 million across the country for the same purpose i.e. to support the integration of mental care training and primary care training.

“I was pleased to visit Charles Drew University College of Medicine on Friday to see and hear firsthand how their staff and medical residents are poised to use HRSA’s Bipartisan Safer Community Act funding to make a real difference in mental health care for kids and build a healthier community in East LA,” said HRSA Administrator Carole Johnson.

“HRSA is proud to support Charles Drew’s work to train family physicians in the places where children and adolescents live and gather. We are committed to helping primary care physicians get the training and support they need to help meet children’s and adolescents’ mental health needs.

We know that health and well-being are not just what happens inside the clinic’s walls – it’s also about what happens in the community, and Charles Drew is training the next generation of healthcare professionals to understand and meet these needs.”

The newly awarded funding received by the University will be distributed among three different health education programs. If we talk about the three programs which will receive this funding are Physician Assistant Program, Psychiatry Residency, and Family Medicine Residency.

Their agenda is simple and i.e. to improve the mental health of people in need. We all know that the number of patients suffering from mental health issues is increasing rapidly. In that case, if the organizations and universities have such funding, they can utilize the funds to improve the healthcare industry by providing proper assistance.

Regarding the previous grant, Charles R. Drew University received a $50 Million grant in the previous year. The allotted money was distributed among the needy student for a four-year degree program.

The Charles R. Drew University partnered with the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. The universities had mutually decided to distribute the funding for research programs and to increase the number of black doctors in the University. This offers special education grants to black students so that they can pursue their medical education and become a physician to serve the community.

According to a recent study, the number of black doctors in California state has been decreasing, which has made them think about the issue. And they have come up with a special grant of $50 million, which is enough for the aspirant students who want to become a doctor but can’t afford the fees.

They can receive grants for their education from the University itself. This will eventually help increase the number of black doctors in California after a few years.

If we talk about their analysis, they have decided to improve the number of black doctors by 30% and Latinx Graduates by 20% in the coming years.

Medical and Healthcare Professionals

Medical and Healthcare Professionals

The University President and CEO Mr. David Charlisle, appreciated the state governor’s move. This shows how visionary government the state of California has!

With the allotted grant of $50 million, the University started a special four-year program for the aspirants in advance. Initially, they distributed the funds to 60 students in the 2023 batch. Each year, the University will utilize the fund to educate 60 students.

Moreover, the University has decided to build a new structure for the students who will be graduating under this new program in the medical field so that the students can receive high-quality education and top-notch training.

Charles R. Drew University - Students

Charles R. Drew University – Students

If we talk more about the structure, the new structure or the new building of the University will feature multiple classrooms, staff rooms, virtual and standard anatomy laboratories, online education, and faculty offices. They will provide the best facilities to make the program easy for students to understand.

The new building will be dedicated to the students of the new four-year program. However, some spaces will be available for the entire university students who can also explore the places of the new structure. Seminars and other common programs will be conducted at these places for the university.

About Charles R. Drew University

CDU is a reputed private university. The University is serving as a non-profit education hub for minorities. They aim to strengthen minorities by providing them with the best education and other resources so their communities can grow and help each other in tough times.

The same university aims to provide easy access to healthcare services for underserved populations.

Charles R. Drew University Address:

1731 E. 120th St., in the Watts-Willowbrook area of South Los Angeles


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