Ducey Announces $60 million Grants for Hospital Staffing, Monoclonal Treatments

$60 million Grants for Hospital Staffing, Monoclonal Treatments

Arizona’s Gov. Dough Ducey announced $60 Million to expand the staffing and monoclonal treatments to understaffed hospitals. The allotted money will be distributed among the hospitals that are providing Covid 19 treatments and vaccines at discharge.

The funding will further improve the COVID-19-related treatments that can reduce the hospitalization of infected people. They have released a press note regarding the new funding that they have decided to provide to increase hospital staffing so that patients can get reliable treatments.

They aimed to strengthen the monoclonal antibody treatments. This is an advanced treatment that creates antibodies in patients to block the virus. This way, they can prevent the spread of Covid 19. The same treatment detaches the virus from the blood cells due to antibodies created through this treatment.

Ducey’s Official Statement

Dough Ducey has officially announced this information over a microblogging platform, Twitter. He has published a couple of tweets regarding the new Monoclonal Antibody Treatment and the allotted funds.

COVID-19 has disturbed every single life on the planet Earth. In this situation, the nursing and medical staff across the world suffered a lot. To give proper treatments to patients, this funding will further increase the number of nursing staff in the hospitals. It will also reduce the stress on the existing nursing and medical staff and will increase hiring opportunities as hospitals will have extra funding to pay the salary of the new staff.

Ducey’s Official Statement

Ducey’s Official Statement

If we talk about Arizona, the state has reported over 3000 Covid 19 patients in the last seven days. This funding will be utilized to reduce the number of infected patients across the state.

As per the official Spokesperson, hospital staffing has been taxed tremendously during the Covid-19 period. They believe that the plan or the grant that they are announcing will help the state to reduce the spread of an ongoing pandemic across the state.

“There have always been conditions on the staffing support” she added in a statement. As of Tuesday, 2,057 patients are hospitalized in Arizona with over 3000 daily cases of Coronavirus. This has alarmed the government to add extra staff so that the patients can receive good treatments on time as many hospitals do not have enough staff to provide treatments to new patients.

Furthermore, the funding will be provided on a contract basis. There will be 750 new nurses added to the hospital staffing across the state through the allotted money. The new 750 staff will work eight weeks. The Arizona Department of Health Services will handle all the contracts for the new staff of nurses. The data submitted by hospitals regarding the new staff will help the Arizona Department of Health Services to manage it.

The data will further clear the doubts regarding the new staff, the name of the hospital, and the duty-related information. All the data will be submitted by the hospitals to the Arizona Department of Health Services so that the department can release the allotted funding to pay for the newly recruited staff.

What’s the eligibility for Hospitals to Receive the funding?

Hospitals’ eligibility will be based on the proven techniques such as how does a hospital provides Covid 19 treatments, what are the treatments given by the hospitals to create antibodies in Covid19 patients etc.

Hospitals that provide Covid 19 vaccine at discharge will also receive the funding through the allotted grant. A senior policy adviser to Ducey, Christina Corieri has cleared all the doubts regarding the eligibility of hospitals.

Republican governors are aiming to bring new techniques and treatments to create antibodies in humans.

Ducey is one of the republican governors who have a clear vision to reduce the spread and eradicate this deadly virus. Ducey is against the mandate that asks people to wear a mask and get the vaccine.

Instead, he is planning to stop or prevent the spread of this virus by creating antibodies. Once an antibody is created, there will be no need for wearing a mask or get vaccinated.

Antibody treatment is a helpful therapy that can reduce the effects of the virus. Even if a person gets an infection, the antibody will help him in recovering. Antibodies will further save the lives of people who have mild to moderate infections of the virus.

The Outcome

Ducey is facing criticism as he is against the mandate of wearing a mask compulsory and getting a vaccine. The official spokesperson has further said that there is nothing wrong with distributing the fund for adding extra staff to hospitals.

This will help the people of the state who get infected. They will get proper treatments on time, the proper staff will manage extra patients and many other benefits are attached to it.

If we talk about the current scenario, over 56% of the population of the Arizona state have received the first dose of the Covid 19 vaccine i.e. 4 million people. Furthermore, over 3.5 million people are fully vaccinated.





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