6 Housing Grants for the Blind

What Housing Grants for the Blind are Available

Housing grants for the blind allow people to live independently by improving their homes’ habitability and safety. These grants enable appropriate support services required to enhance the quality of life.

With the support of housing grants for the blind, every year, more Americans living with such disabilities can call themselves homeowners.

For many individuals, buying a home is half the battle since a disability can impact many life areas. In such cases, financial assistance can make a difference.

Housing Grants for the Blind – Accessibility Accommodation in the Home

The cost of home modifications is indeed concerning; however, financial assistance resources can provide relief. Housing grants for the visually impaired offer hope for independent living and well-being. These grants are offered partially or sometimes cover the full expense.

Several home improvement programs are implemented at the local, state, or federal levels that provide funding for the blind to repair their houses, make home improvements, or remove health and safety hazards.

Many grants include specific eligibility criteria, so check requirements and deadlines as you apply.

Housing Grants for the Blind – To Help Disabled Home Buyers

Disabled persons like blind people can access programs for other home buyers that help reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket costs.

1. Down Payment Assistance Grants

In the United States, every state has a variety of down payment assistance programs (DP) that offer home buyers funds to cover the costs of a down payment or closing.

The state Housing Finance Agency typically offers these programs and are geared toward low-income and first-time home buyers.

Many down payment assistance grants are forgivable or have conditions under which they do not need to be repaid. Down payment loan assistance is also available that must be repaid. However, DPA loans have low or no interest and can be forgivable if the homeowner keeps the home for several years.

To learn more about down payment grants and the home-buying process, visit What is FHA?

2. VA Grants for Disabled Veterans

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has a selection of grant programs to assist disabled veterans with the cost of buying or adapting a home to be more accessible.

To qualify for these VA grant programs, veterans must have specific service-connected disabilities and the grants can be used for homes they are purchasing or already living in.

Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) Grants – It is the largest VA grant and is available to disabled veterans annually. These grants can be used to build, buy, or modify permanent homes.

Special Home Adaption Grants (SHA) Grants –  Offers fewer grants than the SAH grant. It can also be utilized to buy, build, or modify permanent homes.

Temporary Residence Adaption (TRA) Grants – These grants are intended to help disabled veterans make accessibility upgrades to a family member’s home they’re temporarily living in. To qualify for a TRA grant, one must be eligible for an SAH or SHA grant. For more information about these programs, visit https://www.va.gov/housing-assistance/disability-housing-grants/.

3. USDA Section 504 Home Repair Program or Single-Family Housing Repair Grant

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers a Housing Repair Grant of up to $7,500 to help low-income families improve, repair, or make a home more accessible by removing health and safety hazards.

To learn more about USDA’s Housing Repair Grant program, visit https://www.rd.usda.gov/programs-services/single-family-housing-programs/single-family-housing-repair-loans-grants.

4. Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities

Section 811 program provides capital advances for persons with disabilities to finance the construction or rehabilitation of supportive housing. Section 811 also provides project rental assistance (PRA) to state housing agencies.

For more information, visit https://www.hudexchange.info/programs/section-811/.

5. The National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA)

Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs) offer a wide range of support and financial assistance for housing needs.

The NCSHA advances opportunities for financing healthier and affordable housing.

The agency was created to advance the purchase, development, and rehabilitation of affordable homes and rental apartments for low- and middle-income households.

For more information, visit https://www.ncsha.org/.

6. The National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification

This Directory provides a state directory for finding a broad range of local resources for home modification and repair financial aid.

The resources are available to convert or adapt to the environment to reduce accidents, make performing tasks easier, and support independent living.

For more information, visit https://homemods.org/national-directory/.


Whatever the nature of the disability, the fact is that it should never make one feel that they are alone in their quest.

Housing grants for the blind ensure you feel comfortable and safe supporting the local economy.

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