Free Dental Implants for Disabled

Free Dental Implants for the Disabled are Available

Free dental implants for the disabled include special dental care in the form of financial help to support the required treatment.

Dental implants are expensive cosmetic procedures that involve tooth bleaching, enamel bonding, Invisalign braces, removable dentures, or fixed dental bridge.

Additionally, individuals with physical disabilities may face problems getting into the surgery or even into the dental chair.

Many dentists happily treat people with special dental needs; however, some disabled people find it hard to get the surgery, where cost becomes an added burden.

Therefore, special arrangements are offered, including free dental services, to improve the financial capacity of disabled people.

Free Dental Implants for Disabled – Cover the Cost of Dental Treatment

Free dental implants for disabled people do exist, and they could become a reality.

All it requires is a real investigation to find ways to help charities, grants, clinical trials, dental schools and local health centers. Social Security offers two wage replacement programs for people with permanent disabilities.

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1. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) – SSI covers disabled individuals with few resources who have never earned them. SSI recipients participate in Medicaid to receive dental services.

2. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) – SSDI covers disabled people who worked and paid FICA taxes. The receivers are Medicaid eligible for the first two years and then graduate to Medicare, where you need to be enrolled in an Advantage plan to cover dental services.

Free Dental Implants for Disabled – How to get free dental implants?

If you are unable to afford dental implants, you can try getting them at no cost.

There are several programs, funding from state organizations and much more that offer free dental implants for the disabled. Let’s explore the available options.

Donated Dental Services

Donated Dental Services is a program approved and run by many respected associations, including the American Dental Association (ADA) Foundation.

They are funded by the Dental Lifeline Network, providing free comprehensive services to the elderly, medically fragile, disabled and veterans.

Participating in the program does not mean you will automatically receive implants. The best treatment that is suitable for the disabled person is always decided by the professional who is performing the procedure.

You can apply online by visiting

To begin with, you must first locate your state on the website and follow the application link provided for the application. Fill out the details and attach the required documents that prove your disability.

If qualified, your name will appear on the waiting list or else you will receive a letter of denial.

After several months., you will be matched with a volunteer dentist, who will then determine your eligibility and the [procedures to move further with the treatment.

Give Back a Smile

Give Back a Smile provide dental care to the disabled who have been affected by domestic or sexual violence and therefore have suffered injuries in the mouth or teeth.

This organization is funded by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) charitable foundation.

The application fee is $20, which can be exchanged for 10 hours of work, making the treatment entirely free.

During the preliminary examination, it is decided as to what kind of dental work is needed. Volunteers of Giving Back a Smile do not treat any issues caused due to negligence. Also, they do not treat any previous dental work.

The applicant is required to fulfill several requirements. The application process is available online that needs to be downloaded and then mailed.

Once qualified, a volunteer dentist within 200 miles of the location of the disabled applicant is referred.

After scheduling the appointment, the dentist decides on the final eligibility and proposes a treatment plan.

For more information, visit

Free dental Implants from Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are case studies where practitioners experiment with new medications or techniques to find solutions for the future.

While applying for dental clinical trials, one must ensure that there is controlled risk.

Most clinical trials usually demand patients with particular dental conditions. The requirements might vary, depending on the experiment. T

herefore, it is a must to find a clinical trial that meets all your treatment needs.

For current running trials, visit

Dental Schools

Dental students need patients to practice on. They work under the guidance and watchful eye of a licensed professional.

Disabled people struggling with medical costs can get free dental implants from dental schools.

Contact dental schools nearby to find affordable treatment. Also, sometimes dental schools participate in a program that makes free implants possible.

Explore State and Local Dental Societies

State or local dental societies are a great place to get information on pro bono dental implants, clinical trials and other dental work.

Most of these societies also have foundations that can help to fund grants or provide free dental implants for the disabled.


Several programs offer free dental implants for the disabled, seniors, and low-income.

They cater to the needs of disabled patients who want to get their dental work at low-costs or free of charge.

Dental Grants by State

Dental Implant Grants Ebook

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