3 of the Best Remote Nursing Jobs

Remote Nursing Jobs – Overview

Remote working in healthcare is not new, but the widespread adoption of telehealth specifically dates back to the late 20th century, becoming more prevalent in the 2000s. After the global pandemic, there has been a significant increase in demand for remote nursing jobs. As the demand for healthcare for the increasingly aging population grows, especially in rural and isolated areas, remote working in healthcare is becoming more relevant.

In this article, we have listed the best remote nursing jobs.

What is a Remote Nursing Job

A nursing post requiring a certified nurse practitioner to work from anywhere other than a conventional clinical setting is considered a remote nursing job. Usually, remote nursing is done from home and can have different responsibilities, such as:

  • Coordinating care in different specialties
  • Evaluating patients over the phone
  • Health Coaching
  • Nursing informatics / IT work
  • Medical writing
  • Nursing research
  • Billing and coding

Though working from home may sound extremely convenient, remote nursing jobs are only meant for some because several tasks need a hospital or clinical setting. Some of the major responsibilities that a remote nursing job may entail are:

  • Calling patients at home for a follow-up
  • Reviewing home care products
  • Reviewing doctor’s orders
  • Checking the status of patient care services
  • Reviewing charts to ensure optimal medical care is being provided
  • Providing additional information if a decision is rendered-approval, pending, or denial

The average annual salary for remote nursing jobs in the United States varies widely. For instance, nurse educators can earn approximately US$75,000 to US$100,000, while registered nurse case managers can earn an average of US$65,000 to US$85,000 per year.

Types of Remote Nursing Jobs

Best Remote Nursing Jobs

Best Remote Nursing Jobs – Types of Remote Nursing Jobs

There are multiple types of remote nursing jobs available. Among the most renowned and popular remote nursing jobs are:

  • RN admission nurse
  • Nurse case manager
  • Field assessment nurse
  • Registered nurse educator
  • Telehealth nurse
  • Medical reviewer nurse
  • Behavioral Health RN/LPN
  • Diabetes care RN/LPN
  • Home health care RN/LPN

Remote nursing jobs usually involve assessing patients and ensuring that they follow the instructions suggested by their primary healthcare provider.

3 Best Remote Nursing Jobs

Now that you understand the different types of jobs, let’s take a look at the top remote nursing jobs you can choose from:

1 – RN Case Manager

Registered Nurse (RN) Case Managers work with patients, doctors, other caregivers, and insurance companies to ensure the healthcare operation runs smoothly. The main role of an RN Case Manager is to manage their employer’s healthcare plans properly.

The main responsibility of an RN Case Manager is to build, use, and review healthcare plans. These professionals speak for their patients and offer efficient and effective healthcare services through affordably priced treatments.

In short, RN Case Managers are liaisons between medical practitioners and patients. They coordinate services for the patient with doctors, healthcare professionals, and insurance companies.

RN Case Managers coordinate healthcare services primarily using phones or computers, enabling them to work remotely effectively and fulfill their jobs remotely, such as at home. RN Case Manager positions are ideal for those seeking remote nursing jobs.

On average, RN Case Managers earn around US$85,000 annually, or around US$43 per hour. The typical salary for RN Case Managers is between US$78,000 and US$92,000 per year.

To be an RN Case Manager, you will likely have to follow the steps given below:

  • Acquire accredited nursing program certification
  • Pass the NCLEX-RN licensing exam
  • Obtain nursing experience of at least 5 years
  • Find a role that is focused on case management
  • Earn certification in case of management from accrediting organizations

2 – Telephone Triage Nurse

A Telephone Triage Nurse is responsible for helping patients understand the care they need with a phone call. These professionals can offer a short assessment of the patient and help to determine if the patient requires emergency medical care. Telephone triage nurses also help patients to make appointments with their healthcare provider or even treat themselves at home.

A telephone triage nurse’s responsibilities include answering patient calls and assessing the patient’s medical needs with an over-the-phone consultation. As the evaluation is done completely over the phone, a telephone triage nurse helps to make assessments based on the information provided by the patient.

This information usually includes basic information about the patient, their symptoms, any pre-existing conditions, and their medical history. Once this is done, the telephone triage nurse evaluates the patient’s condition and recommends appropriate care.

As telephone triage nurses mainly work through phone-call consultation, they can easily work remotely, such as in their homes. All this requires is a basic office setup, including a work computer, office phone line, and a headset.

As a telephone triage nurse, you can find employment at clinics, crisis hotlines, trauma centers, outpatient care centers, poison control centers, managed care, doctor’s offices, and telephone triage centers. Most of these employers allow nurses to work from home.

The average annual salary for a telephone triage nurse in the US varies, generally from US$ 60,000 to US$ 85,000, depending on experience and location.

3 – Informatics Nurse

Informatics nurses combine nursing expertise with computer and information science to manage and improve medical systems supporting nursing practice. Their main goal is to improve patient care results.

Some of the most common technologies that informatics nurses work on are computerized provider order entry (CPOE), electronic medical records (EMRs), etc. These professionals are responsible for assessing healthcare technology requirements, testing systems technology, designing systems technology, evaluating the success rate of implementation of said technology, ensuring healthcare organizations meet federal healthcare regulations, and much more.

Informatics nurse positions are technologically driven; hence, you will need nursing experience and computer/data-management skills.

The average annual salary for informatics nurses in the United States is around US$ 91,000, or around US$ 44 per hour.


These are the 3 best remote nursing jobs. The growing integration of information technology and data processing in the healthcare industry opens new and innovative positions for professionally certified nurses. Check the specific requirements for any remote nursing job before deciding to apply.

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