What Makes a Good Pediatric Nurse?

What Makes a Good Pediatric Nurse? – Overview

A pediatric nurse is a professional who works with children. He or she is responsible for taking care of patients who are minors and attending to their healthcare needs.

In addition to being a general caregiver, the pediatric nurse is also trained to handle emergencies involving children.

The job of a pediatric nurse can be extremely challenging and stressful, especially if the patient is seriously ill and requires constant monitoring. However, it is one of the most rewarding careers in nursing, as well.

A pediatric nurse must possess certain qualities to be successful in his or her job. Here are some of the qualities that make a good pediatric nurse.

Basic Knowledge of Pediatrics

A pediatric nurse must first have the necessary skills to perform all the tasks required in his or her job.

This includes knowing how to properly administer medication, draw blood and give injections, as well as how to restrain a child during an emergency.

A pediatric nurse should be able to identify age-appropriate behavior and symptoms that are present in children from different age groups.

They should be able to assess a child’s health condition and know how to administer necessary treatments and medications.

They should also be able to provide timely first aid before getting the child to a doctor if the situation is critical.

Take Instructions Well

A pediatric nurse must always follow instructions from doctors or medical professionals so that his or her patients will get the best treatment that is required for them.

When there is a certain prescription needed for a patient, then the nurse must have the right dosage ready so that it will not affect the patient’s health condition worse than it already is.

Good Communication Skills

When working with other nurses, doctors, parents and even children, they must have excellent communication skills in order to relay messages clearly without any confusion and misunderstandings.

Communication among these parties must always be clear and understandable in order for them to work well together toward achieving their goals for every patient under their care.

Have a Sense of Humor

Another quality of a great pediatric nurse is having a sense of humor. They may sometimes experience situations where they need to laugh off the stress and frustration of dealing with kids all day long, especially if they work in an emergency room or intensive care unit (ICU).

An effective way to do this is by laughing with other staff members or coworkers who are also willing to take certain situations less seriously than others might.

An Understanding of Children’s Developmental Stages

This is an important trait for all nurses but particularly those working with infants and toddlers.

A good pediatric nurse will understand what developmental stage the child she is caring for is in and which health issues are commonly seen at that age.

She will also understand which questions parents are likely to have and be able to give them appropriate answers or direct them to a resource where they can find the information they need.

Time Management Skills

A good pediatric nurse understands the importance of time management skills in terms of both helping the child get better faster and getting through the workday efficiently without sacrificing quality care.

When working with children who need immediate medical attention but whose conditions aren’t urgent enough for them to be seen immediately by a doctor, it’s important for a pediatric nurse to be able to triage the sickest children so that they receive prompt treatment.

As a pediatric nurse, you need to be able to multi-task, especially when you have multiple patients in one day/shift that all require your attention.

You also need time management skills in order to prioritize your tasks every day and make sure that everything gets done on time.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is important in all professions, but more so in the medical field because misdiagnosis can sometimes lead to serious side effects for patients.

When taking blood pressure readings, recording vital signs, or administering medication, a pediatric nurse should be sure not to overlook anything.

Final Thoughts

Good pediatric nurses must have several qualities, including the ability to work with different people and personalities, the ability to think quickly on their feet, and the ability to assess situations, among others.

With this article at hand, it should be easier for anyone in the profession to go about their daily activities.

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