Can New Nurses Work Per Diem? Here is How to Make It Work

Can New Nurses Work Per Diem Can New Nurses Work Per Diem

Can New Nurses Work Per Diem?

Yes, you can work per diem nursing if you’re a new nurse because the nursing profession is an incredibly flexible career path that’s in no way similar to traditional 9 to 5 jobs.

Therefore, if you’re a new nurse seeking even more flexibility at the workplace, per diem nursing is something you should be seriously considering.

Why Does Per Diem Appeal to New Nurses?

Per-diem nursing appeals to new nurses because they work by the day or when needed, so there is no hanging around the workplace until their shift is over.

However, it’s crucial to note that per diem positions are typically occupied by more experienced nurses who have grown tired of working full-time.

How Easy Is Getting a Per Diem Position as a New Nurse?

Currently, some hospitals will offer you per diem positions if you’re licensed by the state BON but don’t have nursing experience.

In fact, some hospitals will offer you hospital orientation and training, which is useful for any fresh nursing graduate.

Per diem, work can also be obtained via nursing agencies. But you’ll find these agencies don’t offer jobs to new nurses because of their lack of experience.

Therefore, although per diem positions are available for new nurses, they’re limited to specific places in the US experiencing a growing need for nurses.

What Are the Benefits of Per Diem Nursing for New Nurses?

Acts as A Trial

As a new nurse, you might not be sure whether this is the right career path for you, so the best thing is to try out the profession through per diem work.

Once you’ve done several shifts, you can decide whether you’ll be able to handle the pressure of being employed on a full-time or part-time basis.

Less Risk of Burnout

As a per diem nurse, your burnout risk will be less than a full-time nurse because you’re not immersed in the job 24/7.

The responsibility of having a demanding work schedule is not for everyone, especially new nurses, so per diem helps you avoid this.

You Can Take a Vacation Whenever You Want

As a per diem nurse, if you feel like taking a vacation, you can do it whenever you want. You won’t have to wait until a vacation week is available in the healthcare facility. So you have the freedom to pack your bags and leave anytime.

You’re Getting Paid

Obviously, per diem, nursing is a great way to make money. If you’re a new nurse, you can accept per diem shifts even if you’re employed on a full-time or part-time basis.

This should be a welcome opportunity for you to keep your feet in new waters and cross-train on different floors, giving you extra cash and skills.

You Will Have an Exceptional Work-Life Balance

One of the biggest benefits of per diem for new nurses is the work-life balance. This means you will never miss anything crucial in your life because of being tied down by your job.

For instance, if you have kids, you’ll be able to attend their dance recitals and sports games.

You also can plan and be available for their birthday parties on weekends. As a result, you’ll never be in a position whereby you have to choose between your family and your job.

What Are the Drawbacks of Per Diem Nursing for New Nurses?

Ineligibility for Retirement Benefits

As a per diem nurse, you don’t get any retirement benefits because you’re not a full-time employee of the institution you’re working for.

So you can essentially work many years for a facility per diem with nothing to show for it in the end.

No Paid Vacation

One of the biggest drawbacks of per diem working as a nurse is that you don’t get paid for vacation time.

You still work a certain number of hours but only receive payment for hours worked. So you’ll go on vacation, spend money and not recover it via paid leave.

Working on Weekends

Per diem work sometimes requires you to work on some weekends. In fact, some healthcare facilities have a stipulation that you must meet with regard to working per diem on weekends.

For instance, you might be required to take a one-weekend shift per month.

Final Thought

As you can see, per diem has numerous benefits for new nurses. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s right for you, and you might even find it’s not an option in your state of practice. So be careful when choosing between full-time and per diem jobs.

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