4 Best Sonography Schools in Washington

Best Sonography Schools in Washington – Overview

Sonography is extremely vital for the proper medical diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from numerous disorders and diseases. It helps doctors and physicians to understand the core cause of an ailment and prescribe the correct and most effective treatment.

Being a professional medical ultrasound technician or sonographer is one of the most sought-after jobs in America. If you, too, want to become a professional sonographer, this article will help you.

Here, we have listed the process and prerequisites to becoming an ultrasound technician, the salary range and job prospects, and the best sonography schools in Washington.

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How to Become a Sonographer in Washington?

Here are the simple steps to become a professionally certified medical ultrasound technician in Washington:

Step 1 – Choose the correct course

The first step towards becoming a certified professional sonographer is to choose the correct program. It is vital to know the accreditation of the school and the ultrasound program too. It is advisable to choose a school that has received CAAHEP accreditation. This way, you can ensure that you receive top-quality education and training that meets the strict industrial guidelines.

Step 2 – Earn your degree

To become a professional ultrasound technician, you will need to have at least an Associate of Science Degree in medical sonography. This can help you get an entry-level job in the medical diagnostic industry. You can also choose to pursue a Bachelor’s degree or Certificates for healthcare professionals to expand your job prospects.

Step 3 – Get your credentials

The last step to becoming a professional sonographer is to earn an RDMS credential. Though this is not required or mandatory by employers, your resume becomes stronger and more feasible for hiring with added credentials and certificates.

You will need to complete your graduation from a CAAHEP-accredited program to be eligible to sit for the ARDMS certification program.

It is essential to choose an accredited program whenever you plan to enter into a technical field, such as medical diagnostic imaging. The CAAHEP (Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs) is the most widely recognized accreditation body for medical imaging courses in the United States.

You will need to attend a school that follows the DMS Accreditation Standards and Guidelines to become accredited by CAAHEP. Upon completing one of the CAAHEP-accredited Washington DMS programs, you can effectively sit for the SPI (Sonography Principles and Instrumentation) examinations and earn your certification.

Washington does not require candidates to have certification or licensure to practice, but earning certification helps to make you a preferable candidate for a job as a medical ultrasound technician.

Average Salary and Job Prospects for Medical Sonographers in Washington

In Washington, professional sonographers earn an annual median salary of around USD 95,990, depending on employer, region, etc. The increasing demand for certified medical ultrasound technicians in the state will result in job growth of 18% by 2030, making ultrasound technicians one of the highest earners in the industry.

4 Top Sonography Schools in Washington

Let’s take a look at the best sonography programs in Washington:

Best sonography programs in Washington

The best sonography programs in Washington

1 – Bellevue College

The Bellevue College in Bellevue ranks first on the list of the best sonography programs in Washington. It offers three different courses in ultrasound technology. Here, you can choose to pursue an Associate of Arts in DMS, an Advanced Certificate in Breast Ultrasound (for current sonographers) or a Bachelor of Applied Science degree (for current sonographers).

Associate of Arts candidates must complete certain prerequisite courses and have a minimum 3.2 GPA, having achieved within the last 5 years. All applications for admission, along with the supporting documents, can be submitted online.

To know more details about sonography programs at Bellevue College, you can check out the official website here https://www.bellevuecollege.edu/ultrasound/.

2 – Seattle University

Seattle University ranks second on the list of the best sonography programs in Washington. The university offers a Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Ultrasound. Candidates are required to complete certain prerequisite courses and pass with a minimum “C” grade or higher to become eligible for admission into the B.S. Diagnostic Ultrasound program.

To know more details about the sonography program and admission criteria at Seattle University, you can check out the official link here https://www.seattleu.edu/nursing/ultrasound/.

3 – Spokane Community College

Spokane Community College ranks third on the list of the top sonography programs in Washington. The college offers an Associate in Applied Science – DMS degree. Candidates who seek admission into this course are required to complete certain prerequisite courses with a minimum 2.5 GPA within the past 5 years.

Candidates also need to show 40 hours of documented volunteer work in the healthcare industry to get admission into this course.

To know details about eligibility criteria, admission process, fees, and others, you can check out the Spokane Community College official website here https://scc.spokane.edu/What-to-Study/Programs/Pathway-Course-Map?plan=Diagnostic%20Medical%20Sonography.

4 – Tacoma Community College

The Tacoma Community College in Tacoma also offers one of the top sonography programs in Washington. The college offers an Associate of Applied Science – DMS degree. To get admission into this ultrasound technician course, candidates are required to complete certain requisites.

For instance, you must complete 7 specific prerequisite courses, earn a minimum 2.7 GPA and show 8 hours of documented observation at a sonography facility.

You can visit the official link here to learn more about the admission criteria and process at the Tacoma Community College for the sonography program https://www.tacomacc.edu/academics-programs/programs/dms/.

Remember, various scholarships and financial assistance are offered to students who wish to pursue a sonography program through an accredited school in Washington. Ensure to check with the relevant college to find the type of scholarships or financial aid they provide to alleviate the burden of high fees and expenses.


This is the list of the top sonography programs in Washington. Make sure to contact the college of choice and find out all details about eligibility criteria, admission process, fee structure, etc., before applying for admission.

Sonography Programs in the US by State (Map)

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