5 Best Schools that Offer Sonography Programs in Missouri

Sonography Programs in Missouri – Overview

Several public and non-profit colleges in Missouri offer degree programs in diagnostic medical sonography.

This program can cover a few topics, including introductory diagnostic medical ultrasound, medical terminology, medical ethics, and ultrasound clinical foundation.

Through several other courses, students can also excel in medical sonography, vascular technology, cardiac sonography, scanning techniques, and vascular technology.

5 Best Schools that Offer Sonography Programs in Missouri

Here are a few schools that deliver the best sonography programs in Missouri.

1. State Fair Community College

State Fair Community College of Sedalia offers a warm and caring environment and helps students achieve their goals in life.

CAAHEP accredits the diagnostic medical sonography program at State Fair Community College. This coursework can prepare the students for the AEDMS national registry examinations.

Applicants to the sonography program at State Fair Community College must pass a background check to apply; specific requirements should be verified with the college. The selection procedure also requires a negative drug test result and all necessary immunization records from the applicants.

The sonography program at State Fair Community College is available in a hybrid format. Students in this five-semester program start in August of each year and finish in May, 22 months later.

Students do their didactic book study courses online during the first two semesters, and they visit the SFCC Sedalia campus twice a week for the ultrasound scanning lab.

For the final three semesters, students are allocated to Missouri clinical locations. They spend four days a week scanning actual patients under the close supervision of the sonographer on site.

During these final three semesters, students can continue taking online courses to prepare for their certification exams.

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2. University of Missouri

The University of Missouri, located in Columbia, offers advanced sonography programs to help students achieve their goals.

The University of Missouri’s diagnostic medical ultrasound program graduates excel on national certification examinations and hold executive positions in the imaging industry.

The University of Missouri offers sonography programs; prospective students should refer to the University’s official website or contact the school directly for current program offerings and details.

BHS degree in Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences

The BHS degree program in Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences takes a minimum of four years to complete. This coursework is divided into two phases: the pre-professional phase and the professional phase.

During the pre-professional stage, students complete the prerequisite courses for the ultrasound program as well as the general education requirements for the University of Missouri. It takes two years to complete the general education requirements of the University of Missouri.

The Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound (DMU) program at the University of Missouri (MU) is a seven-semester (27-month) professional program with selective admission. For a spot in the cohort starting in June of that year, students must apply by February 1.

Every student at MU DMU gains knowledge of how to do OB/GYN, abdominal, vascular, and cardiac ultrasound exams.  Students perform clinical rotations in hospitals around Missouri during the final four semesters of the professional phase.

MHS degree in Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences

The University of Missouri offers a master’s program in sonography; for specifics on program history and offerings, refer to the University’s official communications. Depending on your academic background, this program’s length and the number of required courses may change.

The MHS CDS program equips clinical practitioners for leadership in three different environments: healthcare institutions, higher education programs educating incoming healthcare workers, and the healthcare sector.

Clinical Laboratory Science, Imaging Sciences, and Respiratory Therapy are the three focus areas offered by the MHS CDS.

3. Cox College

Cox College, located in Springfield, is dedicated to fulfilling the educational requirements of its students and the medical community.

In Missouri, Cox College educates future ultrasound technicians in critical thinking, effective communication, and the use of evidence in decision-making.

Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Imaging

The BSDI degree focuses on vascular sonography, obstetrics and gynecology, and the abdomen and small parts. In this course, students can learn through a combination of clinical training, simulated lab experiences, and classroom instruction.

After completing the program, you can register for the ARDMS or AART certification tests.

Certification in Echocardiography

You may learn about cardiac sonography with this online post-bachelor certificate program. It is a comprehensive program that combines clinical training in adult echocardiography with classroom instruction.

4. St. Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City

The tertiary care hospital Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City provides affordable, high-quality ultrasound technician programs.

St. Luke’s Hospital of Kansas offers two different educational programs for students interested in sonography.

Schools of Diagnostic Medical Sonography

An 18-month, nationally approved program called the School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography educates students in various sonography specialties. Here, the students can learn about obstetrical and gynecological, abdominal, and vascular ultrasonography.

The program gives students the skills they need to thrive in a field where demand is increasing through clinical experiences in various healthcare settings.

School of Echocardiography

This nationally accredited 18-month cardiac sonography program is hospital-based and offers an affordable education for the students.

This program can combine classroom instruction with guided clinical experience to ensure the highest quality of education.

The School of Echocardiography exposes its students to various specialties, including adult echocardiography and vascular ultrasonography.

5. St. Louis Community College

St. Luis Community College believes that education can uplift both people and communities. This college offers certain educational programs for students with an interest in sonography.

St. Louis Community College offers a diagnostic medical sonography program; prospective students should consult the college’s official website for current start dates and program details. The program combines classroom learning with clinical rotations at various regionally dispersed connected healthcare facilities.

Individuals with a 2-year hospital-based training program or an associate degree in any allied health sector are eligible for this program.

Before beginning the program, you must finish 24–26 credits of prerequisite courses in college essays, oral communication, anatomy, medical terminology,  and physiology.

Skills that You Require to Study Sonography

You need certain skills  to succeed in the field of diagnostic medical sonography –

  • Strong critical-thinking
  • Observation power
  • Technical skills
  • Excellent active listening
  • Social perception abilities
  • Strong oral and written expression
  • Comprehension
  • Arm-hand steadiness and control
  • Ability to pay attention to detail


Diagnostic medical sonographers perform ultrasound imaging, assemble the ensuing findings, and sometimes even evaluate the reports. Hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities, and laboratories all offer employment opportunities, and wages range from $47,000 to $62,000.

If you are interested in medical sonography, there are multiple educational programs available in Missouri that you can explore.

Sonography Programs in the US by State (Map)

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