10 Commonly Asked Questions About Wood Therapy Answered

Commonly Asked Questions About Wood Therapy

Body contouring is a popular phenomenon today where people place a lot of importance on their looks.

From cool sculpting to fat cavitation, there are many unanswered questions about such procedures.

Here, we will address some questions regarding wood therapy that may help you decide whether to go for the procedure or not.

What is Wood Therapy

Commonly Asked Questions About Wood Therapy

1. What is Wood Therapy?

As the name implies, this kind of therapy involves using several wooden tools to break down cellulite in different body parts, especially the midsection.

2. Are Body Contouring and Wood Therapy the Same Thing?

Not as such. Technically, they are two different treatments but they are performed to achieve the same goal. Contouring helps improve skin elasticity and tighten it while wood therapy breaks down body fat to help achieve a toned body.

3. Is Wood Therapy Effective?

The answer to this is relative because people are different and they, therefore, respond differently to such treatments. You also have to consider other factors like the consistency of treatment, weight, and age.

4. What Benefits Come with Wood Therapy?

Wood therapy has many benefits, including stimulating blood circulation, accelerating metabolism, naturally ridding the body of toxins, breaking down body fat, and loosening tight muscles.

5. How Safe is Wood Therapy?

The procedure is 100 percent non-invasive and natural and generally safe. You should consult a doctor first to ensure the therapy is good for you.

6. What Does it Feel Like?

Most people will experience discomfort during their first few sessions, which is a new feeling. You need to work with your therapist to decide how much pressure should be applied.

7. Does Wood Therapy Hurt?

Looking at the tools used in wood therapy, you would be forgiven for thinking that they will cause immense pain.

However, once they are used on your body, you will realize they are not as bad.

Nonetheless, when it comes to the massage, your first several sessions are likely to be uncomfortable if you have things like cellulite that need a lot of pressure to eliminate.

After several wood therapy sessions, you will be more relaxed and enjoyable.

8. How Long Does It Take to See Results?

This is a tricky question because the answer is how often you get the therapy done. However, you should be able to notice a slight difference after your first session.

Most people begin to see the effects after three to five sessions.

9. Are its Results Permanent?

Wood therapy tends to be more effective when used as a continuous treatment, just like how massages work. By that, we mean that the more consistent you are, the more desirable results you will get and the longer they will last.

10. Can Wood Therapy be Done at Home?

Yes, it can just as with any other massage. Wooden therapy instruments are even sold on Amazon, which tells you it can be a DIY project.

Nevertheless, since a professional will not provide your home therapy sessions, you are less likely to enjoy the full benefits of a professionally done job.

This can be compared to the massages given at home by a partner and those done at a facility.

While the former can be romantic and stress-relieving, they won’t deliver long-term relief as a professional one would.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the questions that appear the most regarding wood therapy and body contouring in general.

After going through them, you should better understand what the therapy can do for you and whether it is worth getting.

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