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NRMP Match – Overview

The National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), known as The Match, is a private, nonprofit organization.

It was established in 1952 by medical students and residency program directors. It was established to provide an organized, efficient, and fair method to match preferences for budding medical residents with available residency programs in the United States.

The Match is a highly regarded system for medical residency placement in the US.

It uses an internationally acclaimed algorithm, compiles comprehensive data reports, and utilizes advanced technology.

The Match has helped thousands of medical aspirants achieve their dream of becoming certified professional doctors in the US.

About NRMP

The NRMP organizes the annual Main Residency Match, which involves over 44,000 applicants and almost 6,400 residency programs.

The NRMP also organizes Fellowship Matches for various medical subspecialties under its Specialties Matching Service (SMS), the number of subspecialties may vary.

The NRMP is run by a Board of Directors consisting of representatives of national medical and medical educational institutes.

The board also has medical students, graduate medical education program directors, and resident physicians as its members.

The NRMP was established to provide a fair and efficient matching service for medical residency and fellowship positions in the United States. It is the leading match data resource in the country.

Application Process to Register for NRMP

To participate in Match, eligible participants must use the secure Registration, Ranking, and Results (R3) system and register by creating a unique username and password.

This system can be directly accessed by clicking the “Login/Register” button at the top of the official NRMP website.

Applicants need to register for each Match cycle they wish to participate in, but they can use the same NRMP account.

However, such users can choose their previous username and password to complete the registration process again.

Applicants can only participate in one Match cycle at a time but may apply for different tracks or specialties within a cycle.

Let’s take a closer look at the steps involved in the process of registering for NRMP:

Step 1 – Preparing to apply

You will first need to register with and complete the ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Services) application if instructed by the NRMP website.

An NRMP ID is not required to start the ERAS application, but linking your NRMP and ERAS profiles is recommended for the Match. However, MATCH applicants need an AAMC ID to register with NRMP and participate in the Main Residency Match event.

Once you register with NRMP, you must log into the ERAS and update your profile details using your NRMP ID.

This makes it easier for the program directors to determine residency placement according to the program’s rank order sequence.

You will need to have the following ID numbers handy when registering with NRMP:

  • USMLE ID (if you are a US MD student or graduate)
  • ECFMG ID (if you are an international medical graduate) and also COMLEX-USA ID (if you are a US DO student or graduate)

Step 2 – Application for registration

Registering for NRMP is quite easy. Applicants must provide basic profile details, such as their name, date of birth, exam scores, AAMC ID, and volunteer and work experience information.

You can update profile information at any point during the match process.

Enter current and valid phone numbers and email addresses in the R3 system. Remember to check “Yes” for informed consent, which allows NRMP to use professional profiling information for research.

The data allows NRMP to continue printing invaluable reports that will help future applicants and the graduate medical education community enormously.

Step 3 – Registration fee

The registration fee with NRMP allows you to access the vast resources provided by the R3 system, participate in the match, and access Match-related reports online.

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when completing this step to register for NRMP:

  • Prevent security breaches by keeping your NRMP username and password secure and secret.
  • When registering for NRMP, you should use the same name as in AAMC’s ERAS or ECFMG. This lets program directors identify you correctly and rank you in order.
  • Certain information provided during NRMP registration, such as Match participation status, can be seen by programs. This information is only used for NRMP purposes. Use your email address to register for NRMP. Medical school email IDs may be disabled once you graduate from medical school.

Now that you know the registration process details, you can easily register for NRMP by clicking on the link –


The NRMP is an excellent comprehensive resource of medical residency opportunities within the United States.

If you are a budding doctor or surgeon who wishes to get the best-suited residency, you should register for NRMP as soon as possible.

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