Epic Training for Physicians | Modules and Cost

Epic Training for Physicians – Overview

Epic is one of the US’s leading electronic health records (EHR) systems today. Major hospitals and clinics employ it.

The Epic EHR system has seen a significant rise in demand in the past few years. Usually, IT technicians working in hospital administration settings need Epic certification.

However, even licensed physicians are seeking to get Epic training. This is an excellent way to add to their resume and skill set.

What is Epic Certification?

Epic training is provided to IT professionals and healthcare providers, including physicians, who need to use the Epic EHR software system.

Epic certification programs require candidates to undergo extensive training before appearing for the certification exam.

To undergo official Epic certification training, a candidate must be sponsored by an organization with a license to use Epic software.

Epic training is provided through several different types of training modules. You can choose from these to get your Epic certification.

What are the Epic Training Modules?

The Epic EHR software is highly efficient yet complex. Hence, Epic training involves learning about its specialized functions for specific areas in a healthcare facility through different training modules.

The area in which you plan to work in a hospital setting decides the type of Epic training module you need to enroll for.

Some of the more popular Epic training modules include:

Beacon – This is the Oncology module of Epic software

ASAP – This is the module used for Emergency Room functions

Cadence – This Epic training module is meant for organizing employee schedules

Beaker – This training module in the Epic system is aimed at recording lab tests

Kaleidoscope – This Epic training module deals with the ophthalmology department

Cupid – This training module is meant for recording cardiology procedures

Prelude/ADT – This Epic training module is for patient registration purposes

Stork – This training module is for obstetrics department records

Radiant – This training module is aimed at radiology department functions

Willow – This Epic training module teaches pharmacy department codes

How to undergo Epic Training for Physicians?

Firstly, you must find an employer ready to sponsor your candidacy for the Epic training and certification course.

The eligibility criteria for Epic training are pretty stringent and vet candidates heavily.

If you are currently employed by or sponsored by a healthcare provider with the Epic software in use.

Another way to enroll in the Epic training program is if the Epic company employs you.

Epic Systems requires employees of licensed organizations who will be using their software in administrative or clinical capacities to undergo training, though not all need to be certified. Hence, the company often sponsors its employees to undergo Epic training for certification.

The certification process for Epic includes a combination of online coursework, hands-on projects, and tests that can culminate in a certification exam, which may be conducted at Epic’s Verona, Wisconsin campus or virtually. The training program includes in-depth training and hands-on experience with the software.

Once the training is over, the candidate must pass the Epic certification exam.

Is there a difference between Epic Certification vs. Epic Proficiency?

There is a significant difference between Epic certification and Epic proficiency training.

In the Epic proficiency course, you will learn how to become proficient at using the Epic EHR software.

However, this training does not certify you to use the Epic software system. You can even become proficient at using Epic after a few hours of self-teaching the software.

However, Epic certification is provided after you undergo extensive theory and practical classes and can pass the certification exam.

Keep in mind that the Epic training for physicians program is typically challenging. However, the expert instructors and extensive course material are beneficial and make things easier.

It is important to learn to use the Epic software in and out. Hence, you will need an instructor’s knowledge to successfully pass the Epic certification exam.

What is the Cost of Epic Training for Physicians and how much can you earn annually?

On average, Epic training for physicians can cost anywhere between $500 and $10,000. The exact amount will depend on various factors.

The sponsoring employer typically covers the cost of Epic training and certification, which is a requirement for using the system in their healthcare settings.

However, the return on investment after Epic training is significant. The median average of Epic Coordinators’s income in the US is around $85,800 annually.

Epic Project Managers earn as much as $102,000 annually.

Epic Analysts find employment with an average annual salary of around $97,000, while Epic Report Writers can earn around $87,000 annually.

Even if you become an Epic Trainer, you can expect to take home as much as $85,000 as the average annual salary.


Undergoing Epic certification for physicians is highly advisable. This is a great way to open opportunities for higher positions and salaries within your company or hospital.

As most hospitals and healthcare facilities use Epic EHR software, there is no shortage of employment for certified Epic users in the United States.

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