Grants for Nonprofits in Minnesota

Grants for Nonprofits in Minnesota Grants for Nonprofits in Minnesota

Grants for Nonprofits in Minnesota

Are you operating a nonprofit organization with a fantastic initiative that needs money to get off the ground?

Regardless of your fantastic intentions and humanitarian activities, you’ll need money to start projects that help individuals, communities, and even the world.

On the other hand, nonprofit grants are a viable alternative to traditional business loans for obtaining capital.

Because nonprofit business loans are typically hard to come by, this form of finance might be quite beneficial.

In the further post, we will go through different grants available to nonprofit organizations. But before starting, let’s first discuss what a grant for nonprofits is.

Grants for Nonprofits in Minnesota

Grants for Nonprofits in Minnesota

What is Grant for Nonprofits?

A nonprofit grant is money given to a nonprofit organization by corporations, foundations, or government agencies. They are advantageous to charities since they give additional cash that does not have to be repaid and raise awareness of their organization.

These grants can be obtained from three different sources:

  • Grants sponsored by the government or public money are known as government grants.
  • Foundation Grants are given by nonprofit organizations funded by private people to contribute money to the nonprofit sector.
  • The corporations donate corporate Grants to support charitable initiatives.

So, let’s look at some of the grants available to nonprofits.

Grants for Nonprofits in Minnesota – List of Available Grants

1. Minnesota Youth Water Safety Grant

The Minnesota Department of Education will distribute the Minnesota Youth Water Safety grant in 2022.

The funding is open to Minnesota nonprofit groups and city and county parks and recreation programs that provide training to children for swimming.

These state funds help provide scholarships for swimming lessons based on a nationally recognized water safety curriculum to low-income and at-risk youth.

Up to 15% of the grant monies may be utilized to employ or educate water safety instructors or lifeguards in nationally recognized water safety techniques.

A total of $100,000 is available for two fiscal years. For the two fiscal years, the minimum reward is $10,000, and the maximum award is $30,000.

Visit the Minnesota Youth Water Safety grant website at for complete information.

2. The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation Grant Program

Municipality bodies, regional nonprofit organizations, and government-funded public schools are eligible for this grant.

However, the organization will have to spend the funding to support planting trees and plants to eradicate hunger, combat pollution, strengthen communities and improve the environment.

The plantation of the trees can be done in the community gardens, town parks, in the neighborhood, schools, etc. The organizations also provide:

  • Trees and shrubs.
  • Equipment.
  • On-site orchard design expertise and oversight.
  • Horticultural workshops.
  • Aftercare training and manuals.

Learn more at for the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation Grant Program.

3. Mardag Foundation

The grant aims to improve the quality of life, inspire learning, revitalize communities and promote access to the state of Minnesota.

The grant’s eligibility is based on the Round 1 and Round 2 systems. The previous round eligible person is selected to apply for the next round.

However, not all eligible grantees are selected to apply for the grants.

Type of Grants Available

General operating: This type of grant is available for one year and provided to nonprofit organizations’ services. Furthermore, it is offered to East Metro and Greater Minnesota citizens.

Capital project: Capital project awards help organizations fund their investments in buildings, facilities, and equipment.

The organization’s funding is restricted to those controlled by nonprofits. Nonprofits organization gets funds over several years.

Program grants: These funds are intended to assist a program or initiative that serves the East Metro or Greater Minnesota residents. The Foundation will evaluate submissions for existing and/or new programs/projects.

If you want to apply for this grant, you can visit

4. Covid 19 Grant

This COVID-19 Relief Fund was created to swiftly deliver philanthropic resources where they are most needed, with an initial focus on the necessities of people most severely touched by this disaster.

Because this is a difficult time for local nonprofits, many of which do not have the staff to meet growing needs and raise funds.

The COVID-19 Relief Fund’s initial focus will empower community members to help fill critical gaps with financial donations to ensure people receive their services.

If you want to apply for this grant, you can visit


Grants for nonprofits are needed to match the various essential needs. These funds enable these organizations to assist those who are disadvantaged and in need of necessities.

The goal is to support the greatest possible results for individuals, families, and caregivers by providing educational programs, services, and financial aid.

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