3 IVF Grants in MN (Minnesota)

IVF Grants in Minnesota – Overview

IVF grants in Minnesota prevent the barriers to building a family by offering infertility treatment costs.

The grant amount can be really helpful when insurance does not cover the components of infertility treatment or rejects claims for IVF services at all.

There is no doubt that infertility is grieving as well as devastating. In such cases, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) acts as a rescue, treating infertility successfully.

It involves specialized lab techniques that improve pregnancy rates, enhancing the chances for hope and success.

However, one of the major concerns deterring most people from getting the treatment is exorbitant costs.

Fortunately, IVF grants can make infertility treatment surprisingly affordable by providing financial assistance.

IVF Grants in MN – An Ally in Struggle to Get Pregnant

There is no denying that IVF costs are not easy to pay. For example, the average cost of one IVF cycle in Minnesota ranges from $14,000 to $16,000 without medication.

Here is the cost breakdown in the major cities of Minnesota:

  • Minneapolis – $15,850
  • Saint Paul – $15,000
  • Duluth – $14,000
  • St Cloud – $14,500
  • Minnetonka – $15,000

These costs do not include the other expenses associated with IVF treatment. They cover the cost of medications, ultrasound, freezing, laboratory fees, doctor fees, travel expenses, and much more. Hence, by adding all these charges, the prices can significantly rise.

With no insurance mandate for infertility for Minnesota residents, it becomes really hard to have the IVF costs covered and improve fertility.

Additionally, there are many complexities with private insurance providers, who sometimes deny coverage of IVF.

Hence, in such circumstances, struggling couples or individuals have no choice.

Thankfully, IVF grants in Minnesota assist people with financial aid to get the right treatment.

Before you apply for these grant opportunities, let’s quickly look at some of the facts.

  • Grants can be offered either by the organizations or can be clinic-specific
  • Grants can cover either the full costs of treatment or partial costs. Thus, funds can be utilized as a credit or discounted treatment.
  • Some grants only cover IVF, while others can be used for other fertility treatments.
  • Each IVF grant has its criteria; therefore, it is important to consider eligibility before applying.
  • Some grants also have an application fee; thus, it is important to understand the grant requirements before applying.

IVF Grants in MN – Where to Apply

While a free IVF is appealing, every IVF grant is not appropriate for every individual.

Check out the following grant opportunities, which can help with IVF expenses. Make sure you read all the requirements.

1. Verna’s Purse

Verna’s Purse, administered by ReproTech, Ltd., provides financial assistance specifically for the long-term storage of sperm, eggs, and embryos for cancer patients at risk of infertility due to cancer treatments, not for IVF procedure costs.

Additionally, it also assists with transferring cryopreserved reproductive tissue specimens.

The qualified applicant will receive the funds only after getting diagnosed as a cancer patient. Besides, patients are also required to demonstrate that prescribed cancer treatment has risks of infertility, determined by a Reproductive Endocrinologist.

A recipient must have an annual income below $75,000 to be eligible. A couple’s annual household income should not be more than $100,000.

The recipients can store cells in Minnesota.

For more information, visit https://www.reprotech.com/financial-assistance/

2. Midwest Center for Reproductive Health (MCRH)

The Midwest Center for Reproductive Health (MCRH) does offer a Vested Interest Program (VIP).

This program also allows patients to pay only for successful IVF treatments. A 90% refund is offered for unsuccessful IVF.


Undoubtedly, IVF is a popular infertility treatment, but it is incredibly expensive. Receiving grants for IVF in MN is truly a blessing!

It helps to get the required funds or discounted treatment, which is otherwise difficult, especially when fertility coverage is lacking.

To apply for the best IVF grants and begin your journey to parenthood, remember to look into all the details, including requirements, criteria, fees, and more.

IVF Grants in the U.S.

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