Grants For Medical Assistance

grants for medical assistance

What is a Medical Grant?

Grants for medical treatments are funds allotted to provide financial assistance to the qualified applicant. The grant provider may be a private institution or the government. The grant benefits are availed for free. By any means, it does not constitute a type of credit or loan, which a person has to pay over time. But, do not expect that a grant is given easily because grant application process involves strict screening and review from the panel tasked to go over the applications.

The institution providing the grant may require necessary documents mainly to support your claims as stipulated in your grant request letter. Instances of these documents commonly include proof of income or statement of grant eligibility which may be sourced from the proper authorities. Some institutions may require membership to a specific organization to qualify for eligibility and hence, proof of membership must be presented along with the other application documents. These documents must be furnished completely to provide strong evidence of your qualifications and to more or less guarantee a faster processing, as lack of essential documents would invoke delays.

In some cases, the cash award is handed to the applicant himself yet most commonly; it goes directly to the hospital to pay for the expenses, which the applicant incurred while receiving care. Medicaid is a government healthcare assistance, which does not hand out any amount to the grant seeker but rather channels the financial award directly to the medical institution providing care to the grant seeker. One could go through this channel if seeking grants for medical assistance.

However, grants do not assume financial responsibility for the sake of simply letting an individual off the hook. It is necessary that an individual fits certain qualifications and restrictions specified. Further, as award giving institutions have specific purposes as well as objectives in awarding grants, the applicant must be able to show that such objectives and purposes would be served upon approval of his or her grant request.

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  1. Charles Koetter | August 31, 2016 at 9:36 am |

    I have had Peripheral Neuropathy for 16yrs and have found a treatment that has shone some relief, however the cost is outside my income. I developed Neurotaphy after my second liver transplant. I take medication for the systems, but give very little relief. I lice on a fixed income and have had to have surgery on my eyes. This was stretching my income to it’s limit. I need financial help so I can continue with this therapy.
    I don’t know if this is the kind of grant that you help with. If this is not the right place can you please direct me to another medical help funding place.

    Thank you
    Charles Koetter

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