Pregnant, No Insurance, Don’t Qualify for Medicaid – What Now?

Pregnant No Insurance Don’t Qualify For Medicaid Pregnant No Insurance Don’t Qualify For Medicaid

Pregnant, No Insurance, Don’t Qualify for Medicaid

Medicaid is an all-in-one health insurance coverage backed by the US Government. Millions of Americans get health coverage at reasonable rates through Medicaid.

It is available for low-income individuals and families, children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

Many people believe that Pregnant Women do not qualify for Medicaid. However, the real scenario is completely different.

All health insurance companies and Medicaid covers pregnancy and childbirth in the United States.

This applies to women who fall under the low-income category. So if you believe that Pregnant women do not qualify for Medicaid is baseless.

Interestingly, Medicaid facilities can be availed by Pregnant women. The coverage would begin from the day when she qualified for the insurance even if she applied after her pregnancy.

These services are provided under Maternity and Newborn Care.

What are the Criteria for Pregnant Women to get Medicaid Cover?

Pregnant Women with no life insurance coverage are sometimes not allowed to obtain Medicaid facilities.

These types of women earn enough money to pay for their pregnancy and newborn care treatment and for that reason, they don’t qualify for Medicaid.

This is what makes most women confuse when they try to avail of Medicaid before or post their pregnancy.

Pregnant No Insurance Don’t Qualify For Medicaid - Medicaid Criterias for Pregnant Women

Pregnant No Insurance Don’t Qualify For Medicaid – Medicaid Criterias for Pregnant Women

Besides lending in high-income groups, pregnant women who don’t carry citizenship of the country or are illegal immigrants do not qualify for the Medicaid facility which is backed by the US Government.

However, under certain circumstances, these types of women can get benefits from Medicaid facilities.

Women in a high-income group can appeal for the same after reviewing their previous mistakes.

On the other side, non-citizenship holders and illegal immigrants should apply for emergency Medicaid. They can also go for the charity program which can be availed from nearby hospitals.

Many government programs provide additional help to those women who don’t have health insurance or are not qualified for Medicaid.

These programs provide additional benefits such as food, prenatal care, energy, prenatal sources, and much more.

Moreover, some private organizations are also active in providing financial support to the needy.

Women with no health insurance should search for such organizations from where they can receive financial aid or external support to complete their maternity period.

What are the options available for Pregnant Women?

Pregnant women without health insurance have two options, apply for Medicaid or Chip Perinatal.

Chip Perinatal is a service that is provided by many states in the United States to Citizens and qualified Non-citizens of the country.

Services Covered Under Medicaid or Chip Perinatal for Pregnant Women

Both programs offer similar services to pregnant women. To give you more information about what types of services are covered under these programs, here we have prepared a list.

  • Prenatal clinical visits
  • Prenatal drugs and vitamins
  • Labor services
  • Delivery services
  • Regular checkups and tests
  • Other benefits before leaving the hospital post-delivery

These are the services covered under the Medicaid and Chip Perinatal program.

The health plan may vary from area to area and for that reason, you should first check for the available plan which can suit your basic needs.

What If a Pregnant Woman Already Has Medicaid or Chip Perinatal?

Pregnant Women with Medicaid or Chip Pernatal are covered for 60 days post-delivery of their newborn.

After 60 days, she will not be qualified for any other benefits. She will be notified when her coverage ends.

If her 60 days are completed, she will receive a phone call and a text message from the authority.

During this period, they can enroll in an external Marketplace plan without breaking down the coverage.

If a pregnant woman already has Medicaid, her newborn will be enrolled for Medicaid Coverage automatically.

Both woman and her newborn will be eligible for the coverage and its benefits for at least a year.

Is Charity Care a Good Option?

Charity care is a lifeline for that woman who does not carry legal immigration or is a non-citizen of the US.

If they do not get an emergency Medicaid service, the final option they have is to go for Charity Care. These types of women can avail of the service from a local hospital.

Pregnant No Insurance Don’t Qualify For Medicaid

Pregnant No Insurance Don’t Qualify For Medicaid

As per the law, local hospitals and other healthcare centers can’t deny providing their services to the needy even if they do not carry legal citizenship or immigration.

They can also receive financial aid from Charity Care to look after their newborns.

Final Thoughts:

Thankfully, there are multiple options available for pregnant women who don’t qualify for Medicaid during or post their pregnancy.

These are the alternatives that they can explore if their appeal is denied by the authority to get coverage under Medicaid or Chip Perinatal Program.

The rules to cover prenatal care services may vary from state to state for US Citizens and non-citizens exploring the Charity Care program.

Illegal immigrants should go to the Charity Care program as it is easily accessible and doesn’t require extra documents to enroll.

Explore the available plans before applying for these programs to cover pregnancy expenses.

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