Cheapest State for Tummy Tuck

Cheapest State for Tummy Tuck Cheapest State for Tummy Tuck

Cheapest State for Tummy Tuck – Overview

The Tummy tuck procedure (abdominoplasty) is a surgical treatment to get rid of extra fat and skin around the abdomen.

This procedure is most commonly performed to improve the shape of the lower abdomen. It is also an effective way to get a better-contoured body shape.

There are various types of tummy tuck procedures performed today.

The average cost of individual types of tummy tuck procedures varies greatly. For instance, a conventional tummy tuck is significantly costlier than a mini tummy tuck.

What affects the Cost of Tummy Tuck?

Cheapest State for Tummy Tuck

Cheapest State for Tummy Tuck – What affects the Cost of Tummy Tuck

Tummy tucks are not cheap. Several different factors decide the exact cost of an abdominoplasty procedure in the US.

For instance, the most common factors to decide tummy tuck cost include:

  • Type of tummy tuck (conventional tummy tuck, or mini tummy tuck)
  • The provider (experience, training, and specialty of the surgeon)
  • Consultation fee (may or may not be applied towards the total cost)
  • Anesthesiologist fee (experience, training, etc.)
  • Recovery expenses (special equipment, follow-ups, etc.)
  • Location (facility charges vary by area)

The surgeon will determine the specific type of tummy tuck procedure that is best suited for your case.

Cheapest State to Get Tummy Tuck

The actual cost of a tummy tuck surgery is often the “average cost” quoted by your healthcare provider/surgeon. It can also be the “surgeon’s fee” quoted to you.

Remember, every healthcare provider has business-related expenses, such as staff, office rent, medical supplies, etc.) These charges are included in the quoted cost for a tummy tuck.

As additional factors begin to get included the total cost of tummy tuck rises. The cost of additional medical staff, such as anesthesiologists, surgical assistants, nurses, etc. is added.

The cost of medical supplies and tools, such as needles, gowns, gauze, etc. is also included.

It also contains the expense of medications, such as sedatives, painkillers, and antibiotics.

Lastly, the total cost also includes the expense to use the hospital or healthcare facility’s operating room.

Apart from these expenses, you may also incur personal costs. These may include consultation fees, travel expenses, pre-operative care, etc.

How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost (State-Wise)?

As mentioned earlier, the average cost of tummy tuck surgery varies greatly. We’ve listed the average expense of abdominoplasty for different states below:

AlabamaUS$ 4,400 – US$ 9,500
AlaskaUS$ 4,000 – US$ 15,000
ArizonaUS$ 4,500 – US$ 9,995
ArkansasUS$ 4,900 – US$ 18,000
CaliforniaUS$ 4,000 – US$ 15,000
ColoradoUS$ 4,500 – US$ 9,995
ConnecticutUS$ 4,500 – US$ 14,000
DelawareUS$ 4,500 – US$ 14,000
FloridaUS$ 4,300 – US$ 9,500
GeorgiaUS$ 4,300 – US$ 9,500
HawaiiUS$ 4,000 – US$ 15,000
IdahoUS$ 4,500 – US$ 9,995
IllinoisUS$ 4,900 – US$ 18,000
IndianaUS$ 4,500 – US$ 14,000
IowaUS$ 4,900 – US$ 18,000
KansasUS$ 4,000 – US$ 18,000
KentuckyUS$ 4,500 – US$ 14,000
LouisianaUS$ 4,900 – US$ 18,000
MaineUS$ 4,500 – US$ 14,000
MarylandUS$ 4,500 – US$ 14,000
MassachusettsUS$ 4,500 – US$ 14,000
MichiganUS$ 4,500 – US$ 14,000
MinnesotaUS$ 4,900 – US$ 18,000
MississippiUS$ 4,300 – US$ 9,500
MissouriUS$ 4,900 – US$ 18,000
MontanaUS$ 4,000 – US$ 18,000
NebraskaUS$ 4,900 – US$ 18,000
NevadaUS$ 4,000 – US$ 15,000
New HampshireUS$ 4,500 – US$ 14,000
New JerseyUS$ 4,500 – US$ 14,000
New MexicoUS$ 4,500 – US$ 9,995
New YorkUS$ 4,500 – US$ 14,000
North CarolinaUS$ 4,300 – US$ 9,500
North DakotaUS$ 4,900 – US$ 18,000
OhioUS$ 4,500 – US$ 14,000
OklahomaUS$ 4,900 – US$ 18,000
OregonUS$ 4,000 – US$ 15,000
PennsylvaniaUS$ 4,500 – US$ 14,000
Rhode IslandUS$ 4,500 – US$ 14,000
South CarolinaUS$ 4,000 – US$ 18,000
South DakotaUS$ 4,900 – US$ 18,000
TennesseeUS$ 4,300 – US$ 9,500
TexasUS$ 4,500 – US$ 9,995
UtahUS$ 4,500 – US$ 9,995
VermontUS$ 4,500 – US$ 14,000
VirginiaUS$ 4,500 – US$ 14,000
WashingtonUS$ 4,000 – US$ 14,000
Washington D.C.US$ 4,500 – US$ 14,000
West VirginiaUS$ 4,500 – US$ 14,000
WisconsinUS$ 4,900 – US$ 18,000
WyomingUS$ 4,500 – US$ 9,995


We hope this list was helpful to determine the cheapest state to get a tummy tuck in the US.

To ensure that you do not end up paying any hidden charges, make sure to consult with your surgeon and the hospital before committing to undergoing a tummy tuck surgery.

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