Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida – Mental and Behavioral Health Coverage

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida – Overview

Health insurance can be a great way to cover your additional treatment costs without adding additional levels of stress to your mind.

When it comes to health insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida is the best choice for Florida residents. They provide exceptional health insurance coverage.

In terms of health coverage, you may have a query if health insurance covers mental or substantial health insurance. Are you wondering the same? The thing is, BCBS of Florida does provide such coverage. That’s why they can be a reliable partner for you in terms of these services.

Hence, whether you or your family member/friend has some kind of mental illness or addiction and needs detox, Florida Blue is the best-suited choice for you in Florida. They can help you provide quality benefits for mental health treatment and addiction. It’s perfect for those struggling with such issues.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida – Introduction

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida is also known as Florida Blue. They are a nationwide insurance provider offering numerous health insurance benefits to customers.

Depending on your requirements and plans, they may cover different types of health services, including rehab for drug and alcohol addiction.

Florida Blue may be able to pay the costs of inpatient or outpatient treatment, as well as medical detox, addiction rehab, and longer-term treatment programs.

Before entering any medical center or rehab for insurance coverage treatment, you should check your plans and coverage levels to clear the confusion. It will even enable you to understand what the insurance covers and what it doesn’t.

If you are still confused, contact an admission advisor at Florida Blue. They can help you verify your health insurance coverage and find your treatment without any further confusion. Furthermore, you can also check out your coverage online.

What Is a Mental Health Issue?

A Mental Health Problem is associated with how a person thinks, acts, and feels. It can be anything that affects one mentally. Some of the mental health conditions may include:

Anxiety: Fear or excessive worry about ordinary life and situations causes this mental state.

Depression: A mental disorder that shows continuous sadness that may last for 2 weeks or even more. In some cases, it may even go more than 2 years.

Bipolar Disorders: Depressive and manic conditions linked to significant mood swings.

What Is a Behavioral Health Condition?

Behavioral health concerns are centered on emotional and mental well-being, such as difficulties coping with life’s daily obstacles. It may include health conditions such as mental illnesses, including depression or anxiety.

It may also include different addictive behavior and substance use disorders. Some of the behavioral health conditions may include:

  • Eating disorders – Obsessed with food or body image
  • Substance abuse – dependence on a harmful substance to cope with difficult situations such as drug/alcohol
  • Addiction – Using certain substances or engaging in activities that may interface with responsibilities, and work irrespective of the consequences of the actions.

What Treatment is There for Behavioral and Mental Health Conditions?

There is a common form of counseling with a psychologist or psychiatrist. This type of treatment is good for mental and behavioral health conditions. It may include staying in the hospital overnight (inpatient) or visiting a clinic (outpatient.

For such illnesses, the doctor may also prescribe some tests or medications.

Terms To Know Before Going for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida Insurance Coverage

There are several health insurance terms that you should know about before going for the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida insurance plans. Some of the important terms that you should know about include:

Premium: Premium is the amount you will have to pay each month for your health insurance.

Deductible: The deductible means the amount of money you will have to pay out-of-pocket before the health insurance starts. When your health insurance incorporates a high premium, your insurance will have a lower deductible and vice versa.

Copay: It’s the amount of money that you have to pay upfront for receiving any healthcare or prescription medications.

Coinsurance: Coinsurance refers to people’s money percentage after meeting the deductible.

Mental Health Conditions Health Plan Coverage

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida health plans usually cover mental health and behavioral health services. The services are covered for outpatient and inpatient care, coinsurance, copays, and providers’ network. They usually provide mental health benefits.

This is most likely the case with plans from the Exchange. As per law, the Affordable Care Act requires coverage that includes pre-existing conditions such as mental health and substance use disorders.

Marketplace plans don’t allow implementing any financial limitations on the health benefits covered by these plans.

It also depends on how you bought your plan. If you are a Blue Cross Blue Shields of Florida policyholder with the Federal Employee Program Basic Option Plan, you will get mental health coverage.

However, receiving insurance coverage through an employer may or may not cover mental health insurance. Nonetheless, Blue Cross Blue Shield covers almost all the plans, so you can check once.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida offers a provider network of professionals in mental health care and substance abuse providers. It includes psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers. They will look for all your problems and solve them through counseling and medications.

Mental Health Medication Coverage:

Several plans of health insurance from BCBS of Florida also cover medications for mental health treatment. However, you may not know whether your plan covers it or not. Hence, you can check your prescription benefits and plan formulary to check whether your plan covers mental health medication.

Note: A formulary refers to a list of drugs covered under health insurance.

Behavioral Health Conditions Health Plan Coverage

Mental health and behavioral health conditions are often interlinked. However, they are not entirely the same.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida also covers behavioral health. It depends on several factors, such as the type of treatment you require, the facility, and the copay that it may require.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Exchange plans cover such health conditions. Along with it, even employer-sponsored programs also cover such treatments, options, and programs.

Employer-sponsored programs, for example, give resources and support for behavioral health, including mental health care and weight management, detoxification, tobacco cessation programs, and a network of care providers.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Plan Coverage

Since the Affordable Care Act requires the Marketplace to offer coverage for all the essential health benefits, including mental and substance abuse services, this should be available too. That’s why addiction treatment is also an option with the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida.

Substance abuse treatment is required for coverage for plans purchased through the exchange, albeit the specific health benefits vary based on the plan chosen and the state in which the customer lives. Call Blue Cross Blue Shield or The Recovery Village to determine what your plan covers.

Blue Cross Blue Shield also offers the Federal Employee Program (FEP), part of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. Nearly five million federal employees, retirees, and their dependents are covered.

Addiction Treatment Programs by BCBS of Florida

Florida Blue could partially cover substance addiction treatment programs. Your insurance may cover some of the following costs, depending on your plan and level of coverage:

Outpatient Rehabilitation: Outpatient rehab is a more flexible treatment option that allows you to remain at home and continue your daily activities. In comparison to inpatient therapy, they are less intensive., but they provide a sufficient level of treatment to assure a patient’s sobriety.

Detox: Assists you safely going through the withdrawal process while ridding your body of toxic chemicals. Medical detox involves using medications or therapies to assist you in coping with any potentially dangerous side effects.

Inpatient or Residential Treatment: Patients will be cared for and supported by experienced addiction professionals 24/7. These programs can assist you in developing skills that will help you stay sober when you leave the rehab clinic.

Medications: Medications such as suboxone or methadone may be administered to help control withdrawal symptoms and lessen cravings while receiving substance abuse treatment.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida – Insurance for Drug Rehab

It can be difficult to explore and consider rehab options if you’re a Blue Cross Blue Shield policyholder. While going through this procedure, there are a few things to keep in mind.

It’s difficult to say whether BCBS will pay for rehab. Usually, they do provide rehab coverage. However, each policy varies based on factors such as those mentioned above.

Some Blue Cross Blue Shield policies may cover the entire cost of treatment, while others may just cover a portion of the cost, leaving you to foot the bill. Hence, as discussed above, it’s best to confirm with BCBS of Florida first before going for the treatment.

The length of rehab facility allowable stays may vary depending on your plan type, as well as the portion of the cost paid by insurance. Another important consideration is the sort of facility. If you have a PPO plan rather than an HMO plan, you will be able to see a larger network of care providers and visit more facilities.

The best thing you can do is call Blue Cross Blue Shield and find out your coverage alternatives, especially because most of these instances require preauthorization.

Blue Cross Blue Shields of Florida – Online Treatment Programs

Online services are available through some Blue Cross or Blue Plus insurance to aid behavioral or mental health problems. These programs are frequently less expensive than a visit to the doctor’s office. Furthermore, you can try online solutions to whether you have mental health issues or problems such as addiction to drugs or alcohol.

  • Some Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota plans provide Learn to Live, an online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) program. An online examination is used to determine the problem, such as anxiety or depression, in this program. After that, patients must finish courses that educate them on better managing their disease.
  • Doctor On Demand is a service (online) that opens in a new window. Connect with a licensed psychologist or board-certified psychiatrist using the video function on your phone, tablet, or computer. By appointment, mental health professionals can assist you with depression, social anxiety, addictions, relationship troubles, trauma and loss, and employment stress. It will also be good for you since you don’t have to go anywhere for this and you can get treated in your home’s comfort.

Florida Blue Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

First, let’s talk about co-occurring disorders. Mental or behavioral health treatments may cover treatment for co-occurring disorders such as depression or anxiety and addiction treatment.

A co-occurring disorder, often known as dual diagnosis, refers to when a person has both a mental health and substance abuse problem.

Co-occurring or dual diagnosis treatment may be covered in part by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida. Always check to determine if a rehab center offers a treatment program that tackles current mental health disorders and drug or alcohol addiction.

Why Is Blue Cross Blue Shield Good?

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a leading health insurance provider in the country. Not only in Florida, but it offers excellent services all across the 50 states that it covers. They offer policies for everyone- families, individuals, and businesses.

You can get your hands on affordable insurance policies through BCBS. That’s what makes them reliable and trustworthy.


People get confused about whether Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida covers Mental and Behavioral Health or not. The thing is, they do in most cases.

However, sometimes it may happen that they don’t. Hope this article clears away your doubts regarding the mental and behavioral health coverage by Florida Blue.

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