Best Work From Home Medical Jobs

Best Work From Home Medical Jobs – Overview

A healthcare career can be challenging yet rewarding and is always in demand. Working in the medical field from the comfort of your home sounds like a dream job to those not interested in direct patient care. These work-from-home medical jobs are equally rewarding and come with added benefits like more money, more time, and flexibility in working hours.

As communication technology becomes more advanced and prevalent, many employers in the healthcare industry are shifting to include a more remote workforce.

How to Choose the Best Work From Home Medical Job?

Best Work from Home Medical Jobs

Best Work from Home Medical Job – How to choose remote medical jobs?

Gone are the days when medical jobs required professionals to stay on-site and care for patients, as many online positions in the medical industry provide healthcare services over the phone.

There is also a significant lack of medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and clinical staff, so the healthcare industry has started using remote working professionals to provide prompt patient assessment and help relieve significant pressure on in-office staff.

Most remote medical jobs require specific certifications, qualifications, and experience, which can be easily gained online today.

If you are an RN (Registered Nurse), this position is highly demanded. The demand for registered nurses remains high due to the aging population and increased chronic health conditions. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of registered nurses is projected to grow 7% from 2019 to 2029, a rate faster than the average for all occupations. This projection has been updated to reflect more recent statistics.

Top 10 Work From Home Medical Jobs in the US

Here is our list of the best work from home medical jobs to have:

1 – Medical Transcription

A medical transcriptionist helps record the patient notes a doctor makes after a patient visit. These notes are audio recordings that need to be transcribed accurately. The transcriptionist is responsible for carefully listening to these voice recordings and notifying if they find any missing information or errors that could interfere with patient care.

It is essential to be consistent as a medical transcriptionist so doctors and nurses can understand the patient records easily. This position requires being extremely flexible and innovative and is perfect as a work from home job for those with small children to care for and who can only work a few hours a day.

2 – Phone Triage Nurse

Many physician and insurance company offices also offer after-hours non-emergency medical services in the form of “ask-a-nurse” hotlines. Here, patients can inquire about general health symptoms and problems, ask about using medical equipment, and even assess the urgency of a medical condition.

A phone triage nurse usually deals with ill children or clarifies the finer points of a treatment plan, or answers general queries about prescriptions.

To work as a phone triage nurse, one typically needs to be a Registered Nurse (RN), which requires passing the NCLEX-RN examination after completing an approved nursing program, which could be an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). State licensure is mandatory for RNs, regardless of the work setting.

3 – Medical Writing

A medical writer knows the healthcare industry and is hired by publications for online and offline work. An exceptional medical writer can understand complex medical concepts and describe them simply for the masses to understand.

This work usually includes writing journal articles, promotional materials, textbooks, medical website copy, and other tasks.

Many healthcare facilities also hire nurse bloggers today. So, if you love writing, have a strong grasp of the language, and have experience and interest in the medical field, working as a medical writer might be the best work-from-home medical job.

4 – Medical coding and billing

Medical coding and billing involve reviewing patient records and entering relevant codes to ensure prompt and accurate reimbursement from the patient’s insurance company. As electronic medical records become more common, certified and trained medical coding and billing professionals are in high demand.

This position is also quite lucrative as an experienced one. According to the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) 2019 Salary Survey, the average salary for certified medical coders in the United States was approximately $54,890 annually. Though many medical billers and coders work on-site, numerous hiring opportunities exist for work-from-home medical coding and billing professionals.

5 – Pharmacists

Remote pharmacists can work from home by providing medication therapy management, patient counseling, telepharmacy services, and prescription verification and authorization. They may work for telehealth companies, mail-order pharmacies, or as part of healthcare teams providing virtual care, including counseling services.

Online pharmacist services help patients understand and administer their prescriptions properly, and they can also find significant discounts on medicines.

6 – Patient Care Advocate/Insurance Claims and Customer Service

While many large insurance companies employ nurses, their roles often extend beyond processing claims and handling customer service. Nurses may also work in case management, policy development, healthcare quality assurance, and as patient advocates, providing clinical expertise to support insurance operations. Most nurses work remotely and talk to insurance holders over the phone.

They are tasked with helping customers understand their treatment plan and the options they have. These professionals are often referred to as Patient Care Advocates.

7 – Case Manager

A remote medical case manager evaluates a patient’s psychosocial and clinical needs. They help develop effective treatment and patient-care plans and resolve patients’ queries regarding their health problems.

Additionally, case managers are the patient’s main point of contact, and patients rely on them to guide them through the medical process, besides receiving referrals, if needed. Case managers also coordinate care with other healthcare providers to ensure the optimal follow-up process.

For a behavioral case manager position, requirements can vary by employer but typically include a degree in nursing, social work, psychology, or a related field, along with relevant certifications. While an associate degree may be sufficient for some roles, a bachelor’s degree or higher is often preferred, and specific licensure may be required depending on the job functions and location. Besides this, it is also helpful if you have prior clinical knowledge or experience with running practice management systems.

8 – Recruiter

If you like meeting and connecting with new people and want to start a healthcare career, working as a recruiter might be the perfect work from home medical job.

Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities rely on companies to recruit healthcare professionals. So, being able to read people and identify their strengths and weaknesses is a skill that helps you become an effective recruiter in the medical industry.

These professionals often work with the human resources department to help them find the ideal employee for a vacancy. Remember, most of these positions are usually commission-based, so self-driven and motivated people are more likely to excel at being a remote medical recruiter.

9 – Legal Nurse Consulting

Numerous companies are looking for registered nurses who can serve as liaisons between the legal and healthcare industries. Not many legal professionals are trained to read a medical report or understand a patient’s case completely.

This is where a legal nurse consultant comes in. These professionals are trained to review medical records, determine standards of patient care and summarize a patient’s injury or illness for legal professionals, such as medical malpractice attorneys.

There is a growing demand for RNs trained in medical-legal consulting. To become a legal nurse consultant, you must get a state license to practice and complete a six-week training program.

10 – Nurse Educator

If you are an experienced nurse and are passionate about sharing your knowledge, you can find work as a remote nurse educator at an accredited online university. This teaching position allows you to evaluate students, provide feedback, and plan the curriculum, in addition to teaching nursing skills.

Today, every state has multiple schools that offer online nursing programs, so you can easily do a quick online search and find the nearest or most convenient position to work as a remote nurse educator in the United States.


These are the top work-from-home medical jobs. They are growing in demand, mainly due to an aging population, which is driving up the need for extensive healthcare and the prevalence of advanced communication technology. Make sure to read up on the specific educational, training, and certification requirements for any of the work-from-home medical jobs listed above before deciding to choose it as a career path.

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