5 Best Non Clinical Physician Assistant Jobs

Best Non-Clinical Physician Assistant Jobs

Physician Assistants (PAs) are highly regarded and increasingly sought-after in the US healthcare job market.

This job offers incredible flexibility and high earning potential but with remarkably less debt than most other professions in the healthcare industry.

However, the industry has seen a noticeable change, with many physician assistants looking for alternative, non-clinical careers.

While career shifts are not exclusive to Physician Assistants, there is a notable trend of doctors retiring earlier and more frequently than in past decades.

As the field of medicine undergoes substantial changes, the growth prospects for assistants are also changing.

Why choose Non-Clinical Physician Assistant Jobs?

There have been remarkable changes in the healthcare industry. The focus on patient autonomy and rising patient sophistication is greater than ever.

However, bureaucratic red tape and the intrusion of third-party payers are also increasing. These factors have increased the instances of clinical burnout among healthcare workers.

Some parents discourage careers in healthcare due to perceived income instability, challenges in professional respect, and bureaucratic complexities.

On the other hand, aspiring doctors, assistants, nurses, and other healthcare workers are steadily increasing their interest in nonclinical careers.

There is a growing demand and expanding opportunities for physician assistants in non-clinical careers.

5 of the Best Non Clinical Physician Assistant Jobs

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How to choose the best nonclinical physician assistant job?

There are several different types of non-clinical careers for physician assistants today.

If you’ve been thinking about changing your career path or being a freshly qualified PA and seeking a career in an alternate field, you’ve come to the right place.

Before choosing an alternate career, you should have certain factors cleared. Answering the below-listed questions may help you to pinpoint the specific nonclinical physician assistant job you may best qualify for:

  • What talents or skills do you plan to use in the non-clinical job that you cannot use in your current employment?
  • Are you passionate about a specific cause?
  • What changes do you think PAs working in non-clinical fields can bring about in medicine and society?
  • Would you prefer working on regulations and policy or are you more interested in research?
  • What kind of situations bring out your problem-solving and creative talents?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you should have a clearer idea of the non-clinical career path you can choose as a certified physician assistant.

5 Best nonclinical physician assistant jobs

Below, we have listed some of the top options for nonclinical physician assistant jobs in the US:

1 – Medical device, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies

Companies in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical device manufacturing actively seek certified and skilled PAs for roles in research and development, regulatory affairs, clinical trials, communications, education, and sales and marketing.

To find the best-suited job in these industries, we advise you to visit a reputed local employment website to learn more about the opportunities closest to you.

2 – Insurance companies

In the insurance industry, physician assistants are vital for determining the treatment and reimbursement protocols, reviewing charts, and other similar responsibilities.

As a certified PA, you can find work in life insurance, disability and health insurance, and worker’s compensation.

To learn more about this alternate non-clinical career path as a physician assistant, you can visit www.nahu.org, the official website of The National Association of Health Underwriters.

3 – Legal Medicine and Expert Witness

As a qualified physician assistant, you can also act as an expert medical witness and render an opinion on whether a fellow PA has met the healthcare standards set by government regulations.

For information about PAs in legal medicine, refer to relevant professional organizations, such as www.aapalm.org, which may not be a valid website.

4 – Academic field

If teaching and mentoring the next generation of healthcare workers appeals to you, you can choose a career in academia as a professor, instructor, or leader at PA programs across the country’s universities.

The Physician Assistant Education Association, www.paeaonline.org is an incredible directory of resources for organizations and individuals interested in the educational aspects of a PA career.

Apart from the satisfaction of training the next generation of PAs as a professor, you can also enjoy additional benefits, such as unrestricted access to university resources.

5 – Medical Writing and Communication

Medical communication officers are responsible for interacting with the media, public health agencies, governmental health agencies, and other healthcare-related industries in medical education, marketing/advertising, and regulatory submissions.

The American Medical Writers Association describes medical writing and communication as “writing, editing or developing materials about health and medicine.

The medical communicator does this by gathering, organizing, interpreting, and presenting information appropriately for the target audience.

Professional medical communicators have communication expertise, awareness of ethical standards, and healthcare knowledge.”


These are just the top 5 non-clinical physician assistant jobs we have listed.

There are several more career options available to certified physician assistants. Feel free to comment and let us know the career options that suit you best.

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