5 Best Non Clinical Jobs for Physical Therapists?

Non Clinical Jobs for Physical Therapists Non Clinical Jobs for Physical Therapists

Non Clinical Jobs for Physical Therapists – Overview

People often wonder whether there are non clinical jobs for physiotherapists. The answer is yes, and there are several attractive options for non clinical jobs for physical therapists in 2022.

If you aren’t excited about your current job as you were when you joined then you should seek non-clinical jobs in your expertise.

This career change is also ideal for those who are unsatisfied with their current salary as a physiotherapist. You may even consider shifting to a non-clinical job because of the flexibility it offers.

Whatever the reason may be, we have a list of the best non clinical jobs for physical therapists here.

Top 5 Non Clinical Jobs for Physical Therapists in 2022

Here are some of the most popular choices for non clinical jobs for physical therapists in the US:

Top Non Clinical Jobs for Physical Therapists in 2022

Top Non Clinical Jobs for Physical Therapists in 2022

1 – Utilization Reviewer

Utilization Review (UR) roles were mostly filled by registered nurses till the recent past. However, today physiotherapists (PTs) are being increasingly recruited for this post.

Utilization reviewers are also known as physical therapy reviewers or clinical reviewers. They usually work with insurance companies or insurance carriers.

Utilization review involves reviewing cases and managing insurance claims from policyholders. This job can sometimes be a work-from-home or offer remarkable flexibility in working hours.

You need to have a few years of clinical experience to apply for a Utilization Review job.

Advantages of becoming a Utilization Reviewer

  • Enjoy flexible work hours
  • Possible partial or full remote working facility (work-from-home)
  • Leverage your PT degree
  • Enjoy considerably higher salary

2 – Educator

Physical therapists tend to make great educators. As a physiotherapist, your job mostly requires advising and educating patients, families, caregivers and other healthcare professionals.

Hence, education is a natural transition for physiotherapists who are looking to step into a non clinical job profile.

Education is one of the most essential aspects of physiotherapy. PTs have been stepping into the education field for years now. The educational job prospects for physical therapists are also numerous.

Physiotherapists are perfectly qualified to teach at colleges, universities and medical schools. This is especially true for subjects like biomechanics and anatomy.

Also, you can even choose to teach online educational courses from the comfort of your home, making this career incredibly flexible and feasible too.

Advantages of Becoming an Educator

  • Keep physiotherapy knowledge fresh
  • Shape the next generation of professional clinicians
  • Work among the younger generation
  • Enjoy reasonable pay and job flexibility

3 – Rehab Liaison

A rehab liaison is responsible for filling the beds of a rehabilitation facility with the correct patients. This non clinical job profile requires having strong marketing and sales skill.

The reason is that you would have to often sell services to physicians, case managers or the community.

Rehab liaisons, also known as clinical liaisons, have pretty flexible work hours. This is a great career choice for physiotherapists who like to work in teams and independently too.

You do not have to acquire additional licensing to become a professional rehab/clinical liaison.

Still, you can spend a considerable amount of time with patients without being directly involved in their treatment.

Advantages of becoming a Rehab Liaison

  • Easy to transition if you have worked previously in inpatient rehab or acute care
  • The salary range is on par with most acute care job profiles
  • You can work with patients but involves yourself less emotionally and physically

4 – Rehab Innovation and Technology

Have you ever wanted to work with robots? How often do you wish to run clinical trials and contribute to innovations in your field? You might be surprised to know that you can do all this with a physical therapists’ qualification.

Numerous research organizations today are hiring physiotherapists as clinical trainers, consultants, marketers, etc.

The input from physiotherapists is crucial for engineers and designers to create practical and useful assistive technology.

Apart from this, you can also find a job easily within industries looking to streamline healthcare delivery. For instance, an EMR company may seek an account executive to talk with rehab patients.

Advantages of becoming a Rehab Consultant

  • Get involved in creating cutting edge technological innovations
  • Enjoy unprecedented creativity with a non clinical job
  • Offer clinical expertise to scores of designers and engineers

5 – Recruiter

If you, as a physiotherapist, have worked in rehab then becoming a recruiter can be an excellent non clinical job choice.

This is especially true for those who have experience in travel physical therapy.

Physiotherapy recruiters usually work with rehabilitation facilities. Their job is to ensure that patients are matched with the perfect rehab program. Your job may involve working as a healthcare recruiter for a staffing company.

This would often require you to coordinate with rehab centers looking for professionally certified physiotherapists. You would be required to screen the candidates and fill the positions appropriately.

You can even become an independent recruiter. To do this, you can simply contact the recruiting company directly and cut out the middleman completely.

Advantages of becoming a Recruiter

  • Enjoy meeting and socializing with people of all types
  • Use existing connections to help find the right candidate for any job profile
  • Enjoy a higher salary and extensive commissions on a job well done


There are several different types of interesting non clinical jobs for physicians in the US. from educators to recruiters, you have a plethora of choices in this.

Make sure to choose the nonclinical job which offers the most to you.

Please check the salary range, working hours, and employment benefits before applying for any non clinical jobs for physical therapists in 2022.

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