Sonography Programs in Oregon

Sonography Programs in Oregon – Overview

Diagnostic medical sonography is a booming sector in Oregon. Sonography pays well and can stabilize your job in the current economic climate. You must get a certificate from a regulatory body and an ultrasound technician degree from a recognized college to ensure you fulfill Oregon’s medical excellence requirements.

Oregon does not need you to have a sonography license to find employment. The majority of businesses prefer some certification that shows that you have an understanding of this area of competence.

These medical degrees ensure that you are prepared to work in high-stress environments. You can pursue a degree in diagnostic medical sonography or an ultrasound technology certificate, depending on your requirements and the school you choose.

A certificate program may be the most appropriate for you if you already work in the medical sector. However, if you are starting or changing careers, a degree program will provide you with the necessary training and practical experience.

Bachelor’s degrees typically take four years, compared to two years for associate’s degrees. Programs in ultrasound technology often combine classroom teaching with clinical training, including subjects like pathophysiology, anatomy, and the fundamentals of sonography.

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3 Best Schools that Offer Sonography Programs in Oregon

Oregon has some of the best schools that offer sonography programs.

Sonography Programs in Oregon

Best Schools that Offer Sonography Programs in Oregon

1. Oregon Institute of Technology

Traditional programs and degree completion programs are the two types of undergraduate online courses offered by the Oregon Institute of Technology. Anyone who can fulfill university admission requirements can enroll in traditional programs.

However, passing a national board exam, receiving a national registry, or meeting additional criteria are necessary to enroll in a degree completion program.

With their online diagnostic medical sonography degree completion program, you can grow in your career and find new opportunities. This degree combines general education and ultrasound technology courses with fundamental medical science.

The staff members may review your prior coursework once they accept your application for their sonography program. After the evaluation process, they can send you an advising guide that lists your transfer credits, registry credits, and the remaining classes needed to complete the degree.

You are only eligible for this course if you are a registered diagnostic sonographer in OB/GYN and abdomen through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS).

To pass the clinical, didactic courses, you must work in or have access to a fully functional, appropriately furnished laboratory.

2. Concorde Career Colleges, Inc.

Concorde Career Colleges, Inc. maintains 17 campuses in eight states. Their primary goal is to offer training to the next generation of dental and healthcare professionals and help them grow in their careers.

Online learning combines on-site lab sessions and clinical encounters under their Concorde blended education concept.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

An ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure that may be used to see interior organs, which are the first to be checked for illness. It is a 21-month course with 80.5 credit hours and 300 lab hours. Students can learn the technical skills necessary to grow professionally during this associate degree program in diagnostic medical sonography.

Students learn about carrying out diagnostic procedures, getting pictures, identifying aberrant pathology inside the body, and communicating oral or written summaries of exams to doctors for diagnosis.

After completing this program, you can develop the clinical skills to perform the necessary operations and document anatomical, pathologic, and physiologic data. You may start thinking critically and improve your problem-solving skills.

After graduation, you can apply for work at different hospitals, acute care facilities, private practices, laboratories, and clinics.

Cardiovascular Sonography Program

A cardiovascular sonographer receives training to use imaging technology and help physicians diagnose heart problems in patients.

Cardiac sonographers take pictures of the heart’s chambers, blood vessels, and valves to help a cardiologist identify patients with cardiac problems, heart disease, or congenital anomalies and create treatment plans for them.

The Cardiovascular Sonography Associate Degree program here equips you with essential technical and soft skills healthcare professionals require. It is a 21-month course with 85.5 credit hours and 300 lab hours.

In this course, you will learn to do echocardiograms and other ultrasound scans of the vascular system and heart.

The experts will teach you to prepare reports for doctors and other care team members, collect data, and assess the quality of tests.

3. Dallas College

Dallas College works to preserve Dallas’s economic health, growth, and viability for the next generation. They offer multiple quality sonography educational programs for their students.

Cardiac Sonography

Their excellent staff and first-rate clinical rotations offer the students an outstanding learning opportunity and prepare them for their professional lives. As a student of Cardiac Sonography at Dallas College, you may receive local and national recognition.

They offer two certification programs for cardiac sonography students: The Adult Cardiac Sonography certification and the Pediatric Cardiac Sonography certification.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

This course offers classroom sessions and hands-on experience in the ultrasound scanning lab and through clinical rotations at local hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

They offer two certification programs for diagnostic medical sonography: Diagnostic Medical Sonography Advanced Technical Certificate and Diagnostic Medical Sonography A.A.S.


Sonography courses are becoming quite popular in Oregon. It is a promising area of the healthcare industry.

Multiple educational institutes offer different sonography programs for their students. You can always find your course based on your requirements and your interests.

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