Sonography Programs in Oregon

Sonography Programs in Oregon – Overview

Diagnostic medical sonography is a booming sector in Oregon. Sonography pays well and can stabilize your job in the current economic climate. To ensure you fulfill Oregon’s medical excellence requirements, you must get a certificate from a regulatory body and an ultrasound technician degree from a recognized college.

While Oregon does not mandate a state-specific license for sonographers, many employers prefer or require certification from recognized bodies like the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). The majority of businesses prefer some certification that shows an understanding of this area of competence.

These medical degrees ensure that you are prepared to work in high-stress environments. You can pursue a degree in diagnostic medical sonography or an ultrasound technology certificate, depending on your requirements and the school you choose.

A certificate program may be the most appropriate for you if you already work in the medical sector. However, if you are starting or changing careers, a degree program will provide you with the necessary training and practical experience.

Associate degree programs in sonography typically take about two years to complete, while bachelor’s degree programs generally require four years of study. Programs in ultrasound technology often combine classroom teaching with clinical training, including subjects like pathophysiology, anatomy, and the fundamentals of sonography.

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3 Best Schools that Offer Sonography Programs in Oregon

Oregon has some of the best schools that offer sonography programs.

Oregon Institute of Technology

Oregon Institute of Technology offers two types of undergraduate online courses: traditional programs and degree completion Programs. Anyone who can fulfill university admission requirements can enroll in traditional programs.

However, to enroll in a degree completion program, one must pass a national board exam, receive a national registry, or meet additional criteria.

With their online diagnostic medical sonography degree completion program, you can grow your career and find new opportunities. This degree combines general education and ultrasound technology courses with fundamental medical science.

Once they accept your application for their sonography program, staff members may review your prior coursework. After the evaluation process, they can send you an advising guide that lists your transfer credits, registry credits, and the remaining classes needed to complete the degree.

You are only eligible for this course if you are a registered diagnostic sonographer in OB/GYN and abdomen through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS).

To pass the clinical, didactic courses, you must work in or have access to a fully functional, appropriately furnished laboratory.


Sonography courses are becoming quite popular in Oregon. It is a promising area of the healthcare industry.

Multiple educational institutes offer different sonography programs for their students. You can always find your course based on your requirements and your interests.

Sonography Programs in the US by State (Map)

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