Sonography Programs in Illinois

Sonography Programs in Illinois – Overview

Illinois offers multiple working opportunities for people with a sonography degree or certification. The sonography or ultrasound technician program in different educational institutions is becoming more popular.

Graduates of accredited sonography programs are eligible to sit for certification exams offered by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS).

The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) provides certification exams, continuing education, and career information for sonography professionals.

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Visualizing the Living Body: Diagnostic Imaging

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This course teaches learners the underlying principles behind conventional radiography, computerized axial tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and ultrasound.

6 Best Sonography Programs in Illinois

1. Harper College

Harper College, located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, is now one of the best community colleges in the country. More than 35,000 students enroll at this college every year.

The academic programs at the college prepare students to find suitable jobs and excel in their workplaces.

A committed faculty works to support the academic and professional goals of the ultrasonography students at Harper College.

In the virtual hospital on campus, students receive intense training and have the opportunity to improve their skills in situations that are almost identical to actual patient care.

Diagnostic medical sonography

Harper College’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography Associate Degree program is competitive, with admission based on specific program criteria.

A highly trained diagnostic medical sonographer utilizes specialized ultrasound equipment to capture visual pictures of the internal organs, including the neck, pelvis, and abdomen.

Harper College’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography program requires 68 credit hours for graduation. Successful completion prepares graduates to pursue ARDMS certification, contingent upon passing relevant ARDMS exams. Graduates also apply for entry-level work in obstetrics/ gynecology and abdomen specialty areas.

Diagnostic cardiac sonography

This 68-credit program can help you develop a career as a diagnostic cardiac sonographer or cardiac technician. This course also includes vascular sonography and EKG-related diagnostic testing.

As part of the program, you must complete clinical training in echocardiography in a hospital setting.

2. Rush University

You can choose from different education and training programs at Rush University to prepare for the next phase of your medical career.

Rush University promotes a health and biomedical sciences learning environment through education, research, collaboration, and equity.

It offers sonography students a supportive study atmosphere with its modern facilities and intimate classroom sizes.

The committed faculty members use their years of professional expertise to pass on relevant skills and information in the classroom.

Rush University offers a full-time bachelor’s degree in vascular sonography. Patients with blood vascular diseases require the services of a vascular sonographer for ultrasound diagnosis and treatment.

The vascular sonographer acquires communication skills, physical and mental ultrasound scanning abilities, image/data processing abilities, and the ability to present ultrasound exam results to the interpreting physician.

In your first year of vascular ultrasound study, you will attend lectures in the classroom, observe patient examinations, and complete laboratory assignments.

In your second year, you will work with qualified vascular sonographers at two or more vascular laboratories to conduct patient vascular examinations.

3. College of DuPage

The mission of the College of DuPage is to provide an open, cost-effective, and comprehensive education while serving as an epicenter for excellence in teaching, learning, and cultural experiences.

The College of DuPage provides top-notch sonography education at its Health and Science Center.

Students can improve their skills through intense practice sessions in their highly equipped labs, which include eight private scanning stations.

Diagnostic medical imaging sonography program (AAS – DMIS)

The College of DuPage’s Diagnostic Medical Imaging Sonography program includes comprehensive coursework and clinical training in both general and vascular sonography.

To complete the course, you must have a general education background and 85 credits in program requirements. You must also finish all general education courses before being admitted to the sonography program.

The primary goal of this two-year program is to prepare students for entry-level positions as Diagnostic Medical Imaging sonographers.

The curriculum combines in-depth classroom and laboratory instruction with practical experience acquired from clinical training sessions at imaging facilities.

Diagnostic Medical Imaging Sonography Certificate

Graduates of authorized medical imaging programs in radiology, nuclear medicine, nursing, and other fields are eligible for this advanced certificate program. The Diagnostic Medical Imaging Sonography Certificate program at College of DuPage is an advanced certificate requiring 40 credits, designed for graduates of allied health programs. Completion prepares students for certification exams in sonography.

Students who complete the program can apply for licensure in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Physics Instrumentation, Abdomens and Superficial Structures, and Sonography Principles and Instrumentation (SPI).

Diagnostic Medical Imaging Vascular Sonography

The Diagnostic Medical Vascular Sonography program is an addition to the present Diagnostic Medical Imaging program. The primary goal of this course is to supply highly trained sonographers to clinical institutions and clinics in the Chicago region.

The College of DuPage’s Diagnostic Medical Imaging Vascular Sonography program is an advanced certificate designed to provide specialized training in vascular sonography, including the use of ultrasound equipment to image veins and arteries.

Students who complete the course work successfully are qualified to apply for licenses from the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) in Vascular Technology, Physics Instruments, and Sonography Principles and Instrumentation (SPI).

4. Triton College

Triton College, located 14 miles from downtown Chicago, offers an environment focused on the needs of each student.

The school provides exceptional educational value in a student-centered environment full of learning opportunities, academic and cultural resources, and fun social activities.

This college offers two certificate programs and one associate degree program in sonography.

The certificate programs are best suited for people with a degree in an allied health field.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Degree Program

Triton College’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography Degree Program is a comprehensive associate degree pathway designed for individuals aiming for a career in sonography, offering extensive classroom and clinical training.

Throughout the five semesters of this course, you must attend classroom lectures, lab sessions, and clinical sessions. The third semester is when clinical rotation begins, and it takes around a thousand hours of practice.

The diagnostic medical sonographer delivers patient care using diagnostic ultrasonography under the guidance of a doctor. The doctor is in charge of utilizing and interpreting ultrasound techniques.

This program aims to develop competent entry-level general sonographers in cognition (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) domains.

Radiologic or nuclear medicine technologists

Individuals interested in radiology or nuclear medicine technology who want to pursue a career in sonography can apply for this 15-month certification program.

To complete the course, you must complete 800 clinical hours of intensive training. The diagnostic medical sonographer delivers patient care using diagnostic ultrasonography under the direction of an experienced doctor.

After completing the course, you can apply to different medical centers and hospitals and start working.

Accelerated certificate program

Individuals who aspire to become vascular technologists can join a two-semester short accelerated certificate program at Triton College.

This program consists of a 15-credit curriculum primarily focused on vascular specialization.

5. Joliet Junior College

Joliet Junior College, located in the south Chicago suburbs, educates over 27,000 students annually across its six campuses and educational facilities.

Junior College is an Illinois DMS community college with CAAHEP accreditation that offers three learning concentrations: OB/GYN, Vascular Sonography, and Abdomen-Extended Sonography.

Their sonography educational program helps the students improve their critical thinking, decision-making, and communication abilities and help them contribute to a healthcare team.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography AAS degree program

Joliet Junior College’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography AAS degree program is structured over seven semesters. It combines theoretical knowledge with practical sonography training. The students receive their training at the JJC Main Campus and in local hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Every year, up to 20 students are chosen for this course. Except for two online courses, most classes are held in person.

6. Southern Illinois University

The sonography program at Southern Illinois University aims to give back to the community by training students to offer high-quality scanning services.

Students can utilize their cutting-edge facilities, including libraries, recreation centers, student centers, and one health center.

Southern Illinois University Carbondale offers a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences with a specialization in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, focusing on preparing students for careers in abdominal and obstetrics/gynecology sonography through a blend of coursework and clinical experience.

The primary mission of this educational program is to provide trained professionals with suitable educational opportunities, both in theory and practice.

They teach general core courses, basic sciences, and required health-related courses in the first two years of this coursework.

You can cover the courses in diagnostic medical sonography in the third year.  The fourth year only includes coursework and clinical experiences.

After completing the course, you may be qualified to sit for the national registry test in abdominal and obstetrics/gynecology sonography.


Sonography is a radiation-free diagnostic medical process that provides dynamic visual pictures of organs, tissues, or blood flow within the body.

Several good sonography courses are available at various educational institutes in Illinois. You can always select your course depending on your requirements, career choice, and budget.

Sonography Programs in the US by State (Map)

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