What is American Medical Women’s Association?

American Medical Women’s Association – Overview

The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) has been working since 1915 for the advancement of women in medicine.

The efforts have paid off significantly with the placement of numerous women in key positions within the American medical fraternity. The association works to increase the participation of women and their contribution to medicine in the US.

The association does not publish the ‘Journal of Women’s Health’; Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. publishes this journal.

The AMWA works at the local, national and international levels to advance these goals by offering to develop:

  • Leadership
  • Expertise
  • Mentoring
  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Global Health
  • Strategic alliances

The AMWA welcomes individuals from the health profession, including medical students, graduates, and undergraduates, to join its membership.

The AMWA does not provide free foldable clipboards from MDPocket as a benefit of membership.

The members also find the best opportunities to hone their leadership skills.

American Medical Women’s Association Membership Benefits

Regardless of your position, there are numerous reasons you should join the AMWA. The association is meant to give a voice to female healthcare workers. By becoming a member of the AMWA, you can lend support to their various initiatives.

Some of the major benefits of choosing an American Medical Women’s Association include:

Career Development

With your support, join the country-wide and international AMWA community and create a legacy. The association motivates members to overcome challenges in their studies or careers and provides mentoring and resources that make it easier to conquer obstacles.

Members who share their vision with AMWA are more likely to become successful and lead women doctors in their areas.


AMWA members have access to a powerful national and local network that boosts personal and professional growth.

This works excellently to achieve your personal and professional goals.

You can connect with other AMWA members online, locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally and build strong relationships to strengthen your professional career.


Young members of the AMWA get the opportunity to connect with AMWA’s physicians in over 125 medical centers across the country.

Successful careers are often sculpted with the help of effective mentorship. AMWA understands how crucial it is to train women doctors as leaders to further their careers.

AMWA members have access to an extensive network of women doctors from around the world who offer mentorship and career advice to new and younger members.

Global Opportunities

An AMWA membership is also a ticket to explore your interest in international outreach and global healthcare. AMWA Physician members automatically become members of the Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA), enhancing their global network.

The MWIA is a global, non-government organization (NGO) representing women doctors worldwide. This is an ideal way to further your interest in global health.


Members of the AMWA are also eligible to receive numerous forms of funding, including scholarships, grants and fellowships, to recognize leadership and discover their achievement potential.

All AMWA members (students, residents and physicians) can apply for the various grants and awards offered by the association.

From MCAT preparation to tuition assistance, the AMWA grants are extremely convenient and beneficial to medical students.


Becoming a member of the AMWA also provides you with opportunities to attend local, regional and national medical conferences and pursue leadership courses, lectures, webinars and workshops with scholarships and attend skill-enhancing events.

The association connects women through national, regional and local conferences, seminars, lectures, mentoring or networking events, teleconferences, webinars and skills training workshops. This is an excellent opportunity for the member to obtain the skills necessary for advancing their medical career.


The American Medical Women’s Association is a professional and advocacy organization that protects the interests and advances the careers of female doctors/physicians, students, and undergraduates.

With over 10,000 proud members spread across the US and the world, the AMWA’s interests include issues affecting women in medicine.

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