Integrated Healthcare System to be Upgraded

Integrated Healthcare System – Overview

Community and Academic Physicians Collaborative Work is About to be Upgraded with Community and Academic Physicians Collaborative Work

The Healthcare System is the country’s backbone as it decides how healthy its people are! If the healthcare system of a particular country is poor, then the country can never progress.

Now, to give the much-needed boost to the healthcare system, an integrated healthcare system is all set to be implemented by the Community and Academic Physicians.

To make the healthcare industry progressive, an integrated healthcare system must be implemented between the community and the academic physicians. The community can provide the required help to academic physicians with prior knowledge and practice.

How was the new Integrated Healthcare System Established?

Integrated Healthcare System is a unique way to make the two different communities work together to better the country’s overall healthcare system. The industry has seen drastic changes over the past few years.

If we talk about the previous two years, the healthcare industry of several countries collapsed completely due to the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic is not over yet; however, some countries have re-established their healthcare system.

How is the new Integrated Healthcare System Established

How is the new Integrated Healthcare System Established

The US government adopted several new treatments and techniques to fight against the Coronavirus. In this situation, implementing a new healthcare system with two different communities is a good move as they can help each other to help the other communities.

Awareness is what matters the most in some cases, especially in coronavirus. If such communities work collaboratively, we can all become free from this deadly virus. Deans of allopathic medical schools in the United States were interviewed to establish the Integrated Healthcare System.

The deans were interviewed between February to June in the year 2017. They were examined and asked about the growth in their faculty practice plan to determine whether the idea is good to establish an integrated healthcare system in the country!

What are the Outcomes?

Over 74% of deans of the US Allopathic Medical Schools approached for the establishment of this new and highly effective system in their healthcare system. Out of 143 allopathic medical schools, 107 schools were surveyed. Of the 107 schools, 73 met the criteria and over 300 physicians worked on the faculty practice plan.

This means the schools with more than the faculty members matched the criteria and became eligible for the final integration of the community and the healthcare system in the country.

The survey over the last five years shows that the academic medical center-based FFPs have increased their growth. They have added new community physicians to their already established healthcare infrastructure.

This means that community physicians are a good fit for the healthcare industry and for that reason, the US government decided to merge the community and the physicians.

This will give the required boost to the country’s healthcare industry.

The physicians are located at different locations across the country. This makes the actual integration of them with the community a bit slower.

The process is still going on and the final integration of the community and the healthcare industry may soon be completed.

The infrastructure will be established where physicians will play the clinical role. They will be provided with productivity incentives for their extraordinary work.

Deans of the schools will check the reports to avoid conflicts between the departments.

Physicians will have a better future as they progress through their academic journey while working in the integrated healthcare system.


Healthcare organizations are all set to receive a new system where they will work with physicians of different grades and chairs. The integrated healthcare system includes chief medical officers, healthcare professionals, physicians, academic medical center leaders, etc.

These professionals have their area of expertise and they will surely try their best to progress. It will take a couple of years to establish the integrated healthcare system across the United States fully.

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