What is Holistic Nursing Certification?

What is Holistic Nursing Certification What is Holistic Nursing Certification

Holistic Nursing Certification

The AHNA describes holistic nursing as healing the whole person and not just the body.

Holistic nurses are professional registered nurses specializing in a particular theory and technique to treat patients.

These nurses focus beyond just treating the symptoms of ailments. These nurses are also called complementary health nurses.

Holistic nurses often use traditional and alternate medicine in combination with modern Western medications.

A holistic nurse provides therapeutic massage, dietary advice, meditation therapy, and breathing techniques for faster recovery.

These professionals also educated patients about self-care, spirituality, self-responsibility and self-reflection.

These techniques are meant to help the patients maintain a good balance between mind, spirit and body.

About Holistic Nursing

What is Holistic Nursing Certification

What is Holistic Nursing Certification – About Holistic Nursing

Holistic nursing is an attitude and commitment to integrating self-care, spirituality, self-reflection and self-responsibility into healthcare services. This often makes holistic nurses have a greater awareness of the interconnections between the self, others, spirit and nature.

This field is recognized by the ANA (American Nurses Association) as a nursing specialty. It has a defined scope along with standards for practice. These are the standards that all holistic nurses are responsible for maintaining.

Educational Requirements for Holistic Nurses

Similar to registered nurses (RNs), holistic nurses should have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or at least an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN). Once you get your BSN or ADN, you should prepare and sit for the NCLEX-RN exam.

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The National Council Licensure Examination – Registered Nurse holds the NCLEX-RN exam to give license to work to qualifying holistic nurses.

Although you can get employed as a holistic nurse with a BSN or ADN degree, most employers prefer candidates with a BSN degree.

Apart from this, many RNs who plan to advance in holistic nursing also choose to enroll in a master’s program with a special focus on holistic medicine. Higher-level degrees always earn you a higher-paying position.

Certification Requirements for Holistic Nursing

Once you clear the NCLEX-RN exam, you need to apply for certification from the American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation (AHNCC). The eligibility criteria to earn certification include:

  • Showing proof of continuing education in holistic nursing
  • Completing the qualitative exam
  • Passing the quantitative exam

Although not mandatory, you can also seek additional certification in complementary and alternative therapeutic treatment techniques. This usually requires undergoing additional training with their specific certification criteria.

Responsibilities of Holistic Nurses

Holistic nurses combine modern medicine with traditional remedies to treat various ailments. They also educate patients and the community about preventive and wellness health care. Holistic nurses are focused beyond just treating the visible symptoms of any illness.

Their focus is on improving the emotional, psychological, spiritual and social health of the patient. As clinical nurses, their main duties involve providing a high standard of holistic care for the patient for overall good health.

Some of the techniques and therapies commonly offered by holistic nurses include:

  • Administering aromatherapy
  • Providing wellness coaching
  • Massage
  • Eastern and Chinese healing remedies
  • Integrating homeopathic and natural products
  • Educating and helping patients with stress management techniques
  • Hypnosis, balneotherapy and hydrotherapy

Employment Scope and Salary of Holistic Nurses

In the US, the holistic nursing field is expected to see around 7% growth in demand for certified holistic nurses by 2029, as per BLS statistics. The average annual salary for certified holistic nurses in the US is anywhere between US$ 45,695 and US$ 86,471, depending mainly on the location.

The exact salary figure will also depend on the individual experience and the type of employer. A couple of years ago, the median annual salary for RNs was around US$ 73,300.


Holistic nurses integrate Eastern and Western medicine to treat patients. They are also tasked with educating their communities about various traditional wellness and preventive measures for maintaining good health.

The focus on emotional and physical well-being makes the holistic nursing field extremely satisfactory for passionate nurses.

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