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Texas Board of Nursing

The TBON (Texas Board of Nursing) was established in 1909 and has served the public by overseeing the safe practice of nursing in Texas.

The TBON protects the public from unsafe nursing practices and approves nursing training programs.

It also issues licenses to over 27,000 nurses each year by examining new graduates and endorsing licensees from other states looking for a Texas nursing license and provides guidance to more than 350,000 licensed and practicing nurses in the state of Texas.

Nurses who work hard to uphold their licenses with the TBON feel pride knowing that they offer patients quality care while upholding ethical nursing standards.

If you’re researching the TBON, this article will help you understand what service the board offers, how to get a license from the board, how to renew your license with the board, and the minimum requirements for application. We’ll also include several links to the TBON.

What Services Does The TBON Offer?


The TBON (Texas Board of Nursing) is in charge of approving nursing schools and preparing nursing students for their initial entry into nursing practice.


The Texas BON enforces the Nursing Practice Act as well as the Rules and Regulations by coming up with minimum standards for nursing education and practice, steering complaints investigations against nurses, and resolving complaints.


The TBON provides information on nursing in Texas in various forms, such as electronic, oral, and written.

If you head to the TBON website, some of the information you can access includes the BON’s physical location, position statements, rules, and guidelines, etc.


The BON issues licenses to graduates from approved nursing programs by examinations and by endorsement to nurses from other states seeking licensure in Texas.

Note that all nurses must renew their licenses once every two years. Nurses applying for renewal should provide proof of continuing nursing education.

The Texas BON licenses qualified nurses to enter the practice as APRNs (advanced practice registered nurses).

Nurses who fall under this category include clinical nursing specialists, nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners.

How Do You Get a TBON License?

Nurses who want to practice in Texas must get their licenses from the TBON before they start working. The process of getting a TBON license is as follows:

TBON License Exams

Texas nursing candidates must pass the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) for RNs or PNs.

This is a Texas state agency created to regulate all registered nurses in Texas.

If you plan on taking nursing examinations in Texas, visit the PEC website often to check if any Texas nursing exam special registration periods have been announced.

TBON Minimum Requirements

1. Applicants must complete a nursing program approved by the TBON and meet other requirements specified by the TBON.

2. LPN applicants in Texas must complete a practical nursing program; a Bachelor’s in nursing is not required for LPNs but registered nurses (RNs).

Licensed practical nurses who don’t want to get a baccalaureate but still wish to work as CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) can apply directly via the official Texas Board of Nursing.

3. If you’re a practicing nurse in Texas and want to keep your license, you must take courses on several important topics, learn how medical errors are committed, and study the Texas rules and regulations for practicing nurses.

How Do You Renew A TBON License?

The TBON may audit a nurse’s continuing nursing education (CNE) compliance at renewal and send a letter with an updated license to the nurse.

While nurses are required to meet continuing education requirements.

Texas will accept you if you’re an out-of-state nurse and hold licensure in another US state so long as the other state has no disciplinary action records or pending cases against you.

That said, here are things you need to do to renew your license with the TBON (Texas Board of Nursing) :

1. Complete the CE (Continuous Education) requirements. Texas nursing license renewal requirements include completing continuing education in jurisprudence and ethics; specific hours on HIV/AIDS are not a current requirement. For more info on CE requirements, check the TBON.

2. Surrender an application for renewal

3. Pay the renewal fee:

Timely Renewal

Once every two years
Registered Nurse$68
Licensed Vocational Nurse$45
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse$54
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse/ Registered Nurse$129

Final Thought

We hope the information illustrated above will help you learn more about the Texas Board of Nursing, including its addresses, contact information, licensing and renewal processes, and other details.

To learn more about TBON, check their official website.

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