Dental Insurance for Veterans

Dental Insurance for Veterans

Your oral health decides your future! Yes, instead of focusing on external health, you should think about your oral health first. Oral health begins with your mouth.

We often forget to take care of our teeth. Eventually, we have to go through a lot of trouble and face tooth-related problems as we grow older.

Veterans should get the right treatments at affordable rates. For veterans, a special VA Dental Insurance Program is available.

Dental Insurance for Veterans can provide comprehensive benefits to treat teeth-related problems. Let’s find out more information about this exclusive program for our Veterans.

VA Dental Insurance Program

The VA Dental Insurance Program (VADIP) offers enrolled veterans and certain beneficiaries the opportunity to purchase dental insurance at a reduced cost. This insurance program provides a wide range of coverages to look after oral health.

The following services are included in the VADIP.

VADIP Program includes

  • Preventative services
  • Diagnosis services
  • Restorative services
  • Emergency services
  • Surgery services

It’s a three-year insurance program providing veterans premium dental care services. Eligible veterans can get the above-listed services at discounted rates.

If you are confused about whether you are eligible for the VADIP program or not, find out the eligibility criteria listed below!

Am I Eligible for the Veteran Dental Insurance Program (VADIP)

You need to meet any of the following requirements to become an eligible candidate for VADIP.

  • An enrolled veteran of the VA Health Care Program
  • CHAMPVA beneficiaries, which may include the spouse or child of a veteran, are eligible for VADIP.
  • A dependent child of the Veteran

These are the basic criteria for Veterans who want to avail themselves of VADIP’s benefits. Eligibility for VADIP requires enrollment in VA health care for veterans or in the CHAMPVA program for the spouse or child of a veteran.

Suppose you are a spouse or a dependent veteran. In that case, the insurance company may offer different insurance packages under this program if you are not enrolled in the Civilian Health and Medical Program at VA.

However, those who have enrolled in this program will get extra benefits and attractive discounts on the above-listed services.

Coverage for VADIP Insured

The VADIP provides insurance coverage throughout the United States and its territories.

If we talk about the territories of the United States, then this insurance provides coverage in The Commonwealth Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, etc.

Why should I enroll for VADIP?

If you are already enrolled in the VA Health Care Program, you will get free dental treatments and related services in many clinics and healthcare facilities throughout the US. However, many medical facilities do not provide coverage under this program to Veterans.

In an emergency, veterans have to pay the full amount for the treatments that have received from the medical facilities. In this situation, a VADIP saves them.

On the other hand, VA Health Care Plans are not for all veterans. If you are not eligible for enrollment in the VA Health Care Program, you will not get free dental treatment anywhere in the US.

This is why every Veteran should enroll in the Veteran Dental Insurance Program, as it helps them pay for dental treatments and other services at discounted rates.

The best thing about this program is it is active throughout the US.

Those who have the VA Health Care Program’s enrollment should enroll for the VADIP for added insurance.

It will not affect your current insurance plan if you sign up for VADIP. Enrolling in VADIP is an additional option for dental insurance and does not affect eligibility for VA health care or other dental services provided by the VA.

How do I enroll in the Veteran Dental Insurance Program?

One can enroll in the VADIP anytime, as the Department does not offer any season or specific dates. Veterans who want to enroll in this program should visit the providers’ official websites.

About the Providers:

Two companies provide VADIP to veterans and their families, DeltaDental and MetLife. Everything you need to know about the enrollment procedure is given on their official websites.

Follow the given links to get updates about the enrollment program and all the required information you may want!

Multiple plan options are available for veterans. DeltaDental and MetLife both provide different types of insurance plans.

Veterans should collect all the information about the available plans and choose the suitable plan that matches their level of requirements.

The official toll-free numbers are listed below:

  • DeltaDental Toll-free Number: 1-855-370-3303
  • Metlife Toll-free Number: 1-888-310-1681

Program Validation

The VADIP has been renewed beyond its initial pilot period and is not limited to a three-year term; it is an ongoing program.

The VA Dental Insurance Program (VADIP) continues to be available beyond its initial term, with no specific end date, contingent on Congressional approval and program evaluations.

They will come up with an official statement soon regarding extending the deadline for this VADIP.

The continuation of VADIP is subject to legislative authorization and funding.

DeltaDental and Metlife managed the three-year pilot program.

If we talk about the number of enrollments till today, the program has over 133,000 veterans and CHAMPVA beneficiaries. The number is increasing day by day as more and more veterans are becoming aware of this program.

The Bottom Line:

Dental Insurance for Veterans provides discounts on expensive dental treatments.

Since not all veterans are eligible for the government’s VA Health Care program, they should enroll in this program to get discounts on special dental treatments.

The VADIP provides coverage throughout the US and its territories. It offers multiple plan options, so you can choose the premium that fits your budget.

Get to know about the registration process, fees, premium terms, and more from the links to the official websites of DeltaDental and Metlife.

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