6 Organizations That Provide Colon Cancer Grants

Colon Cancer Grants – Overview

Colon Cancer Grants – Millions of individuals worldwide are affected by colon cancer. In 2023, the American Cancer Society estimated 153,020 new cases of colorectal cancer and 52,250 deaths from colorectal cancer in the United States. (1)

However, many services and heart-led NGOs have been established to assist people living with cancer to overcome their illness and regain their health.

This handbook details hundreds of services for cancer patients and their families, ranging from housing aid to low-income family support.

You’re not alone if you’ve come here because you have cancer and need financial help.

Use the list below to navigate an organization that suits your financial needs for simpler reading.

Colon Cancer Grants - Check Out the Organizations List

Colon Cancer Grants – The List of Top Organizations

Colon Cancer Grants – The List of Top Programs

1. Fighters’ Fund

Colon cancer is a complex disease, and dealing with it is another thing on top of it. However, the pressure to pay regular expenditures while having treatment adds to the stress for many.

Fighters Fund assists you by relieving your load so that you can concentrate on living a pleasant life.

Fighters’ Fund was established in 2013 by Colon Cancer Prevention Project supporters to offer one-time awards to people living with colon cancer in Kentucky and Southern Indiana who needed it the most.

Many individual contributors have made this award program feasible.

2. Lazarex Cancer Foundation

The Care Program is one of the Lazarex Cancer Foundation’s projects. The Care Program helps patients pay for a range of travel expenses, including airline, rental vehicles, petrol, and parking.

One subprogram, “Fueling Hope” reimburses patients for petrol, parking, and tolls when driving to clinical trials.

A bonus of the Care Program is that it covers the cost of a travel companion. Many people living with cancer will feel emotionally and financially supported.

3. Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation

Every year, the Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation (ACCF) delivers crucial financial support to cancer patients in Metro Atlanta.

It’s given to those who struggle to pay for the often prohibitive expenses of the disease and its treatment.

Grants from the ACCF assist patients with difficult decisions, such as:

Is it more important to avoid eviction or finish the next chemotherapy cycle?

Should you spend your money on groceries for the family or medications for the patient?

Keep the lights on or ensure the automobile has enough petrol to drive to the next appointment.

More than just a financial boost, ACCF awards remind patients and their relatives that they are not alone and that a society of people, organizations, and companies is reaching out to offer the Courage, Hope, and Strength they need to combat the disease.

The Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation provides financial assistance to needy cancer patients within the Metro Atlanta area.

4. Camp Kesem

Camp Kesem is a national organization that supports children through and beyond their parent’s cancer with free summer camps and other events, emphasizing its role in creating a supportive community for children affected by a parent’s cancer.

There are 131 chapters in 44 states in the United States. Youngsters participate in Camp Kesem, which connects them with other kids going through similar situations.

For cancer-stricken families, all programming and activities are free.

Colon Cancer Grants - Know Right Here

Colon Cancer Grants – Find Out the List

5. Upon Cancer Grants

Financial assistance programs for cancer patients vary widely, including those from non-profit organizations, foundations, and government programs. Each program has its own application process and eligibility criteria, and patients should consult directly with these programs for accurate information on assistance.

Grants go to the organization or program that provides the medical services, not the patient.

The amount varies depending on demand and the program’s current financial state. Applications are accepted every quarter.

To apply, go to the website and fill out the form.

6. Financial Assistance Program

Patients may face significant co-pays for prescriptions that their insurer does not cover. Patients who qualify for prescription assistance programs receive financial assistance.

The programs depend on income, and the application process differs.

You can apply for programs offered by medication companies or foundations. Many pharmaceutical companies may supply free medicine to people who meet specific criteria.

Foundations may help those who qualify by providing financial assistance to pay part or all of their prescription costs.

When financing becomes available, foundations are only open for a limited period.

Signing up for a co-pay prescription savings card may allow you to acquire medication at a lower rate.

Prescription assistance programs often require an application that includes financial information, insurance status, and medical necessity documentation. Specific requirements can vary by program, and patients should directly consult the program for accurate application procedures. You may also be subjected to a credit check.

Contact MSK Patient Financial Services (PFS) to apply for available programs.

If you’re interested in applying for a prescription assistance program, let your doctor’s office know so they can connect you with your PFS Patient Access Coordinator.

Wrapping Up

Cancer is difficult enough without having to worry about money. On the other hand, hundreds of people are on your side and willing to fight alongside you.

Share this guide with your mates and family to help other people with cancer find free financial relief. We’re all in it together.

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