How to Read Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Card

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Card – Overview

Keys, phones, wallets, credit cards, and driver’s licenses are items we carry everywhere. Millions of people also carry their Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) member ID, so make sure to keep it in a safe but easy-to-access place, such as your wallet.

This card contains essential information about your health insurance coverage. This information is usually required when filling prescriptions or visiting a doctor. Besides this, keeping your BCBS member ID card safe helps prevent identity theft.

If you lose or misplace your BCBS member ID card, you can request a replacement or temporary ID through your account on the BCBS website or by contacting customer service. To know more about this, we recommend you to visit the Blue Cross Blue Shield official website at

5 Ways to Read Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Card

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Card

Ways to Read Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Card

Once you have it in hand, you should know how to read Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance cards. Here’s how:

1 – Double-Check the Details

Check your new card to ensure that the details, such as the spelling of your name and the type of insurance coverage you are currently on, are correct.

2 – Key Contact Information

Your BCBS insurance card carries certain important contact information. This information helps you to reach your BCBS provider company. To see this information, you can check the back of the card to find the phone numbers for BCBS customer services and eligibility questions.

3 – Your Member ID Number

The BCBS insurance card displays your member ID number, which is crucial for identification and billing purposes, and your group number for employer-sponsored plans, if applicable. The member number is also called the identification number. It is listed right below your name on the card. This information is required when receiving medical services at the doctor or the pharmacy.

Besides this, your BCBS insurance member number is also needed when calling customer service for assistance. If you are in an employer-sponsored corporate group insurance plan, you can find your group number directly below your member number.

4 – Your Insurance Plan Type

If you are unsure, or forget, what type of health insurance coverage or plan you have (such as PPO or HMO), then you can also find this detail on your BCBS member card.

If you have an HMO, your card will also list the group or physician you selected for primary care. Therefore, it is important to determine that the doctor or health care provider is part of the BCBS network to ensure you receive your BCBS benefits.

5 – Your Copays

Your BCBS insurance card will also have a list of copay amounts you can expect to pay for common healthcare services, such as going to a doctor or a trip to the emergency room.


The Blue Cross Blue Shield has a nationwide network of excellent healthcare providers. The BCBS network aims to offer accessible and affordable healthcare services to its members across the United States. Ensure that the details and information printed on your BCBS insurance card are completely accurate and correct.

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